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Week beginning 18th January 2021


Hello everyone!  Thank you so much to those who have sent emails and photographs.  It has been lovely to hear from you.  We are so glad you are enjoying the activities set on the website.  Please don’t feel you have to though.  These are here to keep you and your little ones busy and actively learning throughout this difficult time.  If you need help or support with anything, don’t hesitate to get in touch on

We will get back to you as soon as we can.  We are missing you all very much!  Have fun and take care of each other.  Here are some more Three Pigs activities for this week  Enjoy!


Mrs Jones, Mrs Simpson, Mr Anderson and Miss Roberts 



Please continue to read and reread, tell and listen to The Three Pigs story.  Here are some more examples if you need them: 

Here is a link to a version of the story in picture form.  You could look at them on the screen or print them out.  Can your child tell you what is happening in each of the pictures?  You could mix up the pictures and invite your child to put them in the correct order.  Are they able to sequence the story correctly?

Speaking and Listening
As it is a very old traditional tale there are many stories out there, often with subtle differences.  Use this as a talking point with your child.  Which version do they like best?  Which ending do they like the best?  Which illustrations do they like the best? Can they tell you why?   

Being Creative: Drama
We bet you know the story inside out and back to front by now and you can probably retell it yourself!   Why don’t you have a go?  We would love you to send us a video or audio file of you retelling the story. You could use the illustrations link above or there are more ideas below.


Physical Development: Cutting skills
Here is a link to some illustrations you could use to make some lolly pop stick puppets. Of course you can always draw your own too!  You could use these to help you retell the story together.
Encourage the children to help you to cut them out.  In Nursery we have been snipping at paper and cutting long lines so far.  The children could cut along a line you have drawn separating the illustrations first, then you could cut around them.  Keep reminding the children to keep their thumb at the top when cutting. 

Physical Development: Dance 
We all need a little time to relax (grown ups-I’m talking to you here too!)
Here is a delightful ballet version of the story for you to enjoy for something a little bit different. 

I bet we have some budding ballerinas who would love to have a go at some "freestyle pig dancing" (I never thought that would be a phrase I would write!).  Once the children have had the chance to watch the ballet, why don’t you encourage them to have a go at dancing to the music.  Below is a link to a short video showing some excerpts from The Northern ballet with the fabulous music.

Some children might prefer to be taught a dance move rather than move in their own ways so after enjoying watching The Three Pigs Ballet on cbeebies maybe you would like to have a go at being one of the dancers with these handy guides!


Please continue to play with rhyming words, sing nursery rhymes and become awesome at rhyming.  This is a very important pre-reading skill.  Here is game for you to play this week:

Communication and Language and Mark Making

While you are on your daily walks continue to have a look at the different types of houses in your local area or street.  There are even some building sites in Formby where new houses are being built you could go and look at.  This could lead to discussions about the types of construction vehicles used on building sites.  Talk about how buildings can be made with particular reference to the types of materials which have been used to build them.  You are so lucky in Formby to be able to show your children some homes with thatched roofs.  Introduce new vocabulary to children by describing the houses you see.  Talk about which ones would you like to live in and why?


I would love to see a drawing of your favourite house from on your walk.  Or even your own house!

Music and Ring Games
Our rhyme for this week is the Higgy Piggy instead of the Hokey Cokey!  Enjoy having a sing and a dance to this new rhyme each day.



The Higgy Piggy (Tune Hokey Cokey)


You put your right trotter in, 

Your right trotter out,

In, out, in ,out, you shake it all about ,

You do the higgy piggy and you turn around, that’s what its all about!



Oink, the higgy piggy,

Oink, the higgy piggy,

Oink, the higgy piggy,

Hocks bend, trotters stretch oink! oink!oink!


You put your left trotter in, 

Your left trotter out,

In, out, in ,out, you shake it all about ,

You do the higgy piggy and you turn around, that’s what its all about!




You put your big snout in, 

Your big snout out,

In, out, in ,out, you shake it all about ,

You do the higgy piggy and you turn around, that’s what its all about!




You put your curly tail in, 

Your curly tail out,

In, out, in ,out, you shake it all about ,

You do the higgy piggy and you turn around, that’s what its all about!

Maths: Counting

Watch this very clever episode of Numberblocks!

If you have any lego, duplo or construction type kits you could explore how different amounts are made using different amounts of ones.  You could even progress into splitting a certain amount, e.g. two blocks and three blocks make 5 blocks.

Please continue to practise touch counting and counting out amounts, e.g. through playing games together and natural situations that come up each day.  I always used to ask my boys to help me sort the clean socks when they were little.  An easy matching patterns game while I was sorting the washing!  Can you count how many pairs of socks Mummy/Daddy/ etc. have each?  Who has the most?  

