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Physical Development 1.2.21

Indoor fun games.

This week we have based the physical activities around fun games that involve taking turns and following instructions as well as keeping fit!

Activity 1

Indoor tennis

Today you could try playing indoor tennis. You will need a paper plate or cut out a cardboard circle and add a handle to make a racket. You may want to make 2 so that you can play a game! You will also need a balloon.

See how many times you can hit it up to yourself or to each other. You could try keeping score and see who is the winner!

Indoor Tennis

Activity 2

Play skittles using juice/plastic bottles.

Today we would like you to image that you are going ten-pin-bowling! You will need a few empty plastic bottles and you could even number them too. You will also need a ball or something you can roll to knock them over.

Play a game of skittles rolling the ball to see how many you can knock over. You could also incorporate some addition or take-away skills into this too.

Indoor Skittles

You could also use your skittles to play hide and seek. Hide them around your house and see how many you can find. You could use a timer and see how many you can find in 1 minute or 2 minutes. You may want to use one of the timers below to make the game more fun!

Activity 3

Balancing and moving activity

Today it’s gymnastics! Use masking tape to create different lines on the floor; straight, zig-zag or curved. Pretend it is a balance beam and walk along, jump along, hop along. Maybe jump over, hop from one side to the other. See how many different ways you can find to travel and move.


Activity 4

‘Baked bean’ game

This is an activity that involves listening skills as well as actions. An adult will need to call out the type of ‘bean’ and once the children become familiar with the associated action they should become quicker and more confident.

Instructions to call out

String bean – stretch up as high as you can.

Broad bean – make yourself as wide as you can.

Runner bean – run on the spot.

Jumping bean – jump on the spot.

Jelly bean – shake your whole body like jelly.

Baked bean – curl up in a ball and say ‘Phew!’

Beans on toast – lie flat on the floor.

Activity 5

Roll the dice fitness challenge

The final game of the week is a fitness challenge! Again it involves the children listening and completing each action. You will need a dice to play this game. Roll the dice and follow the instructions. This interactive dice may add a bit of random fun to the session!

Roll 1-do 1 jump

Roll 2- touch the floor 2 times

Roll 3- sit down and stand up 3 times

Roll 4- hop on 1 leg 4 times

Roll 5- do 5 star jumps

Roll 6- run on the spot for 6 seconds

We hope that you have enjoyed the fun games that we have suggested for you to do this week.