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To ensure your child's progression in Maths, we have set a wide range of work using a wide selection of tools. These are as follows:-


Timestables Rockstars

Children should be logging onto TTRS on a daily basis.  The teachers have set up daily sessions for the children to take part in, alongside upcoming battles between classes, year groups and even the school’s houses!     The expectation is that the children should be using TTRS at least 30 minutes daily.


Children have been set tasks on MyMaths for throughout the period of home learning.  Children are expected to complete one task per week. 

Maths home learning grid

Children have been provided with a Maths home learning grid, this has a range of different tasks, some practical and others written.  Children should pick and choose which question they wish to solve each day.  They should ensure that they are choosing a problem they have prior knowledge of, allowing them to revisit areas to consolidate their learning.


Classroom Secrets pack

Children have been set a range of maths problems to complete using a range of mathematical skills.  There are 3 levels to each problem, starting at D (developing) followed by E (expected) and finishing with GD (greater depth).  The children are expected to work through each level of problem, doing a problem a day.  The answers for these problems are provided to ensure that the children are correctly solving the problems.