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Spring Newsletter 2 [Friday 15th January]

Dear Parents & Carers


This week saw us have to send our first bubble home from ‘Lockdown School version 2’ due to a pupil testing positive for Covid-19. Our Y5&6 bubble plus 7 members of staff (4 TAs, 2 lunchtime welfare assistants & 1 sports coach) had to isolate for 10 days.


Thank you to the offers of help to provide IT equipment that we’ve had from families across the school – we are very grateful – you have been very kind. Soon, we will be in a position to offer more children the opportunity to have a device to help them access their home learning. We also have access to BT Wi-Fi vouchers to enable pupils access the internet at home – the main issue with these is that Formby does not seem to have good ‘BT Wi-Fi Hotspot’ coverage – you can use their hotspot checker to find out if this would benefit you by entering your postcode at If you would like to request for a voucher, please the school office  (we have a limited amount of vouchers available).


Home learning continues to go from strength to strength; our staff are really impressed with the level of engagement across the school. After a few (not entirely unexpected) hiccups at the start, children, parents & staff seem to be working in unison. Please contact with your child’s teacher if you or your child need any assistance accessing the work. We are aware of the strains & stresses that home learning can put on family life, especially with those of you who are trying to juggle your own work commitments too. We are extremely grateful to the time & effort that our families are putting in to helping their children with their learning. We are very fortunate to have such supportive parents at Woodlands; your attitude exemplifies our school motto: Working Together, Achieving More.


We would be grateful if your children could be up & dressed each morning so they are not still in their pyjamas when they join the Google Meet with their teacher – no, they don’t have to wear uniform!


If you have a child at home who is having to isolate as we have sent their bubble home from school (because of a positive case), please do not bring them on to the school grounds with you when dropping off / picking up the other children in your family.


Personally (I have no inside knowledge), I think we have to be prepared for home learning to continue after February half term. It would be lovely everybody back at school as soon as possible but I think we need to be realistic; this is why it is so important that we make sure our approach to home learning is working as well as possible.


Thank you once again for all the messages of support you have been sending to our staff – they are much appreciated.


Take care

KD Williams



Last word

I nearly got knocked off my bike by a council salt lorry last night.

“You idiot!” I shouted through gritted teeth.