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Week beginning 5.1.21

Happy New Year!

This week we are focusing on the Nick Butterworth book 'Percy the park keeper'.

These are suggested activities and writing tasks that you could do with your child at home to keep them inline with what we are teaching in school. We suggest a short 10/15 minute guided task and this could be done each day.


1. Watch the following clip. Discuss what you can hear, see and how you might feel in this weather.

2. Before watching the following clip look at the opening 20 seconds. Can the children predict what they think the story might be about? Ask the children at what time of day they think the story was set (night time). 

Listen to the story 'One Snowy Night'.

3. Write a list of characters/animals from One Snowy Night using CVC words/sounding out phonetically. Say each word before writing and use 'robot arms' to sound out each word.

4. Discuss what we use a park for. Why do we have parks? What can you do in a park?


5. Think about your local park and draw a picture/plan of what you could find there. Is there a playground, tennis court, seats, grassy are or exercise machines? Label the things you have included in your picture.

Week beginning 7.12.20

This week we are focusing on the Julia Donaldson book 'Stick Man'.


1. Read the story and focus on repetitive phrases. Join in with these as it is read.

2. Discuss what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story. 

3. Write a short sentence to explain what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story.

4. Watch the film Stick Man on BBC iplayer. Discuss the setting and structure of the story.

5. Make a list of some of the rhyming words from the story.

Week beginning 16.11.20

This week we are reading and watching 'Winnie the witch'. We are focusing on description of setting and characters. We are encouraging the children to write in simple sentences, rehearsing what they are going to write verbally first.


1. Watch the film about Winnie the Witch

What is the setting? – using clues from the film

Talk about setting – compare to other stories (Room on the Broom)

2. Draw a picture of Winnie's house. Think about what it is like inside and outside. Add labels to parts of the house.

3. Draw a picture of Wilbur the cat and label his features like eyes, nose, legs etc.

4. Use the labels from the previous lesson to verbally compose sentences about Wilbur. Use the 'Tricky word' He to begin the sentences.

5. Watch Korky Paul reading the book in the clip below and then see if any more ideas can be added to the description that was written yesterday. You could write a new description about when Wilbur turned from a black cat to one of many colours.


Wilbur cat images

Week beginning 9.11.20

This week we have been reading the story 'Room on the broom' by Julia Donaldson. 

1. Retell the story in your own words.

2. Look at the picture of the dragon.

3. Think of words to describe what he looks like.

4. Write 3 sentences to describe the dragon.