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Spring has sprung!

Winter has been busy for the eco-club!

Replenishing the bulbs ready for spring!

Replenishing the woodchip and making fatballs for the birds -

Back to work! Eco club - September 2018

Eco Club


The eco club are hard at work getting plants ready for selling at the summer fair. Today we were rewarded with some homemade rhubarb cake made by our wonderful kitchen staff with our homegrown rhubarb - delicious!

Forest School March 2017

Eco-club - Grab your spades; spring is coming!

Here comes winter...


The Eco-club have been hard at work over the last month preparing the quad and copse for winter. Thank you so much to all who have donated equipment to help us with this effort ; it is very much appreciated! 

We would also like to say a huge thank you to FOWSA who have paid for our new garden trolleys (see below) and also donated money to the Eco-club to continue our work over the coming months. Keep and eye out on here to see what we get up to!

Outdoor Learning Week 17th October 2016


As we could probably expect, the first outdoor learning week of the year gave us some very mixed weather! Not to be deterred, we donned our outdoor gear and enjoyed getting back to nature. Our theme this time was the artwork of British artist, sculptor and photographer Andy Goldsworthy.


"Andy Goldsworthy is a brilliant British artist who collaborates with nature to make his creations. Besides England and Scotland, his work has been created at the North Pole, in Japan, the Australian Outback, in the U.S. and many others.

Goldsworthy regards his creations as transient, or ephemeral. He photographs each piece once right after he makes it. His goal is to understand nature by directly participating in nature as intimately as he can. He generally works with whatever comes to hand: twigs, leaves, stones, snow and ice, reeds and thorns."


Each class in the school spent time looking at his work and taking inspiration from his natural materials and repeating and spiral patterns.

Have a look at the photos below to see what we got up to...


Andy Goldsworthy
Andy Goldsworthy
Andy Goldsworthy
Andy Goldsworthy

Getting ready for Autumn

The Eco club have been busy getting ready for Autumn. Gone are our lovely sunflowers but in their place are an array of colourful seasonal blooms! We have cleared the beds, harvested the squashes and marrows and made our plans for next year. We have also been busy staining the wooden benches and planting beds ahead of the harsh, cold winter months. Take a look at our pictures to see us in action. 

Year 6 at Beach School


It was on Monday 11th July that Year 6 really got to experience British summertime at its best! Waterproof coats at the ready, we set off on our adventure...


Lunch time was the first challenge we encountered; armed only with some tarpaulins and a healthy supply of sandwiches, we set about finding somewhere to shelter from the conditions. By this point the rain had started and we began to accept that we were just going to get wet! Our sandwiches may have been dampened but our spirits stayed high as we set off on the final walk to the beach- giving anyone brave enough to tackle the weather some cheery renditions of our PGL songs.


Once on the beach we played a team game requiring good communication skills and strategy: making ourselves heard above the wind was our problems now!

There were some great seal, fish and seaweed impressions to be seen (ask the children about that one!) along with some very confused faces.


Then it was challenge time. The weather was against us and any chance of shelter building was looking slim but if there is one skill that Year 6 demonstrated here, it was perseverance! With the Woodlands 5 statement 'Stick at it' never far from their minds the children did us proud. Others also had a go at other challenges: building the tallest sand tower; digging for water and making mazes to name a few.


Covered in sand and with complete acceptance of our bedraggled appearance, it was time to head home.


We picked up our sticks...and tarpaulins...and rope...and flags... and set off home, the smell of the sea in our nostrils and huge smiles on our faces.


The children's behaviour was excellent throughout the trip; we couldn't have been prouder of them. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

Year 4 at Beach School


It was a grey start to the day on Tuesday 14th June and Year 4 were contemplating the thought of slightly soggy sandwiches! Luckily the grey clouds began to subside and at 12.15pm we set off on our Beach School adventure. Walking down Wicks Lane path we were protected from the persistent spots of warm summer rain ; our spirits were high and our tummys grumbling!


Soon it was time for lunch so we tucked in to our sandwiches in order to prepare us for the afternoon ahead. A few rabbits poked up their heads to see what all the commotion was about.


Then it was time for the team challenge. In groups we tried to work together to make a given shape with the rope with people taking turns to be the leader. We had to listen carefully to the instructions from our team mates and resist the urge to shout out! There were some great strategies suggested including using maths to divide the number of participants by the number of sides needed.


By now the beach was calling and the sun was out so we set off after making predictions about what we thought we might find. Eventually we made it. We discussed the tide (it had recently been low tide on this occasion), compared our predictions to what we could see and identified where Liverpool and Southport were. Then it was time for some independent learning. Some children dug for water (those nearest the sea found it first), collected shells, made pictures in the sand and had a great time feeling the cooling effect of the sand when buried!


Home time came too soon and we were off on our journey home.


Have a look at our pictures below!




Buried alive...

Year 3 at Beach Schools


On Tuesday 7th June, year 3 packed their lunches and set off for a beach adventure; the sun was shining down on us as we walked to our picnic site.

After a picnic we had a go at some team building games - we had to make sure we listened carefully to each other which proved tricky at times! Then it was time to scale the sand dunes, but before we did we made predictions about what we might see from the top.


After a trek through the Marram grass we arrived on the beach and saw that the tide was high (we learnt that this happens twice every day). We discussed what we could see and watched the ships sail out of Liverpool. One of our favourite beach activities was digging for water and it didn't take long to find it! 


All in all it was a lovely day and on our way home we reflected about how lucky we are to have the Sefton Coast on our doorstep.


Make sure you have a look at our photos below!

Year 3 : Fun in the Sun!

10 green bottles...and lots of clear ones too!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been sending in bottles for the Eco club's mysterious project! 

As you can see, we are having a great time cutting the bottoms off and assembling them onto canes ready to be transformed into...our new greenhouse!


Where the wild willow grows...

October 2015


The new Eco Club get to work pruning, tying in and replanting the willow structure. They've proved themselves to be a fhardworking team!

Down on the allotment...

The Eco committee have been out planting this week. Hopefully we should have some flowers and vegetables for sale at the summer fair. 


Planting in the sunshine...