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SUMMER TERM home learning photographs Year 5/6 (week beg 6th July)

Fred - proud to wear his Blue Peter badge
MyMaths activities - ALL finished!

SUMMER TERM home learning photographs Year 5/6 (week beg 29th June)

'Thank you' - a poem by Fred
Ayden - 'a message to myself in 6 months time'
Eco Club at home - caring for the plot!
Eco Club at home - runner beans
Eco Club at home - courgettes and kale
Eco Club at home - courgettes
Eco Club at home - sweetcorn
Happy birthday Dad!
Fantastic birthday cake!

SUMMER TERM home learning photographs Year 5/6 (week beg 22nd June)

Mmm - toasted marshmallows!
Walking in the countryside
Fairy garden

SUMMER TERM home learning photographs Year 5/6 (week beg 15th June)

Catching up with First News
Lego in the sunshine
The Trojan Panda!
PGL 'at home' - bug hotel foundations
PGL 'at home' - bug hotel completed
Benji loves his birthday dog toy!
Start off with shaving foam
Add some colour and create a pattern
Press a piece of paper over the top of it
Carefully peel the paper off
Scrape off the excess foam
Ta da! A brilliant marble-effect picture
Souffles - ready for the oven
Souffles - cooked and risen beautifully
Souffles - eaten ... yummy!!

SUMMER TERM home learning photographs Year 5/6 (week beg 8th June)

Police report - Macavity: The Mystery Cat
Shield design
DT: cutting out
DT: tying the ends together
DT: starting to plait
DT: carefully holding tight
DT: plaiting a different coloured fabric in
DT: a fantastic dog toy for Benji's first birthday


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What an excellent stop motion project - lots of patience and precision needed here as well as computing skills. Well done Mikey!

Has any one else taken on a stop motion project?

SUMMER TERM home learning photographs Year 5/6 (week beg 1st June)

7 Wonders of the World - leaflet front
7 Wonders of the World - leaflet inside
All About Russia - leaflet front
All About Russia - leaflet inside
Foodette - The God of Food
Fabulous art work - Billie Eilish
An argentinosaurus!
Book worm!
Making a splash!
Lots and lots of fantastic maths work
Amazing English work
Thank you NHS and Takeaway work
Al fresco painting
Art class
Chocolate button cake ... mmmm!
Thank you NHS
Population graph
Illustration of final extract 1
Illustration of final extract 2
Illustration of final extract 3
Book review
Amazing Ancient Greek Helmet (side profile)
Amazing Ancient Greek Helmet (front profile)
Greek Empire Leaflet (Front Cover)
Greek Empire Leaflet (Inside)
Read all about it! Highwayman in trouble again (1)
Read all about it! Highwayman in trouble again (2)


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Thank you so much to all those who took part in this. It really brought a smile to my face seeing you all - we all miss you lots and can't wait to be back together again. It was also fabulous to see you all enjoying the outdoor space in gardens, in the woodlands and on the beach - how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. (Good to see that no toilet rolls were wasted!) Well done Morgan for producing the video and Emmy as co-producer. This shows great video editing skills and demonstrates how media and the internet can be used for good things. Miss Pickford

SUMMER TERM home learning photographs Year 5/6 (week beg 18th May)

Yuri Gagarin challenge - preparation
Yuri Gagarin challenge - background
Yuri Gagarin challenge - fabulous final piece
Let's go fly a kite!
m mm mm mm m modal verbs!!
Enjoying maths
Learning about the Battle for Athens
This is Sparta!
Fantastic little details in this effective design!
Keeping up the hard work - we are very impressed!
Some line drawings
Lovely art work
Book review by Maisie
Ancient Greece by Izzy...
Things to do
Great work Ben; a lovely variety of activities!
Izzy's earthquake resistant structure
Greek name sign
Home cooking!
Spartan helmet

Powerpoint about Yuri Gagarin by Maisie

Spatula making by Ben

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SUMMER TERM home learning photographs Year 5/6 (week beg 11th May)

Top Trump card - Zeus
Top Trumps Game Cards
Ready to play!
Healthy diet for a dog
Fred's 'end of SATs' celebration cake!!!!
Pom pom for Fireball (the cat)
Greek sign for Fireball's new den
Poseidon and Athena
Spartan shield
Poem - Catbells
Greek lettering
Life saving skills
Advert script
Argument - for and against school uniform
School uniform design
Superhero design
A new superhero
VE Day bunting
VE Day decorations
VE Day treats
Birthday cake excitement
Chocolate birthday cake - yummy!
I want to ride my bicycle
Birthday marshmellows
Birthday camp out
Home Eco Club - alpine
Home Eco Club - broccoli
Home Eco Club - courgettes
Home Eco Club - kale
Home Eco Club - rocket
Home Eco Club - runner beans
Looking after 'Mr Albert' the apple tree
Poem - Life Without Dreams
Adapting lyrics
Happy ...
... birthday!
Birthday bike
Birthday boat!
Great vocabulary choices Mikey!
Super drawing and explanation.
Painting bird boxes
Preparing to make a tree house
Tree house complete
Biking on the beach
Go karting
Fun in the hot tub
Stunning art work Lucy!
Greek name plaque
Top Trumps
VE Day preparations
VE Day nail art
VE Day celebrations
Trojan horse

Pianoforte - Green Dragonflies by Grace

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Ayden's Powerpoint

SUMMER TERM home learning photographs Year 5/6 (week beg 4th May)

