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Reception's home learning photo-sharing gallery

Outdoor fun
A make-shift classroom
Super phonics work
Independent reading
Creative time
Outdoor sibling fun
Brotherly love
Concentrating hard
Amazing writing!
Mixing and making!
Filling ice cube trays
Keeping fit!
Dressing up to do Joe Wicks
Fun in the sand dunes
Super colouring
A wonderful crown made in the copse
Family learning together
Watching videos about police etc
Footballers keeping fit
Amazing writing
A lovely rainbow
Learning outdoors
Painting a rainbow
Working from home
Riding a scooter
Super colouring
Good pencil control
Garden exercises
Working hard at home
What a lovely rainbow
A super poster
Beautiful pictures
Keeping busy
Family fitness
Keep going
More stretches!
TRampoline exercises
Gymnastics and bouncing
Loving Joe Wicks exercises
Great moves
Super colourful work
Music at home
Keeping fit
Learning in the sunshine
Fresh air and scootering
Ballet lessons
A beautiful bumble bee
Super maths
Practising numbers
P.E with Joe Wicks
A racing rocket
Fabulous writing
Time for baking
An up and coming author
The greater the storm the brighter the rainbow
Super shape work
3D shape investigation
Will it roll?
How about this one?
Properties of 3D shapes
Fantastic writing
Every storm is followed by a rainbow
Working Hard
Excellent number work
Super writing
Hard at work
Fantastic maths
Repeating patterns
A pattern challenge
Reading and writing
Shape patterns
3D shape towers
Fantastic writing
Fantastic football
Working hard
A super hospital
Jack and the Beanstalk
Marvellous maths
Let the learning begin
Ready to work
3D shape towers
Working on phonics
A fantastic story!
Look at this bean stalk!
The next England cricketer!
What a fabulous long story. Well done.
Fantastic sonic!
Henry drew a super story plan
Planting seeds. Can't wait until they grow!
Jack adding numbers to find the total
Jack has been very busy, ipad work, baking, adding
Super shape work
Wonderful writing
Learning to ride a bike
Super reading using the ORT ebooks
Looking for bugs in the garden.
Fantastic shape colouring
Making 3D shapes
Haribo patterns - looks tasty
Police help us
3D shapes
Fantastic writing
A busy week
Off for a bike ride
Baking fun
Blowing bubbles
More bubbles
An Easter challenge
Exercise with a difference
Green fingers
Family fun
Easter Painting
Dough modelling
I can see a rainbow
Garden fun
Fancy dress Friday
Fun on the beach
Is that Spiderman?
Climbing trees
Don't look down!
A beautiful beach walk
Amazing additions
Happy Birthday !!!
Working hard
A beautiful walk in the woods
Frank the firman
Nanny Val the nurse
Super reading - PhonicsPlay comics
No one move ;-)
Fantastic towers
Hard at work in the sunshine
Elsa and Anna - number fun
Jack and the Beanstalk
The beginning - beautiful writing
The middle - fabulous story telling
Eggcellent maths
Jack and the Beanstalk story plan
Jack and the Beanstalk - fantastic writing
For Nanny Val
Enjoying the sunshine
Elsa and Anna - magical maths
Jack and the Beanstalk - wonderful writing
Fantastic reading and writing
Plant pot painting
Thirsty work
Plenty of soil
Lots of water
Planted and ready to grow
Which one shall I read?
An apt choice
Creature craft
Busy, busy, busy
Calculation challenge
Calculation challenge complete
Planting fun
Super phonics
Jack and the Beanstalk - storyplan
Jack and the Beanstalk - super writing
Jack and the Beanstalk - the proud author
Super planting. Hoping seeds grow quickly!
Reception zoom. So lovely to see lots of you!
A brilliant quiz
Super drawing of a bean stalk
Planting seeds
Keeping fit outdoors
Busy in the garden
Super WANTED poster and castle drawings.
Story writing in the sunshine
Jack and the Beanstalk - the brilliant beginning
Jack and the Beanstalk - the marvellous middle
Jack and the Beanstalk - the exciting ending
How tall will they grow?
Fabulous photos
Super story writing
'Happy birthday to you'
Building a greenhouse
Can you guess what I'm making?
A fabulous castle
All finished
iPad maths
Super writing
A letter to the giant
Games night - the banker
Mr Men maths
Fantastic phonics - 'ng'
More fantastic phonics - 'ai'
How do I get down?
Lots of lovely phonics books to read
sounding out and blending using phonics
Playing a dinosaur game
What a super castle!
A home-made marble run
Using stickers to improve fine motor skills
Painting a bean stalk outdoors
Running freely in the Pineweeds
Using tweezers to pick things up
Teamwork makes the dream work! ;-)
Concentrating hard
Jack and the Beanstalk - lovely writing
Excellent story writing
An author and an illustrator
Working hard
Ready to bake
Here's one I made earlier
Fantastic letters
Look what I've done
Planet fun
Out of this world
A super story map
A fabulous story
A giant reply
A dream home- someone call Grand Designs
Beautful writing
"You can't catch me! I'm the Gingerbread Man"
Growing well
A story fit for a Queen... well,  princess!
Beautiful neat letters
Mmmm, tasty!
A beautiful horse
Fantastic number work
Working hard at writing
'Hello, Formby Veterinary Surgery.'
Who's next please
The vet will see you now
This looks serious
All better!
It's in there somewhere
Wow- super phonics
Animal addition
Fantastic number work - representing 18
Representing 14 - Super Mario maths
Representing 20 - more magnificent Mario maths
The biggest picture in the world!
Story time
Story Map- Little Red Riding Hood
A fantastic ending for Little Red Riding Hood
Numberblocks maths
Is that Anna holding the picture?
Adding beyond 20- WOW!
Super phonics
Working hard...but what is she drawing?
A house that looks good enough to eat!
A letter for Nana
Little Red Riding Hood- super writing
Little Red Riding Hood- fantastic storytelling
Cooking, bunting making and an important letter!
A magical design
The Numberblocks magazine- looks like fun!
Excellent ordering
Working hard
The hard works paid off!
Phase 4 tricky words
Super doubling

