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Battle of the Bands - Students vs Staff


Game 1 complete between the students and the staff and it was the students who got the win.

In a highly fought contest, which saw the staff drive hard, it was the leadership of Laura P in the students team that drove them home to victory:-

Staff 22714
Students 48780


Student MVPs

3rd MVP  Amy A  - 1905 points

2nd MVP  Zoe A  - 2416 points

1st MVP  Laura P  - 13419 points!


Staff MVPs

3rd MVP - Mrs Hughes - 2726 points

2nd MVP Mrs Barnes - 3158 points

1st MVP  Miss Dale - 3383 points


Just watch out for next time students, we are coming for you!

22.5.20 Staff vs Student MVP Certificates

Well this is a new one!

Battle of the Bands - Staff vs Students is coming soon!


The first battle will begin on Monday the 4th of May and will run for the week!

Who will be the total top scorer?  Our Money is on Mrs Riding!


Good luck everyone!