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Exploring seasonal changes in forest schools.


What changes can you find?

Tap, tap, tap to the beat.


We have been exploring the different sounds that objects make. We have also been playing musical instruments to different Nursery rhymes.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF


During space week, we have investigated space and the planet we live on. 

We have started Forest schools and have been exploring the copse today. We had so much fun!

All about me!


This half term's topic is All about me! To start off our topic we have been looking at ourselves in the mirror to look at our facial features. The children have been creating beautiful paintings of themselves. 

Welcome to Nursery 2021


We are so excited to meet our new Nursery children this week and welcome back those who were previously with us.


Pictures below, are of all the fun that we have been having so far! 



Week beginning 19th July 2021


Well, I really can't believe I am actually writing to say thank you and goodbye.  I have had a wonderful time during my 13 years at Woodlands and will miss you all very much.  It has been amazing to be involved with such lovely families and wish you all the luck for the future.


Thank you FOWSA for my MUFTI day last week, I absolutely love to dress up and hadn't a turn for ages!


I have been truly blessed with fabulous staff to support me through all my time here and could not have done my job without you.


I absolutely adore my bespoke leavers shirt from the children.  It is awesome! Thank you for the lovely art work for my new office too!


Thank you to all the Nursery parents for all your kind gifts and messages of support for my future.  I would love to see you at Kingsley and Co if you would like to come and visit me!


Mrs Jones

Week beginning 12th July 2021


We have been talking about how well the England team played in the Euro 2020, even though we are sad we didn't win.  We talked about how it is always important to try our best, just like they did, and we are very proud of them for getting to the final.


We had already been playing aiming games outdoors using the beanbags and hoops.  This week we were inspired by the penalties so Mr Anderson took us into the big hall to have a go at shooting at the goal.  We were brilliant!  Come on Nursery!


We have all absolutely loved having a mufti day on a Tuesday (especially Mrs Jones-thank you FOWSA!) and everyone has made such a fantastic effort.  Well done Nursery children, parents and staff! Here we are in all our initial sound glory!

Week beginning 5th July

The Gingerbread Man has been keeping us very busy indeed!  We used our huge chalk in our Nursery garden to make ourselves into Gingerbread men!

We have been making our fingers strong for writing by threading our Gingerbread Men.

Week beginning 28th June


Our last focus story of this school year is The Gingerbread Man.  The children are absolutely loving it! We are joining in with the repeated parts and getting to know the story really well by playing at being The Gingerbread Man outside, running away from all the people that want to eat us!


We thought it would be a good idea to try and protect The Gingerbread Man so we decided to build enclosures so no-one can eat him!  We talked about the shapes we used and why.  Some were more successful than others!

Week beginning 21st June


This week in Forest School we decided to investigate "changes".  We have noticed that the weather is much warmer and there have been lots of changes taking place as the plants are all growing.

Miss Roberts has been teaching us about keeping safe on the road.  It is very important for us to know what to do when crossing roads.  We have been using our fantastic new road markings to help us!  We must stop, listen, look in both directions to see if there is anything coming, check again and only then we can cross.

Week beginning 14th June

We had a mission to complete one day this week.  Our tiger, Tom had escaped!  A neighbour rang to say they had seen him on the field so we had to go out hunting for him.  Luckily we knew that cats like climbing trees so we set off on our adventure to the copse as we thought he might be there.  Phew!  As you can see, we found him stuck up a tree! Poor Tom needed a rest after that!

We decided to keep Tom occupied a little more after his adventure this week so we taught him how to play a new game in our garden.  We thought up a game where we had to aim beanbags into hoops.  He loved it! So did we!

Week beginning 7th June 2021


We hope you all had a wonderful half term break and are looking forward to our last few weeks together.  The next few weeks will be focusing on one the all time classic stories: The Tiger Who Came to Tea.  We hope you enjoy it!