Poem - What I want to be ...
Proud of my poem!
Poem - Life Without Dreams
Poem - Life Without Dreams too!
Science experiments
What a wonderful travel brochure...
...beautifully presented...
...and lots of relevant information!
Responding to a poem and a letter to the poet
Amazing Greek shield
Argument for and against school uniform
New uniform design
Superhero illustration
New superhero description
Identifying features
Maths - four quadrants
Maths - rounding
News report

We'll Meet Again (practising for the choir group performance to celebrate VE Day)

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SUMMER TERM home learning photographs Year 5/6 (week beg 27th April)

Greek name
Trojan horse
Feeding the ducks
Making cakes and tasting the mixture ... mmm!
Concentrating on the next move!
Well done everyone!
Lots of work - school uniform too!
Poem - My Garden
Retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool
Practising goalie skills
Poem - My Couch
Sam's thought provoking piece on 'fire'.
Recommended by Delilah - free on Literacy Trust
Chocolate lollies
Protein balls
News report
Workout programme
Magic tricks - shuffle shower!
Magic tricks ... overhand shuffle!
Spiderman jumps!
Greek cage sign for the guinea pig cage!
Poem - Playroom Time
Greek name
Menu for a monkey

Fabulous home schooling record book

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Watch out Joe Wicks!

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SUMMER TERM home learning photographs Year 5/6 (week beg 20th April)

Wow - busy, busy busy!
A Greek challenge for Mr Williams!
Lots of super work!
Poem - Swimming Pool
Another lovely poem
Greek name plaque
Lego challenge
Fence painting
Helping out in the garden
Travel brochure
Landmark advert
Graph work
Reflections on a poem
Reflections on a poem too
Poem - My Bed
Newspaper report
Great maths
More great maths
Home Learning
Building volcanoes
Exciting news! We ...
have ...
Greek plaque
Our amazing solar system!
Greek writiing
First Greek name of the league!
Celebrating our wonderful NHS
Maths, maths, maths!
Chiseling for gems with a science kit
A well-earned bike ride!
Home Learning
Bird watching
Bird watching too!
Bouncing and hula hooping at the same time!
More hula bouncing!
And more ...
And more ...
Making a coloured ice globe
Mixing the colours
Beautiful coloured ice globe
A very posh bug house
Thank you NHS!
Challenge Part III: I want to ride my bicycle
Still watching the caterpillars ...
and still ...
and still ...
still watching ...
and still watching!
They will soon be butterflies!
A very organised workspace = great work!
Keeping fit and having fun.
Working hard and smiling!

Jolly hockey sticks!

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Keep active:keep learning:keep safe:keep smiling!

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SPRING TERM home learning photographs Year 5&6

Fabulous paper mache rhino
Rhino in profile
A rhino named Raheem?
Just hanging about!
What a great view!
Higher and higher!
Lovely walk at the beach
Happy smiles
Whooo hoo!
Whooo hoo too!
Ready for gymnastics
Forward roll
Ready for a bike ride?
Walking on the field!
Playing on the field!
Footy on the field!
Tantrix Solitaire in a packet
Tantrix Solitaire complete!
Balloon rocket car
Solar hydraulic robot
Chase the rat game made with Scratch
Character portrait
Solo Eco Club!
Pencil and paint art
Pencil and paint art too!
Book character - Willy Wonka
Acro class via Zoom (1)
Acro class via Zoom (2)
Acro class via Zoom (3)
Acro class via Zoom (4)
Book character - Sycthe Marie: Grand Dame of Death
Book character - Horrid Henry
433,927 steps in March - Cancer Research Challenge
Preparing our fire
It is messy work this
Cooking the perfect marshmallow
Painting poles
Van Gogh's Starry Night - excellent drawing skills
Van Gogh's birthday: inspiring Dylan's research
Joe Wicks' workout - keep going!
Fronted adverbial fun...
These challenges are great!
Jaydn's ensuring he keeps learning
Tricky spellings here - can you get them all?
Great to see you using the resources!
Maths, maths and more maths!
Excellent work again!
Hard at work and committed to his learning
Making the shortbread!
Baking the shortbread!
Newspaper report
Time to get messy!
Weeding the herb bed
Planting some mint
Making naan breads to go with tonight's curry!
Studying metamorphosis - watching caterpillars
Caterpillars getting much bigger - keep watching!
Hard at work!
Easter learning
Rat maze design - Ginny and Luna will love it!
Everyone should climb a tree!
Daily exercise at the beach
Cartwheeling whilst practising social distancing!
Live history lesson - shout out to Woodlands!
Art school
Jet washing - a good skill to learn
Exercising with Joe Wicks :)
Make your own rock candy []
Miles Davies junior?
A budding Alex Turner
Goalkeeper training
Goalkeeper training too
Home learning
Family learning
The Highwayman
Thanks Delilah!
Home baking
Maths with dog!
Master joiner at work
Finished product
In action
Butterfly rescue
King of the copse
Your majesty
Curry chef extraordinaire!
I see a saw
Demolition man (plus little sister)
Joe Wicks' family exercise
Caterpillar capture
Fantastic building work!
Another amazing tower!
Story time
Stunning soda bread
Diary entry
Science/Art oil/paint 1
Science/Art oil/paint 2
Science/Art oil/paint 3
Science/Art oil/paint 4
Outdoor leaping!
Please join in with this great idea!
Yummy cakes
Beautifully painted stones
Cookies as big as your head...well, nearly!
Great animal pictures.
Home art gallery
Easter egg decorating
Mud pies in the mud kitchen

Hexa -tetra -flexagon

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Great work Grace! I wonder if anyone else can challenge themselves to make one too?