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Welcome to your first week of English activities!


There will be a mixture of grammar, written and spoken tasks. Please remember our high expectations– we are looking forward to seeing some of the work you produce. Remember you can send it to us at 


First look at the pictures to see the overview of the week’s activities. It might be a good idea to print out the summary or take a screenshot on a phone/tablet so you can track your progress through the week. Perhaps you could tick each day off as you go.


When you are ready to start the day’s activities, open up the pdf file for the relevant day.


Read through the instructions carefully and make sure you have everything you need.


All the activity sheets and prompts are at the end of the document. Don’t worry if you can’t print them as you can always take screen shots or write your own notes to remind you of what to do. It would be great to see a mixture of handwritten and typed work.


Tip: From the pdfs, links to the websites can be followed on a laptop or computer by pressing CTRL and clicking the blue link.


Remember, in written tasks to be working at the expected level for English in Year 5 and 6 you must be doing the following consistently:

  • use the range of punctuation taught at key stage 2 mostly correctly  (capital letters, full stops, commas, inverted commas)
  • spell most words correctly and use a dictionary to check the spelling of uncommon or more ambitious vocabulary
  • write legibly 
  • write effectively for a range of purposes and audiences
  • select vocabulary and grammatical structures that reflect what the writing requires
  • use a range of devices to build cohesion
  • use verb tenses consistently and correctly throughout your writing


These are your 'steps to success' in each written task but there are of course other things as well. Perhaps you could write your own 'steps to success' before you start each piece. Choose 3 things that you think should be included: this could be expanded noun phrases, parenthesis or any of the grammatical features or punctuation that suit the genre of writing - can you tick them all off?


Good luck and enjoy! We know you will want to work hard to keep up the high standards that you have already set this year.smiley


Week 1 overview