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With the weather taking a turn for the worse we hope you manage to spend some time inside curled up with a good book (there's nothing better than listening to rain on the window and being warm and dry inside!). It would be lovely to hear what you have been reading. If you have any recommendations please email us with a short paragraph to review the book and entice new readers. Remember not to give too much away. Perhaps include who might like it e.g. If you like Anthony Horowitz then you will love the adventure in this book...and a little about the genre and plot.


We hope you enjoy the work this week. It's the time of year that we are seeing butterflies emerging from their chrysalises and we begin with a story about some butterflies of a different kind. The week continues by asking you to think about creating a 'message to yourself in six months time' and revises how we would use formal and informal tone, apostrophes for contraction and expanded noun phrases. We wonder how many of you are confident with both identifying these and using them in your own writing? 


Remember to keep sending us pictures of your work. We aren't getting as many at the moment and we do love seeing what you have managed to do. We know it's hard to complete online learning at times but if you read through the instructions carefully they're sure to help. We know how independent you all can be and that's such an important thing to develop in Year 5/6 so don't be kidding your helpers at home that you can't do it - we all know you can!


Thank you so much to those of you who remain in contact. We know its such a difficult time for everyone and really appreciate everyone's hard work.