Mr Inskip told us about a wonderful surprise he had during the holidays.  We have a Mummy Duck and her 12 ducklings sheltering in our Junior Quad.  We went to have a look at them to see how they were doing.  They love the hose being put on and splashing in the water!

We worked hard on our fine motor pencil control by trying to follow the tiger stripes carefully

Week beginning 24th May

We have been filling our magic porridge pots in lots of ways this week!  In the Maths area, we filled them up using lots of different shapes and explored how different shapes could be fit inside in different ways.  We used lots of shape and capacity language, such a circle, square, triangle, full, over full.

This week we had a go at playing on the i pads one afternoon.  We were very careful and listened to our instructions well. 

To complete our wonderful focus book, we decided to make our own magic pots.  We used clay to make thumb pots and listened carefully to the instructions.  Sometimes it was a bit tricky, but we all tried really hard.  Afterwards we painted them, don't they look brilliant!?


I wonder what you would wish for in yours?

Week beginning 17th May

We thoroughly enjoyed taking our imaginations outside and exploring during our Forest School session.  We were given the task of finding our own magic wands!  Here are some of the things we chose.

I wonder what you would do with your magic wand?  Have a think and talk to your grown up.

One day we experimented by making our own potions as some of the children were fascinated by magic pots.  We added special safe dye to a mixture of water and milk and watched the colours marble around the dish.  It looked beautiful as the colours mixed and swirled around each other.

We are thoroughly enjoying our story and getting to know the characters and the main parts really well.  We thought very carefully and talked about what food we would choose for our magic pot to cook all the time if we had one.  

What would you choose?

Week beginning 10th May 2021


Welcome to the story of The Magic Porridge Pot.  We are reading a ladybird version of this traditional tale every day in order to get to know the story really well.


We have been in the Junior Hall to do our Physical activity this week which has been super exciting too.  We had to take our jumpers off so we didn't get too hot and sweaty and talked about how we can feel our heart beating faster as we move in lots of different ways.  We all had to have a cool drink of water afterwards to help us to keep hydrated.


We investigated writing letters from our name in the beautiful coloured sand using our fingers and the end of a paintbrush.  Have a look at the lovely photographs below.  We are getting so good!

Some additional outdoor toys were added to our garden for us to explore.  Among other things we have loved role playing with the telephone to encourage communication and the steering wheel has taken us on lots of adventures!  The water and paintbrushes have developed our gross motor skills as we have been painting anti clockwise circles and lines from top to bottom.

Week beginning 3rd May 2021


This is the last week of our Rosie's Walk adventure.  We have been progressing our way towards making a map of Rosie's Farm over the last few weeks.  The first week we took our pens or chalk for a walk, the second week we thought about where our walk should start and finish, and so this week we are plotting the main parts of the setting and drawing our own maps.  The children have tried so hard and we are very proud of them.





We enjoyed being creative with different media and textures and have explored using a variety of materials to make our own chickens from the story.

We had a very windy day on Tuesday so in the morning we investigated what happened to the crepe paper streamers if we took them outside.  In the afternoon we made our own ribbon streamers to continue our learning about changes.

Week beginning 26.4.21


We have all been settling into our new space brilliantly.  We love our new Nursery classroom and Nursery garden so much.  We have much more room to play and the new children are being shown the ropes by the existing Nursery crew.  The new children are settling well and getting to know our routines.  Thank you for your ongoing support.


Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins is our focus book for a few weeks.  The children are getting to know the story, the characters and are enjoying reading and exploring the book in different ways.


We have been telling our own number stories using props from the story, collaging using feathers and taking our pens and chalk for a walk like Rosie.  We have been learning how to use positional language, such as on top, across, over, behind etc. by playing hide and seek with the fox from the story.

Welcome to our new Nursery classroom!

Week beginning 15th March 2021


We have had lots of fun this week beginning our new focus theme of Easter.  We have been sharing the story "We're Going on an Egg Hunt" which is similar to "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".  Ask the children what the animal characters find at the end!


