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Week beginning 5.7.21



Look at the images of pirates. Discuss what they looked like and their main features. What are they wearing? Why did they wear an eye patch?


Discuss what it would be like if you were a pirate who went on an adventure. 


Write a description of yourself as a pirate. Remember to say each sentence aloud before you write it. Use your phonics to help with the spellings of words. Focus on writing the words in the correct order and don't forget to re-read your work to check that it makes sense.

Sing along with the following pirate songs and join in with the actions about what it would be like to be a pirate.




This week we are comparing length, height and distance. 

Look around your house or garden. Can you find some objects that are taller than you? Can you find some that are shorter?


If you have play dough at home, try rolling caterpillars of different lengths. Can you put them in order from shortest to longest? If you haven't got any play dough, perhaps you could make caterpillars of different lengths using pieces of string or ribbon.


Play this interactive height ordering game.

Watch the following story If the Shoe Fits.


Use  non-standard measures such as paper clips, buttons or footsteps to measure some items in your house or garden.

You may have some toy cars or other toy vehicles at home. Try pushing them to see which one travels the furthest. Use non-standard measures to see which vehicle travelled the furthest distance.

Week Beginning 28.6.21


Watch the following clip introducing our new story 'The Night Pirate'.

Who is the main character? Where is it set? What time of day is it set? Look at the layout and print of the book. How is it different to The Girl and The Dinosaur book that we read last week?


What can you see on the treasure map?



On a piece of paper draw and design your own treasure island map. Use the image above to help you. 

Choose what you would like on your treasure map. For example, volcano, shipwreck, river, sharks, cave, jungle etc.

Using your phonics, write labels for the places and features on your treasure map. 


Listen to and sing the pirate songs.



 This week we are learning about odd and even numbers.

Watch the following Numberblocks video introducing odd and even numbers.

Firstly, begin by sharing quantities of objects up to 10 in to 2 equal groups. Explain to the children that if there is an odd one out, the number is odd. If they share equally in to two groups the number is even. 




Read the following PowerPoint 'The Story of Osman Odd and Eshal Even.'

Sort the shopping into odd and even quantities.

Week beginning 21.6.21


This week is 'Money' week. We would like the children to look at 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins and become familiar with the colour, shape and size of them. Try setting up a small shop at home and letting the children make labels for different toys and items around the house. You could even make a grocery shop with food. Interact and play shop keepers and customers. You could also let your children do some small chores and jobs around the house and give them a small amount of money for each job.

Use the PowerPoint to look at how we can use 1p to make different totals. Count out the 1p coins as you make each amount.



Watch and listen to the story that we have been focusing on for the past 2 weeks.


Now have a go at writing your own story about yourself and a visit to a new magical land. Try and write in simple sentences.

Look at the PowerPoint about dinosaurs. Read all about how they lives, what they ate, what they looked like and how they moved. Try choosing a dinosaur to make your own fact file about. Draw it and write some simple facts.

All about dinosaurs

Watch the following clip to learn about Mary Anning the fossil hunter and collector. It tells you about a famous lady in the past. Can you draw a portrait of her?