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Summer Term Home Learning Photographs

I have decided that as we are getting so many photographs and videos now I need to change the way I am adding them to the site.  So you all don't have to keep scrolling through I am adding the newest ones near the top from now on.  Thank you so much for all your lovely photographs.  I love seeing the children being busy and I am sure they will enjoy seeing their friends too.  Take care everyone!

Den building
Picnic lunch
Pool party!
Digging for ... treasure?
The Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf
Green fingers
Yummy strawberry
Super smart first day  back
First day in Nursery pod
Mini Mouse
Happy 4th of July!
Home made masks
Celebrating Independence Day
Digging for crops

The Three Little Pigs Week 2

Still image for this video
The Three Little Pigs Film Part 1

The Three Little Pigs Week 2

Still image for this video
The Three Little Pigs Film Part 2

The Three Little Pigs Week 2

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The Three Little Pigs Film Part 3

The Three little Pigs Week 1

Mia's list of things to pack on an adventure
Superb pig drawing
Excellent pencil control along the paths
Excellent pencil control along the paths
Floating and sinking experiment
Superb den making
Yummy baking
Excellent name writing
Freya's plants are growing nicely

Half Term Fun

A huge project!
Crafty fun!
Keep on watering those plants
Beautiful plant drawing
Fun in the sun!

Week 5: The Enormous Turnip

Henry made a  wonderful picture
Henry found asparagus at the beach!
Enormous Peppa and tiny Peppa
Wonderful anti clockwise turnips
Another symmetrical butterfly creation
Chatting is so important
Art class
Yoga kids!
Fabulous experimenting with light pens
A happy girl!

 Week 4: The Enormous Turnip

Super colourful painted pebbles
Card making and writing
Crafty faces
Very careful painting
Symmetrical butterfly
Working on oencil control
Lovely smile!
Gorgeous garden picture
Thank you for my flower!
Big and small hunt
Short train
Long train

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Week 3

Fun in the sun!
Delicious home made cakes!
Baking scones
MMMMMM... yummy!
Den building
Excellent symmetrical butterfly!
Concentration skills
Beautiful butterflies
Wow! So many shapes!
Excellent ordering of numbers!
Can you count how many butterflies there are?
Concentration in progress ...
The finished model!
Great painting skills
He is beautiful!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Week 2

Your pictures are amazing!  Well done everyone for putting in so much effort!  I hope you are enjoying the activities!
Fantastic repeating pattern Mia!
Up and over, down and under pre writing patterns
Sorting healthy and not so healthy food
Super colouring skills Georgie
Great work!  Kenny is gorgeous!
Painting fun in the sun!
Watching for changes
Keep watering!
I pad number fun
Well done Georgie, you cracked it!
Sorting healthy food

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Week 1

Favourite foods
Noah is looking after caterpillars at home
Pattern hunting
Making a repeating pattern

A fabulous reading of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Mia

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An amazing version of "A Tiny Caterpillar on a Leaf" song

Still image for this video
Bike riding fun.
Patterns in the sand.
Gorgeous rainbows of hope and happiness
Great idea to be outside but safe from the sun!
Planting in the garden.  I wonder what it will be?
More music with Music in Unison

Making a repeating pattern

Still image for this video

Cracked it! Well done Noah!

Still image for this video
What a busy caterpillar!
Beach fun, making potions and tent time!
Ring games
Splashing time
Don't we look beautiful?  Thank you!

Spring Term Nursery Home Learning Photo-sharing Gallery :). Scroll on down for more added each day!

The family bakery
King of the Forest (School)
Preparing the fire!
Can I have s'more?
Cooking away nicely.
Messy time!
Scooting around
Enjoying a spot of morning PE
Al fresco reading
Tour de Formby
Mr Anderson will be proud
Purposeful writing (planning Alan's next lesson)
Awesome trampoline!
Beautiful (three eyed, but hey?) butterfly
Super ordering and counting out
O is for orange!
Beautiful rainbow!
Teaching letter shapes (loving the goggles!)
Making hair style choices
Strike a pose!
An amazing elephant picture
Look Mr Anderson! Watering our potato plants!
Decorating Easter eggs
It looks beautiful!
Super long ladders
Colouring fun
Great rainbow handwriting
Making yummy Easter nests
Painting our giant paper mâché eggs
Looks like fun!
Growing things
Scrambling in the dunes is so much fun
Super shape sorting
Beautiful butterflies!