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A Short History of Woodlands School

Woodlands School was officially opened in 1966. At this time both infant and junior children were housed in one building what was to become Woodlands Junior School.

As Formby expanded and open spaces were replaced by houses and young families, the need for more room in the school saw the building of Woodlands Infants School. This was opened in 1969, giving two separate schools, each with their own headteacher, on the present site.

The Formby area continued to grow and mobile classrooms had to be erected to accommodate the ever growing number of children. By 1973 there were 9 infant classes.

Over the years, pupil numbers fluctuated and slowly declined in both schools and eventually by September 1985 amalgamation was the way forward. The school became Woodlands Primary School under the leadership of one headteacher.

1992 saw pupils past and present, parents and staff, celebrating the school's Silver Jubilee in grand style. In 2005, 20 years after amalgamation, the two original buildings were finally joined together with a new link corridor and a staffroom large enough to accommodate all staff comfortably, a new library and a new teaching space.