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Week commencing Monday 13th July


This week the children are to think about how the different dinosaurs move and come up with their own dinosaur dance. We would love to see them so please don’t forget to send them in.

Monday 6th July


This week the children can learn ’The Dinosaur Dance’.  Pay particular attention to the moves because next week the children will be making up their own dance.

Week Commencing 29th June


This week have fun with Cosmic Yoga.

Week commencing 22nd June


This weeks focus will be on ball skills.  Can you complete the challenges below?


Challenge 1: Throw the ball in the air and catch it and then bounce it and catch it.  How many times can you do this before you lose control of the ball?


Challenge 2: Ask someone to throw, kick, roll or bounce a soft ball at you.  Can you think of different ways to stop the ball?


Challenge 3: Can you use the ball in different ways?  Can you kick, roll, throw, and bounce the ball?  You could set up objects to practise moving around using the different skills.  

Week commencing 15th June

This week is all about moving around like a dinosaur. You could use the cards/resources below or even make up your own movements.

Dinosaur movement cards

Week commencing 8th June


This week we are continuing with our animal theme and thought it would be fun for your child to explore some different animal movements.  Challenge your child to move like an animal by calling an animal name for them to move like Do they move fast or slow? Do they slither or walk?.  You may wish to add music and make up your own animal dance.



Week Commencing 1st June 

Our new topic this term is pets so this week P.E is a Cosmic Yoga story about Parsnip the Cat.

Week Commencing 18th May


Whilst this weeks topic work is all about a fairytale ball, this week we will be looking at learning some tricks with a different kind of ball... a football! Please watch the 'Footy Pups' episode on the link below.  Can you perform any of the tricks? 

Week Commencing 11th May

The weather looks good again for next week so we have set an outdoor challenge tor you.  Inspired by Mrs Fortune's obstacle course for the key worker children, this week's challenge is to create an exciting obstacle course to enhance your child's development in numerous areas such as; balance, coordination, strength and endurance. Please make it as fun and enjoyable as you can! We would love to see  your child (or you) complete the course so please send us any pictures or videos and we will put them on the Home Learning Photos page.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Week Commencing 4th May


For P.E this week, we have added a Cosmic Yoga session for the children to enjoy.  Have fun!

Week Commencing 27th April


This week we have received some lovely pictures of a child with his Mr Men and Little Miss books.  This year we have enjoyed lots of Mr Men and Little Miss books in school.  Can they remember who the author is?  This week's P.E activity has a Mr Men and Little Miss theme. Hopefully the sun will stay with us long enough for you to enjoy it outside!


  • Give the children the name of a character and they pretend to be that character.


          *Miss Rush - Move fast                   

          *Mr Muddle - Walk backwards

          *Miss Small - Crouch down and move

         * Mr Tall - Stretch up tall and move

          *Mr Strong - Flex your muscles

          *Mr Jelly - Shake your body


  • Why not try coming up with your own Mr Men and Little Mrs characters and actions?

Week commencing 20th April


  • Try playing the BEAN game at home or in the garden.
  • If an adult or older child calls out the instruction the younger members can do the actions...
  • JUMPING BEAN. Jump around the room.
  • RUNNER BEAN. Run around the room (looking out for other people).
  • BROAD BEAN. Stretch your arms and legs out as wide as you can.
  • BAKED BEAN. Lay on the floor in a ball shape until the next command is given.
  • JELLY BEAN. Wobble about like jelly.
  • CHILLI BEAN. Pretend to be cold and rub your arms.
  • FROZEN BEAN. Keep very, very still!

Have fun and enjoy!

Cosmic Yoga

In school we often enjoy Cosmic Yoga.  There are lots of different sessions on You Tube including 'Spiderman' and 'Frozen'.  We find that the children really enjoy it.  Below is a link for a session which tells the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' but please have a look for sessions that you feel your child will enjoy.



P.E with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is a fitness coach.  Each morning at 9am Joe is doing a live workout for children on You Tube. Below is Monday mornings session.  Just in case you missed it.