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Dear Year 3 and 4 pupils,

We have really enjoyed learning lots about the Ancient Egyptians so far this term:

  • Who they were and when they lived.
  • What we know about them based on artefacts
  • The importance of hieroglyphics
  • What daily life was like
  • Egyptian society
  • The role of a Pharaoh
  • Tutankhamun
  • Mummification
  • The Pyramids

What we would like you to do …

Part 1

 We’d like you to continue your research at home looking at two more topics:

  • What gods and goddesses did the ancient Egyptians believe in?
  • What religious beliefs did they have?

Your findings can be presented however you like: in a book; on paper; in a folder; as a PowerPoint presentation or poster. You can hand write your work, use the computer or a combination of both as long as you clearly answer the two questions above.

Part 2

     We would like you to complete a project on the Ancient Egyptians. The topic is, obviously, the Ancient Egyptians but you can approach this however you’d like to. You can choose to focus on lots of different things about the Ancient Egyptians or you may choose to focus in on a particular area that you are interested in.

You could decide to focus on one famous Ancient Egyptian. Maybe you’ll base your work on Egyptian life for rich and poor people. Perhaps your topic will have different chapters/sections, e.g.

  • Egyptian life
  • Mummification
  • The gods
  • The pyramids
  • Clothing and makeup

These are all just ideas. You can do whatever you want – as long as it’s about the Ancient Egyptians! We would like projects to be handwritten and presented beautifully thinking carefully about grammar, spelling and punctuation. You can use a combination of writing and pictures (either hand drawn or printed) in your project. If you would like to ‘get crafty’ or ‘think outside the box’ you could also include some added extras to go with your written project e.g. art work, models, mummies etc. Have fun and enjoy your research. We look forward to seeing your fantastic creations when we return to school!

Best Wishes

Mrs Dempster, Mrs Riding, Miss Abbott and Mr Grant