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Week 2 of English Home Learning

Thank you so much for all your pictures of your work from last week. Be sure to check on the photo page to see what your classmates have been getting up to.


Like last week, this work covers lots of genres. We begin again with poetry and then move onto looking at persuasive writing. 


Remember that when completing written English work, editing is really important and that one of our Woodlands Five is 'to know how to make your work better'. The grammar work for this week is relative clauses so make sure you revise these (we've done lots of this in school already) and see if you can apply them to your writing. Perhaps you can challenge a grown up to spot them in your work!


Spelling, grammar and punctuation matter!


As always, make sure you take pride in your work; if you've worked hard on it - be proud of it!


We completely understand that you may not be able to complete all of the tasks but we know that you are all capable of having a go at all of these tasks independently - we are really proud of you for doing your best in this difficult time.


Take a look at the photos for the daily overview (screenshot them if it makes it easier) then look on the pdf files for your worksheets and prompt cards. All these tasks can be done on paper so don't worry if you can't print out.



Enjoy! We are looking forward to reading some of your paragraphs about what you think schools should teach!