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Big Green Schools Revolution Week

The 18th to the 22nd of March 2013 is Big Green Schools Revolution Week.


This week we will be spending a little bit of time each day raising the children’s awareness of how we can all do little things to help protect the environment on a local and much larger scale.


We are encouraging the children to walk or cycle to school each day and they will collect points for their class if they do so. We appreciate that this is not always possible for everyone and suggest those living further away perhaps walk half the way to school. Those children arriving on the Hightown bus will receive a point for their class for sharing transport.


On Wednesday it is ‘Green Lunch Day’ where we are not only encouraging the children to have a healthy lunch but also thinking about how our food is packaged. As we know, most of our waste ends up in landfill sites, so by choosing food with minimum packaging or using Tupperware containers to transport sandwiches, we are stopping excess non-biodegradable waste.