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We have had a few cardigans go missing. Please could you check the labels of any that you have at home and return to school if they are not yours. Many thanks.

Week beginning 18th October

This week we are continuing to focus on Elmer stories. We will be reading and watching an animated version of 'Elmer and the Rainbow'. We will be mixing colours, painting and exploring what happens to colours when we add white. We are learning songs about rainbows and adding actions and movements to the songs. We will be going on a colour hunt around the school.

You could go on a colour hunt around your house and find things that are red, yellow, green and blue.


We are also joining in with the whole school book focus on 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers. We are thinking about who we are, where we live and what earth is like.

The children have shown a real interest in this story so far.

You could try talking to your child about the 2 parts that the planet is basically made of; land and sea. You could discuss things that live on the land and in the sea. We are going to be making lists and drawing pictures about this next week.

In mathematics we are continuing our work about subitising numbers to 5 and investigating the numbers up to 3. 

You could try finding 3 objects the same, spotting the number 3 in your environment and grouping objects into 3's.


On Monday afternoon we became scientists and explored what happened when we added warm water to skittles as part of our topic on colour. We predicted what might happen and then observed the process, evaluating what happened at the end. We had lots of super language opportunities and used describing words to say what it looked like. 

We have had a lot of fun exploring colour this week after reading Elmer stories and singing songs about rainbows. We have mixed colours to paint our own elephants for a parade and also to make colour wheels.

Week beginning 11th October

This week we will be reading the book 'Elmer' by David McKee. We will be focusing on feelings, discussing what happens next and participating in lots of activities linked to colour. We will be mixing colours to investigate what happens. 

At home you could look around and identify different colours and also look outdoors to see how the colours of trees and plants are changing in Autumn. 

In mathematics we are subitising which involves recognising visual patterns and small quantities without having to count. We will also be using the language one more and one less.

Some easy activities to complete at home could simply be asking the children how many items are in a small pile of no more than 5.

We loved listening to the story 'Elmer'. 

We have extended our vocabulary by learning the meaning of 3 new words that we discovered in the story.

Herd               Parade                      Patchwork

We have enjoyed lots of creative activities using squares of paper to make patchwork 'Elmers'.

We have been trying to retell the story verbally using small world animals.

You could ask your child to retell the story to you at home.

We have also been linking the theme of Elmer and colour to the season of autumn. We have been looking closely at leaves and how they change. We have also used wax crayons to do leaf rubbings in autumnal colours.

We love making phonics fun so this week we played 'splat the sound'. The children were very quick to recognise the sounds. We are getting really good at saying the phonetic sounds for each letter.

You could help at home by watching the first few sounds on the Jolly Phonics video below. We have done s a t p i n m d g o c k so far.


During P.E this week we had great fun with the parachute. We worked as a team, listened to instructions and took turns.

Week beginning 4th October

This week we will be learning about feelings after reading the book 'Super Me' by Kieron Jackson. We will be talking about different feelings and when we feel happy, sad, scared and worried.

You can help at home by talking about things you do as a family that make your child feel happy or sad. You could also talk about when they feel excited or scared.

In mathematics we are looking at pattern. We will be identifying and making our own patterns using colours, shapes and objects.

At home you could try using food or toys to make repeating patterns.

After reading our book 'Super Me' we talked about how the character was brave when he was wearing a mask. We made our own superhero masks. We chose what colours and materials we would like to use. We then spent the day being brave and super in lots of ways. We were very imaginative in our play when we were wearing our masks.

Can you guess the superheroes?

We used vegetables to paint repeating patterns.

Our phonics sessions have been focusing on the sounds n and m. To help us to write these letters we have also been making m shaped patterns using chalk and paint. Look at our super work!

At home you could play I spy but only use things beginning with n and m to help your child to hear and identify the initial sound.

We are looking at signs of Autumn. We have looked at pinecones and conkers and had lots of fun throwing helicopters in the air.

You could go on an Autumn walk and collect some items for our display.

Week beginning Monday 27th September

Thank you to everyone who came to our information evening on Wednesday 22nd September. Just a reminder that P.E. will take place every Tuesday and Friday from this week onwards. Children are to come to school in their kits and we will get them changed into trainers or pumps. Please send pumps into school in a small bag that can be hung up on their peg for the rest of this half term. Also a reminder to send in labelled wellies and waterproof suits as we will be starting 'outdoor learning' sessions on Wednesday.

This week we are using the language 'more' and 'fewer' in mathematics. We are using our hands to grab handfuls of objects and then count them on a ten frame. We are focusing on touch counting.

You could try helping at home by counting different handfuls of objects. You could use toys, pasta, sweets or any other small objects. Try turning it into a game to see who can grab the most.


Our topic is 'Super Me' and this week we are reading the book 'What makes me a me'. We are going to be talking about our families, who we live with and where we live. We are going to be engaging in lots of creative activities including drawing and painting our families. We will be encouraging the children to talk about what they have drawn and painted.

You may want to discuss and encourage language associated with your family like parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins.