We have been getting crafty making some Ester decorations to come home next week.  The girls and boys have been having a really good try at developing their cutting skills by cutting around an egg shape.  This can be very tricky and they all tried so hard.  Please have a go at doing some cutting at home.  The more we practise this skill, the better we become.


We have been listening really carefully for the first sounds we can hear in words and playing i spy, while also continuing to develop our rhyming skills too.  We have tried to spot the odd word out, e.g. cat, mat, dog, rat.  You could try playing that at home or while walking to school.


Our Forest Schools session in the copse had us hunting for more signs of Spring.  We all noticed that there were many more daffodils than last week!  There were more buds on the plants and the leaves have started to unfurl.  What changes can you see taking place in your garden or on your walk to Nursery?


Here are some photographs showing what we have been up to this week.  Enjoy. 



Welcome back everyone! 8th March 2021


It has been a delight to welcome back the Nursery children who have been in so far this week.  They have settled back into our routines brilliantly, been playing together, talking to one another, tidying up and sharing so nicely.  


We went to the copse to have a hunt to see if we could spot any signs of Spring.  We certainly did!  We spotted daffodils, snowdrops, crocus and lots of little tiny buds on some of the trees and bushes.  See if you have any signs of Spring in your garden or on your way to and from Nursery.  Talk together about the changes that are taking place.

Week beginning 30th November 2020


As the famous song goes..."It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."


Here at Woodlands Nursery we have been finishing off our last week of Goldilocks and the Three Bears learning this week while beginning to set up for a fabulous few weeks of Christmas type activities.  You might find there aren't as many photographs on the website for a few weeks as we will be like busy little elves getting ready for Christmas.


We hope you enjoyed receiving our own painted bears and the amazing stick puppets we made in the workshop.  We are getting better at remembering to wipe the glue on the side of the tub so we don't get sticky glue dribbles everywhere!


We have been learning about size and using lots of different size language throughout this story.  Mr Anderson took everyone to the copse to hunt for big, middle sized and small sticks for our forest school session.  Try to encourage children to use alternative words for size too, such as gigantic, humungous, tiny  in order to further their mathematical language development.


We have talked a little about advent and how there are lots of ways of counting down to Christmas.  We will be continuing to learn about the ways that families get ready for Christmas, and how some ways are the same and others are different to our own.


Take care everyone and enjoy the build up to this very special time of year.

Week beginning 23rd November 2020


Another wonderful week!  The children are getting to know each other much better now and are getting along really well.  Lots of the girls and boys are able to put their coats on and take them off by themselves which is super for being able to get busy outside quickly when Mr Anderson is ready for them.  Thank you so much for helping the children to become independent in this way.  

The children are getting to be experts at snack time too.  They understand how important it is to go to the toilet and wash their hands thoroughly before helping themselves to fruit and a snack to keep themselves safe from germs.  Did you know the children are also washing up their bowls by themselves too?  They are doing an amazing job!


We are getting absolutely brilliant at making circles using the anticlockwise movement.  We had another this go this week, using paintbrushes and water outside and also drawing our favourite character from our focus story.  Some of the children chose to draw one of the bears and others chose Goldilocks.  These pictures are jazzing up our Nursery walls.  Practise makes perfect!  

Why not have a go at home?  Gloop is always a good idea for some sensory play.  Tip some cornflour to a shallow tray, e.g. a tea tray and add a drop water and food colouring if you wish to.  Use your finger to make the anticlockwise circles on the tray!  The gloop might feel funny on your fingers at first but its good fun!

 We watched some video footage of real bears moving in different ways and decided we would like to be bears too.  Here we are trying out some bear crawling techniques on our super hill!  Bear crawling up a hill is great for exercising our core muscles.  Could you do some bear crawling at home?

2d Shape Pictures


We invited the children to make a picture of a character from the story or something else entirely if they wished to using the shapes.  Being able to talk about shapes is a really important part of learning about shape and space so we asked the children why they picked the shapes they chose.  There were some really good thoughts behind their choices.  Some children are beginning to name the common shapes too which is great.

