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Battle of the Bands - Class League



The Class League has really caught up, games have been flowing fast!
4G still sit atop the table, while Yellow and 6R sit at the bottom without a win.  5D also remain undefeated their showdown with 4G could determine where the Class League Title goes!

However, all is still to play for in this competition with so many games left to go

MVP certificates are available to print below.

3DR  vs  3/4A

4940 - 6629
Charlie W  3rd MVP  Ella H

Hayden W  2nd MVP  Ellie J
Emma K 1st MVP  Alan W


Yellow vs 4G

1956 - 19895

Brooke L  3rd MVP  Laura P

Amelia T  2nd MVP  Thomas S
William G 1st MVP  Ava K


Purple vs 5D

1779 - 4977

Rory R  3rd MVP  Maisie P

Arthur S  2nd MVP  Emmy J
Eithne P  1st MVP  Jaydn T

Green vs 5/6P
1158 - 2097

Joseph H  3rd MVP  Izzy F

Robin G  2nd MVP  Sam McK
Isabella B 1st MVP  Claudia J

Yellow vs 3DR

2239 - 2577

Claudia D 3rd MVP  Oliver R

Joey S     2nd MVP  Charlie J
Brooke L  1st MVP  Emma K

Purple vs 3/4A
3512 - 5941

Tabetha L  3rd MVP  Alan W

Arthur S  2nd MVP Ella H
Rory R  1st MVP Ellie J


Green vs 4G
183 - 17983

Charlie A 3rd MVP Thomas S

Joseph H  2nd MVP Amy A
Violet B  1st MVP Laura P


6R vs 5D

2123 - 4743

Delilah B 3rd MVP Cole F

Joe G   2nd MVP  Maisie P
Claudia H  1st MVP  Alfie H


Purple vs Yellow

3783 - 1420
Jamini C  3rd MVP  Will H

Viveka C  2nd MVP  Amelia T
Arthur S  1st MVP  Erin P

Green vs 3DR
769 - 7241

Isabella B 3rd MVP  Hayden W

Charlie A  2nd MVP  Teigan S
Joseph H  1st MVP  Emma K

22.5.20 League Table



The Class League is a little behind the house league, but don't worry more games are coming!
At this stage of the season, some classes have had two matches, others have played one. 
Having won their two games, 4G sit atop the table, while 56P sit at the bottom.  However, all is still to play for in this competition with so many games left to go!

MVP certificates are available to print below.
Results so far
56P vs 4G
1587 - 12615
Chloe W     3rd MVP    Laura P
Taryn C       2nd MVP  Thomas S
Claudia J    1st MVP     Luke P
5D vs Yellow
5006 - 2686
Jaydn T    3rd MVP    Ilithyia D
Charlie B  2nd MVP   Amelia T
Cole F      1st MVP   Joey S
3DR vs Purple
8138 - 3026
Max H      3rd MVP  Arthur S
Anna H     2nd MVP  Olivia B
Emma K   1st MVP   Adam P

34A vs 6R
7804 - 927

Ayla O   3rd MVP   Daniel S
Ellie J    2nd MVP   Heather B
Alan W   1st MVP   Elizabeth W

Green vs Yellow
4608 - 1905

Charlie A  3rd MVP  Claudia D
Violet B    2nd MVP  Ivy R
Vinnie S   1st MVP   Ephraim S
4G vs 34A
58014 - 28725
Olivia K      3rd MVP   Alan W
George H  2nd MVP   Samuel L
Josh K       1st MVP    Ellie J

29.4.20 League Table