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Amazing Acting' Drama Club

Want to become a Hollywood superstar? Then come along to Amazing Acting the lunchtime club run for Yr3&4 pupils where you can join in a variety of interactive drama games & activities: tongue-twisters, the sacrifice game, SPLAT!, improvisations, bus stop or mime. Like ‘Brilliant Bookworms’, Amazing Acting is a child initiated club run by Yr6 pupils who have an interest in drama – it’s now in its fifth year (having been previously known as Centre Stage, The Road 2 Hollywood, Acting Up! & Fame Factor). Amazing Acting aims to build up children’s confidence and enable them to feel more comfortable speaking in front of others. They learn to deal with different situations, but mainly just have fun 

The Banana Song!

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She sells sea shells...

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Red lorry, yellow lorry

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... are sea shells I'm sure!

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