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Maths Y5

Morning Maths Starters

Last half term, we set some 'Fluent in Five' maths activities to get your maths brains in action before you tackled the maths lessons themselves. This term we know that you are going to enjoy these maths 'Morning Starter' activities too. There is separate slide for each day of the week and the answers can be found by clicking on the 'reveal answer' button.


Every day there is a selection of questions which you can try in any order: place value, fractions, problem solving and reasoning. There may not be a 'reveal answer' button to click for the reasoning question as there will be more than one correct answer.


Have a go, think carefully and enjoy

Morning Maths Starters Powerpoint

Don't forget to look at your MyMaths account for some more maths activities linked to this week's work.