Physical Development: Pencil control
We have been focusing on anti-clockwise circles for a while so we are going to change to a different pre-writing pattern this week.  Each of the houses built by the three pigs was built with a material that is straight.  Straw, sticks and bricks are all straight lines so we are going to have a go at drawing straight lines in different ways.  Use any paper you have and any writing implement that is comfortable for your child to hold.  Draw three small simple outlines of houses for your child to fill in with lines.


It might help if you modelled it first or showed the children the short videos below.

Straw: encourage your child to draw controlled straight lines across from left to right.

House of

Still image for this video
Sticks: encourage your child to draw controlled straight lines from top to bottom. 

House of

Still image for this video
Bricks: encourage your child to draw a few controlled lines across with space in between each one from left to right.  Then in between each horizontal line draw a short line from top to bottom making a wall of bricks.

House of

Still image for this video
Next week we will be beginning a new focused book:  Owl Babies.  We had already planned for Nursery to take part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.  Maybe you could register yourselves to join in? Check out or google big garden birdwatch for more details.

Week beginning 11th January 2021


We hope everyone is managing with lockdown 3.0 as best they can, however we know this is a really tricky time.  We hope these activities help to keep spirits up and children busy. This week we are beginning our focus traditional tale “The Three Pigs”.  This is a brilliant story with lots of repetition and lovely learning ideas to go with it.  We hope the activities are useful starting points and you manage to have lots of fun taking part in the activities.  As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch using

We will get back to you as soon as we can.  We are missing you all very much!


Mrs Jones, Mrs Simpson, Mr Anderson and Miss Roberts 


There are many variations of this fabulous tale out there and you may have one or a few at home.  Please read together, tell your own version or listen to a Three Pig story each day.  This will help the children to remember and become familiar with the story.  Encourage them to join in and take part saying the repeated refrains, e.g. “little pig, little pig, let me come in!” etc.



Here are some lovely examples for you to try if you need them:




Maths: Shape and Space and Creative
The Three Pigs story is wonderful for giving children opportunities to build and construct with a purpose.  I am sure many of you will have construction toys at home, e.g. wooden blocks, duplo, megablocks, lego, stickle bricks etc.  If not, cardboard food cartons and shoe boxes are just as good!
We would love you to have a go at building either a house for one of the three pigs, a house for the wolf, or even a house for your family.  We don’t mind, just get building!  Just remember a house has to have walls and a roof to keep us safe from the Big Bad Wolf and the cold weather at the moment, and of course a door to let us get in and out.  
One of the brilliant things about building structures is that you can talk together about what you are doing while you are building together or ask the children to tell you about their building afterwards.  Talk about the different shapes the children are using and why by using descriptive language, rather than just naming shapes, e.g. “yes, that shape is good for your roof as it has a point like our roof”, “those walls need straight pieces so do you think these long flat blocks look good?”, “I wonder how many more cubes we will need until we have the front wall the same height as the back” etc.

We would love to see photographs of your brilliant buildings!


Creative: exploring different media
We can experiment with colour mixing by creating our own huff and puff paintings.  You will need paint, paper and normal drinking straws.
Use disposable pipettes (or drop watery paint from a brush) to drip runny paint onto paper.  The children can and huff and puff the drips (like the wolf) on the paper using a straw to make the paint blobs move around.  Watch as the colours mix together.  Explore with different colours and admire your beautiful art work!  Talk about what happens when different colours are used.  What changes take place?

Please send us some photographs of your lovely art work!


Finding out about our world/Personal Development 
Find out about how to look after real pigs with the help of Rory and Ferne from cbeebies “My Pet and Me” on cbeebies radio.

Looking after pets helps children to develop a caring attitude and supports them to think about the needs and feelings of others.  Even if you don’t have pets at home you can think about the wildlife in your garden and our local environment, e.g. birds, squirrels, ducks etc.

Maybe we should ask Mr Williams if we can have some pet pigs to support our Personal, Social and Emotional Development?!  Maybe not right now though, I think he has enough to be getting on with at the moment!

Pretend you are one of the little pigs and you can see the Big Bad Wolf heading towards your house.  Experiment with lots of different ways of travelling to get away from him.  E.g. crawling, hopping, running, jumping, skipping, rolling, galloping, tip toeing etc.  Which way did you enjoy most?  Which way would get you further away from him?
Continue to enjoy your daily exercise by getting out into the fresh air and getting your heart rates up.  

If you do need to stay inside here is a great game from the changeforlife website.  We can pretend there has been more snow!

There are plenty more brilliant ideas on this website if you need them to keep little ones active. 


Maths: Counting
Enjoy using fingers, counters or animals to sing or say this number rhyme together.  This helps the children to realise that if objects are taken away the number of objects changes.  It is also a lovely way of introducing learning how to count backwards instead of forwards.



Ten Little Pigs (Tune: Five little Ducks)


Ten little pigs rolled in the mud-

Squishy, squashy, felt so good.

The farmer took one piggy out.

“Oink, Oink, oink” the pig did shout!