We have started our phonics sessions and are trying to form our letters correctly. We have learnt the sounds s a t p. Reading books will be sent home with the children on Monday. We would like you to read these books at home with your child and fill in the reading diary. 

We love the children to help us plan our learning and this week they came up with the idea of making family albums. Some of the children made their own books using independent cutting and sticking skills. They also used mark making and writing skills to name their family members and draw pictures. They were really proud of their achievements. Well done!

You could look through an album at home and discuss how your child has changed since they were a baby. Please could you send in a baby photo so that we can continue our discussions about ourselves and how we have grown and changed.

Week beginning Monday 20th September

This week we have been learning all about our homes. We have used language to describe the different parts and rooms in our house. We have painted our homes using suitable colours and talked about the shapes and sizes of doors, windows and the roof. We have listened to a story called 'In every house on every street' by Jess Hitchman.


On Friday 24th September our School council organised an 'Odd Socks' day to raise money for childhood cancer research. The children had fun comparing their socks and we talked about why we were fundraising.

All week we have been encouraging the children to become super independent learners and access lots of different areas of provision. We have been talking to the children about what they are doing, why they are choosing the areas and promoting speaking and listening opportunities. We are really getting to know them as individuals and embedding classroom routines. They have all become so much more confident and independent. well done Blue and Red class.

Week beginning Monday 13th September

We are really looking forward to Thursday when the children will be able to tackle an assault and develop their physical gross motor skills. It is an opportunity for them to experience a large inflatable course with 'Go Outside'. Please can the children wear their outdoor PE kits, including tracksuit bottoms, to school. Children will only be allowed on the course if parental permission has been given.

This week we have been developing our gross and fine motor skills. We have been using the 'Trim Trail' to travel, jump, balance and climb. It also involved us listening and following rules and taking turns.

We have been developing our fine motor skills too. Using a variety of materials we decorated our own names by cutting, gluing and sticking. It also helped us to recognise our names and make choices about the materials we used.

Welcome to Reception 2021-2022 

Our First Week

This week, we have had a wonderful first few days exploring and investigating our new classrooms and outdoors. We are super proud of the way they have settled into their new setting and beginning to follow the daily routines. We have spent a lot of time getting to know each other and making new friends. We look forward to all the children being together full-time from Monday and staying for Holly's delicious lunches.

Here are a few photographs of the children engaging in their provision and activities. Please could you make sure that trainers have been sent in to school (labelled) so we can start the mile run next week (Tuesday 14th September). We look forward to meeting you for our Parent Information Evening on Wednesday 22nd September at 15:30 when we will talk to you in more detail about the curriculum, PE, activities and the general day to day organisation of Reception.


Welcome to Reception 2021

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Week beginning 14.7.21

This week we had our sports day. We spent the morning throwing javelins, jumping over hurdles, Aiming and throwing balls and beanbags into a hoop and competing in different kinds of races. We had individual events and team games. We all completed the activities and had a fun time doing so!

Week beginning 5.7.21

Ahoy there Matey!

This week we have continued to learn about pirates. We have been making our own treasure maps using grids and talking through the journey we would make if we visited a treasure island using the words first, then, next and finally.

We have been using 'Talk for writing' and improving our speaking and communication skills.

We have been using play dough to make treasure islands with lots of shiny materials.

We have investigated shiny materials from a treasure chest that are magnetic, finding out if they stick to the magnets or not.

In mathematics we have been measuring snakes made from ribbons and pipe cleaners. We ordered them and then measured them using cubes. We used language like long, longer and longest. We also cut out pirate trhemed pictures and put them in order from smallest to biggest.

We found a message in a bottle telling us all about Blackbeard's famous hidden treasure. During Forest Schools we set sail on our pirate ship to Skull Island. We followed the instructions on the letter crossing the old bony bridge, creeping through the dark cave and even climbing a mountain. 

Week Beginning 28.6.21

This week, the children have been introduced to our new topic 'Pirates'. We have been very busy walking the plank, drawing and designing our own treasure maps and being creative making parrots. On Wednesday, Pirate Pete delivered a letter to school to ask the children to draw a map of the copse area so he could locate the hidden treasure. We have had lots of fun so far. 

Walking the Plank

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Balancing skills

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We learned to walk the plank, concentrating on our balancing skills.

We painted a large treasure map with sand and paint.

Blue Class talking like pirates

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We looked at how pirates talked and some of the language that they used. We tried it for a day!

We have been looking at treasure maps. We received a letter from a pirate called Pete who needed us to draw him a map of the copse.

The pirates left a chest full of treasure and jewellery. The children used magnets to investigate if any of the treasure was magnetic. 

We have had a great time learning 'Tricky' words, CCVC and CVCC words. We had to find words hidden in our pirate provision areas and then make a sentence from them. We solved all the puzzles!

Fantastic team work Blue Class!

We have decorated our classroom with our hand made bunting!

Look at our pirate pet parrots. We used paper plates, feathers, paint and crepe paper to make them. They look so colourful flying around our classroom!

