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Summer Newsletter 11 [Friday 2nd July]

Dear Parents & Carers


As you will no doubt be aware, we had to send out Y1&2 bubble home to isolate after a positive case of Covid-19. That means the children of Green, Purple & Yellow classes will have to self-isolate until Saturday 10 July.  Teachers will be settiing home learning through Google Classroom - please support your children to acces this - they have done so well since they returned to school, it would be such a shame for all their hard work to go to waste. Miss Dollery, Miss Morgan & Mrs Chapman will be available each day (through Google Classroom) to guide your children through the remote learning.


We seem to be having an increasing number of dogs being brought on to the school grounds. I’d like to remind everyone that dogs are not allowed on the school site unless they are guide dogs or official assistance/therapy dogs. If a dog is being carried, it is still a dog…


We’re nearing the end of the school year & we are no clearer as to what September will look like in terms of whether the children will be in bubbles at Woodlands. There has been mention in the press of bubbles being replaced by daily testing – but this seemed to be aimed at secondary schools. Since September 2020, we have been operating a system of bubbles where reception & Y1&2 have separate playtimes, lunches, assemblies, etc., likewise, Y3&4 and Y5&6 are on separate timetables. Any whole school assemblies are conducted via Google Meet. Not only does this affect the ‘togetherness’ of the school, it puts strain on teachers, TAs, LWAs & cooks staffing separate breaks & lunchtimes. Hopefully, before the end of this academic year, the government will clarify the situation for both primary & secondary schools.


It will be lovely when we can get back to ‘normal’ schooling. Our Y6 children especially have missed out on so much, from simple things like sitting on the benches during whole school assemblies to not being able to take up their roles as Playground Pals, Sports Leaders or Tech Crew. Their end of year / primary school celebrations have been curtailed. Though, compared to last year we are managing to fit in a range of exciting activities to bring their time at Woodlands to a close: beach school, camping overnight on the school field, a day at Go Outside, a picnic & Leavers’ Disco with DJ Alex on the school field. We are also hoping to stage the first ever WoodFest, a talent showcase on the school field where parents can attend – this is obviously dependent on what government restrictions are in place on the day.


Here’s this week’s nudges to help you start a conversation about your children’s learning.



Our new focus story involves lots of running.

Can you talk about who is being chased & why?

What does the main character say to those who are chasing him?

{Communication & Language}


Reception [Red & Blue]

Can you say which numbers are odd & even from 0 – 10 (or even 0 – 20)?

Is there a pattern?

How do you know if they are odd?



Y1&2 [Green, Yellow & Purple]

What are the four main pints of the compass?

{PE topic: ‘Orienteering’}


Y3&4 [3A, 3/4M & 4G]

Can you name some invertebrates that can be found in & around the school grounds?

{Science topic: ‘Living Things & their Habitats’}


Y5&6 [5D, 5/6P & 6R]

Can you name the four types of pedestrian crossing used in the UK?

{English topic: ‘Information Leaflets’ Geography topic ‘Field Study’}


This week, only one class achieved 100% in their attendance this week – congratulations to Red Class. Our overall attendance for this week has dropped sharply to 94.8% which, considering it doesn’t include the children isolating, is really poor.


We had 6 classes who had no late marks this week: Blue Class, Yellow Class, 3/4M, 4G, 5D & 5/6P. There were only 5 late marks across the whole school.


I’d like to finish with an extract from an email I received this week from a person not connected to Woodlands. I think the words speak for themselves…

Dear Mr Williams

I would like to say how well-mannered and compassionate your children are. 

I was walking passed the school grounds on Wednesday, taking my dog for a walk, and one of your young boys said how nice my dog was!  It's not just that he complimented my dog but it was the way he communicated that I thought was interesting.

Also, an older boy was crying and 2 girls came straight over to see if he was alright and if he needed anything.

Then today, when I was walking passed, the younger children were running around the grounds and the staff were so encouraging with the story of the fox chasing the Gingerbread Man! 

I have just moved to Formby and I was a Learning Mentor in a primary school for 20 years.  This was the kind of ethos we were trying to instil in our school. 

I realise all schools have difficulties at one stage or another and there is a lot of criticism at times, I thought therefore, that credit where credit is due and decided to write to tell you that it warmed my heart to hear and see this empathy being exercised.


I hope you have a good weekend.


Take care

KD Williams


Last word

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