Week beginning 16th November 2020


Hello there everyone!  We have had a wonderful start to the week with the introduction of our new focused classic book Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


The week started with a big wow! as some of us wore our odd socks to Nursery on Monday to recognise that each of us are unique individuals.  It is anti-bullying week this week and we have been focusing on being good friends with kind hands, feet and words in Nursery.

Odd socks!

It was an extremely blustery and windy day on Monday too so we got out the ribbon streamers to watch what happens to them in the wind.
Our new pre-handwriting pattern is anti-clockwise circles.  They are super for drawing bears with!  We encourage the children to make circles in an anti-clockwise direction as this helps tremendously when they are ready for that all important learning of writing letter shapes.  Lots of letters use anticlockwise circles such as c, o, d, g, and if the children are used to drawing patterns in that way it is much easier for them.  Maybe you could try drawing anti-clockwise circles at home on paper, or use chalk outside on the floor.
We had an extra snack time one afternoon to try some delicious porridge.  Miss Roberts cooked it to perfection and (most of!) the children enjoyed tasting it.  Maybe you could have porridge for breakfast one day at home?  There are lots of tasty toppings you could choose from to make it extra yummy.  Look carefully at the porridge oats before they are cooked and then afterwards.  How have they changed?  What has made them change?  Talk about this with your grown ups.
We continued the anti-clockwise theme in the tuff spot with some sensory play.  The children thoroughly enjoyed making other shapes with their fingers too.
Mr Anderson took the children out for a Forest School session where they made their own fireworks using leaves!  Aren't they beautiful?

We added some enhancements to the puzzle area to reflect our new book.  Matching pairs anyone?


The children and I talked about the fact that we felt a bit sorry for Goldilocks as she didnt seem to have her own bed to sleep in.  The construction area gave us lots of opportunities to make new beds for all the characters.  We talked about how they had to be not too big, not too small, but just the right size. Maybe you could use your construction toys at home to build something?  Could you make a new chair for baby bear as his has broken?  We would love to see a photo!

Week beginning 9th November 2020


Hello everyone!  We have two special days planned this week.  We will be remembering and saying thank you to the fallen ones on the 11th and taking part in Children in Need fund raising and activities on Friday 13th.


 Check back later to see some photographs of how we got on!


We have been practising our cutting skills this week in the workshop and have been trying hard to cut strips of brightly coloured red, orange, yellow and brown paper for our bonfire display.  It would be great if you could have a go at cutting at home too.  Remember to keep your thumb at the top!


The Little Red Hen story has proved very popular and we have been learning how to use the pictures to tell the story ourselves.  Ask your children if they can tell you the story in their own words.  I wonder how much they can remember?


We have been using some videos made by Tesco to learn about the changes that take place to an ear of corn in order for it to eventually turn into a yummy loaf of bread.  I wonder if the children can remember?  To jog their memories I have set them a challenge this week, but they will need your help please!  I asked them to ask their grown ups if they would help them make a little bread roll at home or even a loaf of bread if you are feeling confident!  Here is a simple recipe below if you want to give it a try.  We can't wait to see your results.

Please help us to support Children in Need on Friday by coming to school suitably dressed for our theme "Under the sea" (or on, near by, close to... :)) for a donation of £1.  We shall be taking part in some related activities too.


Thank you for your on going support.

Week beginning 2nd November 2020


We do hope you all had a wonderful break with lots of sleep over half term and are ready for more fun at Nursery this Autumn.


Our next focus book is "The Little Red Hen" but we will also be finding out more about the Autumn season and the special days it brings.  Thank you so much to Emilia's mom who bought in some squashes and pumpkins and a variety of orange coloured fruits for us to explore in our tuff spot.  The children loved looking, touching and describing what they could see and feel.  We added golf tees and mallets to support our physical development too.  Have a look below at what we got up to.