Continue with nine, eight, seven etc… until…


No little pigs rolled in the mud-pigs 

They all looked so clean and good.

The farmer turned his back and then

Those pigs rolled in the mud again.


Play “What’s the Time Mr Wolf?” It is a fun way of getting children to use number names in play and realising that things that cannot be seen or moved can be counted, i.e. their steps.  Young children usually find this extremely tricky so keep encouraging them to only step the right amount!  Good luck!


Our focus rhyme for the week would be This little piggy went to market.
Can you learn it off by heart by singing it each day?   You can use your fingers or even your toes for this one!  I realise the baby on the video is a lot younger than your children but I thought your children might like to take the part of the adult too and say the rhyme and take part in the actions with brothers or sisters or even yourselves.

This week have fun with names.

What words can you think of that rhyme with your name?  Real words or made up words are fine. Get all your family to join in too! Write your silly sentences or names down while your child watches, e.g.  “Mrs Jones, cones, loans, moans, phones.”  “Harris, Paris, Daris, Zaris”.  “Mrs Jones has lots of bones”.  Say the words as you write them, really over emphasising the rhyming words.  Read your list together pointing to each word as you say it.



Communication and Language
Have a discussion about the different types of houses in your local area while on your daily exercise.  Talk about the similarities and differences that exist between different types of homes using lots of descriptive and specific language. You might compare your own house with Grandma’s or your best friends.  How are they the same or different?


Mark Making
Something has happened to the pigs!  Their tails have disappeared!  Can you help them by adding curly pig tails to pictures of the pigs?

How to draw a curly pig tail

Still image for this video

Thank you much so for participating.  We hope you find these activity ideas useful.


Take care everyone!

Please note I have amended the email address below! Sorry I don't know how I got it the wrong way round!


Week beginning 5th January 2021


Welcome to the Nursery Home Learning page


We hope you have all managed to have a pleasant and enjoyable Christmas break together and are well rested, ready to begin our new term, albeit a little different to how we expected to be welcoming you all back.

In Nursery this first week of Spring Term we would have been catching up, talking about what we have been doing over the holidays and settling back in with a “Winter“ theme to our learning.  Therefore for the rest of this week we have posted up activities below that are suitable for you to do at home to continue the children's learning in the current situation. 


If you need to get in touch use


email if you to make contact and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.


In addition if you would like to send us any photographs of the children having a go at their activities they will be happily received. 


Please take care of yourselves, good luck and we can’t wait to see what you get up to!


Mrs Jones, Mrs Simpson, Miss Roberts and Mr Anderson



Being in Nursery is all about learning while having fun.  These activities will help your child to develop skills and knowledge in various areas of the Early Years Curriculum: 

  • personal development
  • speaking and listening
  • physical development
  • early phonics
  • early reading
  • maths
  • mark making/early writing
  • finding out about our world
  • creative development.



Winter Week 


Rhyme Time and being Physical

Our nursery rhyme for the week is “Here we go round the Mulberry Bush”.  Have a go at learning this song together.  Can you think of any other ways you could keep warm on a cold and frosty day outside?  Why don’t you go outside and have a go?

Here is an alternative version to help us get ourselves ready for nice winter walks in the chilly weather. You could spend some time trying hard to learn how to put on your own coats, gloves and hats so that you are superstars for when you get back to Nursery!


Here is a fun game to help keep practising accurate touch counting and learning what the numbers look like.

Finding out about our world

Explore the effects of the cold weather outside by investigating how water changes.  Put a small container, e.g. a yoghurt pot outside with some water in it before you go to bed and see what has happened when you wake up in the morning. 


Being Creative

Can you paint an icy picture?  Fill small containers or ice cube trays with some paint and water and put them in the freezer.  When they are frozen you can use them to paint with outside on the floor or try some large pieces of wallpaper.


Maths and Pencil Control

Play this game to help you begin to recognise die patterns.  Have fun drawing your snowmen!

Early Phonics

We would have been focusing on rhyming words this week in Nursery.  Can you go on a hunt to find some objects in your house that rhyme? Can you find some rhyming pairs, e.g. cat and bat, or rug and jug?  Talk and play about with words that rhyme.

Being creative and Mark Making

Enjoy designing you own winter warming hat, gloves and scarf set.  Think carefully about the colours to use.  Will you have a pattern?  You could design a spotty, stripy or zig zag set to cheer you up in this winter weather.

Story Time (Early reading, speaking and listening)

Here are some winter themed stories you might like to read together if you have them.  There are links to online versions if you don't have access to the physical books. 

Stick Man  (Available to watch on BBC iplayer)

The Gruffalo’s Child (Available to watch on BBC iplayer)

Jolly Snow

Talk about the settings, characters, what happens in the stories.  Discuss your favourite parts and why.

Reading any stories at all is one of the best activities to do with your children in order to stimulate their imagination, increase their attention span and develop listening and speaking skills.  Please continue to enjoy reading plenty of stories together.