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English Week 5


We can't believe how quickly these weeks have gone! It was so good to hear that many of you are having a go at these English lessons. We know it's not the same as being in school but we also know that you are all really good at being independent and working through these tasks - well done!


This week we begin with a book by Shaun Tan: remember the book we looked at earlier this year -The Rabbits? This is by the same author. Use the powerpoint to really explore the language used in the book. Can you spot any good uses of punctuation? You will also be looking at a poem by a lady called Mary Angelou. To really appreciate the poem you need to know a little bit about the author so we recommend doing some research into her. To start you off, you should know that she was an American civil rights activist. Can you think of any other famous civil rights activists? 


We've seen some great examples of your hard work so far...don't forget to send us some photos to




Story time...The Discovery


Can you finish the story?

The children disembarked the bus, and stood huddled together on the road. It was a cold, foggy day, and so the children, wrapped up in coats and scarves, shivered as they waited.

Their teacher beckoned them closer, and as one they edged cautiously towards the skeleton. What was supposed to be a boring school trip had just got a whole lot more exciting! Were they on the verge of making a terrific discovery?



Question time!

What school trip were the children supposed to be on, do you think?

What have they discovered?

How did the skeleton get there?

What animal is it?

What will the children and their teacher do next?

Have you ever made a discovery?

Could you write about this discovery or a discovery you have made?


Sentence challenge!

A complex sentence must contain a subordinate clause. This is a clause that doesn’t make sense on its own.

E.g. Even though it was an extremely foggy day, the children could see the outline of a skeleton in front of them.


Write a complex sentence of your own and underline your subordinate clause.

Try starting your sentence with:

As While When If

Even though Although


Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of the animal when it was alive?


Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Can you help?

The children got off the bus. They walked towards the skeleton. It was cold and foggy.


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