Fee Fi Fo Fum

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Join in with this fantastic singing and guitar accompaniment
Riding a big bike
Loving the sunny beach!
Fun in the hot tub
A lovely letter
Wonderful story map
A very big story map
A wonderful map to Grandma's house
Beautiful story map
Looking for tadpoles
Super writing
Celebrating VE day

Amazing reading using Oxford Owl

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Super use of reading skills
Fairy Tale Ball guest list
Brilliant ladybug doubling
Lovely list of invited people
Part-part-whole model
Party song list
Lovely work by a princess!
Reading Oxford Reading Tree stories
Spiderman and the beanstalk story


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Fantastic mental doubling facts!

Can you name all the 3D shapes?

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An online ballet lesson

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Watering the plants
Mmm, that looks delicious
Wow! A fantastic Story
Planning for the ball
Surely they didn't write this fantastic story
I thought so... here's the author
Dens, Monopoly, masks and invitations- WOW
What's on the menu?

Watch this video to see an amazing reader!

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Fantastic phonics too!

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'Numberdude 14 lives to skateboard'
A very proud gardener
Counting in 2's - impressive
Party time
Teaching the 'ee' sound
Now it's time to learn 'ai'
Now presenting, 101 Dalmations
Fabulous family fun
Beautiful flowers
Is that Little Red Riding Hood?
Super chef- mince for the lasagne
Fantastic phonics
Which story shall we choose?

Ready, steady go!

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Fantastic Writing about Tiger!
Here Kitty,Kitty
All about Paw Patrol - definitely worth a read!
Marshall and Zuma
Rubble and Chase
Rocky and Sky - what a fantastic book!
Looking after a tortoise!
How to look after a pet!
Hard at work
A fabulous fish bowl
iPad fun
Fantastic labelling - Bolt would be impressed!
Painting the pet shop.
Meet the shop keeper
What pet will you get?
A phonics crossword
A teddy bears picnic
Lovely - everyone's got their fair share
Brilliant list of pets
Making a home for pets
Writing about a dog called Jake
Sharing between pets
Well done for passing a Taekwondo Grading
Fabulous drawing of a cartoon dog
A beautiful paper plate aquarium
Beautiful, colourful fish
Odd and even numbers
Excellent rhyming words
Doubling fun!
Magnificent maths
Rhyming words- WOW
More fantastic rhyming words
A bike ride on the seafront
You missed a bit ;-)
Hole in one?
Super maths
The vets is now open!
The first customer
I hope Bolt's feeling better soon.
We sell treats too
Super dinosaur writing
Watch out fairies... it's a velociraptor
A fantastic dinosaur book
The illustrator hard at work
This looks like an interesting book
The contents page...where shall I begin?
Stegosaurus- a colour changing dinosaur
Spinosaurus- a super swimmer
T-rex - scary!
A fantastic story plan
 Harry and the Bucketful of Fairies
Fantastic dinosaur activities
Family time
Dinosaur modelling
Fun in the sun!
Happy birthday to you!
Dinosaur writing