Week beginning 21.6.21

We started this week with a big explosion and a real 'WOW' moment for the children. Watch the clips below to see and share our excitement.

Volcano explosion

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We used the paper mache volcano that we have been making over the past 2 weeks to conduct an experiment. The children predicted what might happen.


Still image for this video

Conducting an experiment

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We watched how bicarbonate of soda and vinegar reacted.

We wrote some amazing recounts of what happened during our experiment.

This week, we have been reflecting on our favourite topics and memories in reception. We loved looking through our Learning Journeys to find our highlights of the year. 


We made a dinosaur swamp using mud, twigs, leaves and sticks. We had so much fun! When we had finished, we played with the dinosaurs in the swamp.



We have been talking about we can earn money. We have got a jar in our classroom and we are earning pennies for doing jobs around our Reception area. We are talking about how we save money in 'piggy' banks and other money boxes. We discussed when we receive money for different occasions like birthdays and even a visit from the tooth fairy. In class we have been exploring using 1p coins to buy items and exchanging these for 2p, 5p and 10p coins when we have a larger amount. 

Money week in Reception

We linked our story 'The girl and the dinosaur' to a famous female fossil hunter from the past called Mary Anning. We talked about her role as a paleontologist and how she found some of the first fossils of sea creatures. We drew a portrait of her and our teachers were amazed by our pencil control and attention to detail!

Mary Anning portraits

We talked about how fossils are made and then used salt dough to make our own dinosaur fossils. Can you guess which dinosaurs they are?

We used art straws to create a dinosaur skeleton. Can you guess the dinosaurs?

Week beginning 14.6.21

This week we have been choosing and using lots of different materials to make our own Jurassic world pictures. We talked about what it would have looked like when the dinosaurs were living there millions of years ago. Can you spot the volcanos and plains, plants and trees?

This is our 'Dinosaur Stomp' song and actions. We loved joining in with 'Boogie Beebies'

Dino Stomp

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Dino Stomp

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Song and actions

We have been reading a lovely story called 'The girl and the dinosaur' by Hollie Hughes and Sarah Massini. It has given us so much inspiration and ideas that we have planned our own stories in pictures with a beginning, middle and ending. Next week we will be writing about our pictures to create a narrative story.

Here are some of our lovely story plans.

Story Plans

When we grow up we would like to be paleontologists and search for dinosaur bones. We have had a great time hammering, scraping and brushing away the block to find the fossils.

In mathematics we have been using our doubling skills to find halve and share out dinosaurs between the two volcanos.

We have been having a messy but fun time using newspaper to make a paper mache volcano model. We are hoping to paint it and use it in our small world area.

As we approach the end of our time in Reception we have been looking at our 'Learning Journey's' and talking about what we have enjoyed doing and what we have become really good at during the year. We made choices about our favourite activities and explained why we liked them so much.

This week we have been playing games during our phonics sessions to consolidate our knowledge of CVCC words. We loved taking turns and sounding out the words before we moved the counters. 

Week beginning 8.6.21

What a start to this half of the summer term!

The week has been filled with fun facts about dinosaurs. The children have been really engaged and done so many wonderful activities from painting to modelling and paper mache volcano creations. 

Here are a few images to show you how focused we all were during our first few days this term.

Week Beginning 17.5.21

This week we have been using junk modelling materials to build, make and then paint our own emergency services vehicles. We used different techniques to join the materials together including glue, tape and folding.

In our creative area we focused on designing, drawing and painting emergency vehicles.

We sorted emergency vehicles into the past and present. We talked about the pictures on the smart board before we sorted them using the interactive tool. We looked at the shape of the vehicles, the colour, the sirens and lights before we sorted them. We were fantastic at this activity!

The highlight of the week in Blue Class was doing 'Pen Disco'. We concentrated on circular patterns and pencil grip. We couldn't resist a boogie at the end!


Still image for this video

During Forest Schools we used mud to create our own trolls. We had to mould the mud carefully into shape and then we used natural objects that we found in our copse to create the hair and facial features.

This week we have used lots of different construction materials, both indoors and outdoors, to build fire stations and police headquarters.

Week beginning 10.5.21

For the next 3 weeks we are looking at key workers and people who help us. 

This week we started with a WOW moment as the creative area of our classrooms were turned into a crime scene. The children looked for clues and asked each other questions to find out more. We talked about when it could have happened, who may have done it, what evidence was left behind and why it possibly happened.


We have lots of exciting activities in our different areas of provision both indoors and outdoors. Here are a few images from the first few days.

We have been writing reports about what happened. Take a look at our amazing factual accounts using super words to signal time like first, next and finally.

Week beginning 4.5.21

Look at our lovely chalk space pictures!

 We used chalk in different ways to draw, smudge and create different textures. We read a book called 'The darkest dark' by Chris Hadfield and took inspiration from the pictures in the book. We also listened to Holst's 'Planets' and talked about how the planets were all very different.


We have also used paint to make our own moon and landed our own rockets on it. We used our cutting and sticking skills to make the rockets.