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House Captains

House Captains play an important role in the life of Woodlands; they are chosen from Yr6 by members of staff and are regarded as being excellent role models for the rest of the pupils within the school. House Captains often show people around Woodlands, from prospective parents and children at open days to visitors from Sefton, our Local Authority. The major role for House Captains is charity fund-raising. They make decisions as to how we raise money for charities including Children in Need, Comic & Sport Relief, Jospice (a local hospice) and also for Chinchimani Primary School, our link school in Namibia. Over the past few years the House Captains have decided to hold fancy-dress themed days for Children in Need – it’s been wonderful to see the whole school dressed as pirates (2007), aliens & Jedi knights (‘Space’ 2008) and fairies, wizards or white rabbits (‘Magic’ 2009), whilst 2010's theme was 'The Wild West'; 2011 brought 'Fairy Tales' so the school was filled with knights in shining armour, Puss in Boots, Red Riding Hoods & even the odd dragon or two!In 2012 '@ the Movies' brought the stars of the silverscreen (or blu-ray disc) to Woodlands : Darth Vader, James Bond, Things 1 & 2, Indiana Jones, Matilda, Captain America, Velma (from Scooby Doo), Mr Bean - even Marilyn Monroe! 2013 brought pyjamas & onesies to school for the day - there seemed to be an awful lot of children falling asleep in unusual places that day. In 2014 the House Captains settled on the theme of 'holiday': skiers respendant in their goggles & helmets; many Hawaiian shirts brightening up the dull November day; even a couple of children in mosquito net hats ready for safari! 2015 brought a cast of Disney characters to Woodlands for day - from Minnie Mouse to Winnie the Pooh, from Cinderella to Captain Hook! There was a veritable swarm of Tinkerbells - I do believe in fairies, I do, I do...
The Woodlands' Sport Relief Mile has also become something of a biennial tradition, with pupils from YrR to Yr6 cart-wheeling, leap-frogging, jogging or walking to cover the distance however they choose.
At Woodlands we operate a ‘House System’, where every child belongs to Owls, Natterjack Toads, Hedgehogs or Red Squirrels. House points are given to pupils for excellent behaviour, good work or exceptional effort, etc. Each week during Star of the Week assembly the house with the most points will be presented with the House Cup.