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More learning ideas for Nursery 20.3.20


As I have mentioned to some parents already I am continuing to add fun learning ideas to this page as I get the chance.  Please keep checking the website every few days or so to see if I have posted anything new. 

I understand this is a difficult time but I know you will at least be having some fun while learning in a new way.  Take care of each other, and try to stay healthy and well.

Mrs Jones and Mr Anderson 

Keeping active and getting fresh air during this (hopefully!) lovely spring weather is a wonderful way to break up your day.


Go for a walk to parks, woodlands or the beach and use some of the free scavenger hunt ideas.  Can you spy something beginning with the letters that are in your name?  Collect different shades of green. 


Look for signs of spring in the garden.  Paint a picture of what you can see.  Use crayons, chalks and other media.


If the weather does get a bit yucky there are some super ideas on you tube:



  • 5 minute move kids workout
  • just dance
  • cosmic kids
  • action songs

Cutting using scissors is a brilliant skill to learn in Nursery ready for Reception.  Start by just snipping the paper around the edges.  Once the children are able to snip try to encourage them to cut in a straight line.  A good way to do this is by getting a strip of paper, e.g. half an a4 long ways.  Draw a straight line with a ruler for the children to follow.  Sellotape one end to a table so it doesn't move!  This is much easier to handle!  Make it a little bit harder by drawing a wiggly line.



This website has brilliant scavenger hunts you can download and print and a whole 28 days of activity ideas!
Make a simple journal about all the things you are doing together.  Allow the children to watch you writing sentences in the book.  They can help by telling you what to write and draw a picture to go with it.

Welcome to our Nursery home learning page


We are aware that some of you are unable to attend Nursery at the moment so we thought we would try to help by giving you some terrific ideas of activities you can do at home with your child.  There are plenty of home learning ideas on the internet too, along with ideas of how to keep a little bit of routine to your day.


Read, read, read!

Share stories with your children.  Read aloud to them and ask them to read aloud to you.  Make up stories together.  Take it in turns.  Look at the pictures and tell the story in your own words.  Invite the children to do the same.  Write down stories that they tell you, and keep them somewhere safe. it will be wonderful to read them all when they are older!  Draw a picture of your favourite character in a book.  Draw the story together.


Play, play, play!

Play games together.  I spy, hide and seek.  Snakes and ladders, ludo, draughts, board games.