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Week commencing 16th March

This week we are using positional language to describe where objects are. Focus on language such as on, in, under, on top of, inside, between, next to, over, through.

Hide your teddy around the house and garden and describe where it is. My teddy is under the table...

Draw images to show where you found your teddy and label using the above language.

We have read 'We're going on a bear hunt' and 'Rosie's walk'. These are available on You Tube.

Week commencing 23rd March


In Mathematics this week, we would have been learning to use mathematical names for ‘solid’ 3D shapes and in mathematical terms describe them.  



1. Label 3D shapes around the home and in the garden (cube, cuboid, sphere, cone, pyramid, cylinder)


2. Use objects and shapes to build models. Count and discuss how many and what shapes they have used.


3. Draw models that have been made using shapes. Use junk-modelling boxes and tubes etc to make larger models.


4. Make a tally of shapes they can see around the house. Count the tally’s and find the total.


5. Discuss number of sides, corners, straight and curved edges.  What shape are the faces?


*Don't forget there are plenty of shape activities and PowerPoints on Twinkl 



Week commencing 30th March

1. Make repeating patterns with 2 and 3 units of repeat.


2. Make a shape pattern using 2 different shapes and draw it.


3. Use sweets like smarties or skittles and make a pattern using the colours. You could use Haribo sweets and make a pattern using the hearts, bears, cola bottles, eggs etc. Can you choose 3 things and make a pattern?


4. Take a photo of yourself making patterns and email it to us so we can see how many different patterns you have made.


We will post new ideas on this page when we would have returned after Easter on Monday 20th April. We hope you have a lovely Easter and the Easter bunny brings you some eggs.