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Welcome Red & Blue Class 2020 

Our First Week

We have had a fantastic first week in school. Red and Blue Class have settled so well in to their new routines and have enjoyed learning inside and outside. We have been very lucky with the weather this week and have had a go at running our first Woodlands' mile! The children have enjoyed reading the book SuperKid and have shared what they are super at with their friends. Well done Red and Blue Class :).

We can't wait to meet you!

Blue Class reading area
Blue Class writing area
Blue Class funky fingers
Small world
Blue Class maths area
Home corner
Red Class reading area
Red  Class writing area
Red Class maths area
Red Class funky fingers
Construction area
Investigation area
Outdoor small world
Outdoor small world
Look out lodge
Play ground

Reception 2020 Video

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Hi Red & Blue Class,

We are all so excited to meet you in September! Enjoy watching the video of your new classrooms and teachers. Have a fantastic summer. 

Blast off 

This week we have been retelling our space adventure stories verbally, before we write them.

Here are some children who have developed their own narratives to connect their ideas together. 

Space Adventure Stories

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Retelling our own story ideas

A super space story

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Another space adventure

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Thursday 5th March

We have had a super World Book Day. Thank you to all the children and their families who helped to decorate a potato and create their favourite character. Here are some images to celebrate the day.

Monday 2nd March

This week we are continuing to learn about numbers that make 10. We have been using 10 frames and quickly recalling number facts by learning songs and rhymes. We have watched 'Number blocks' on CBeebies about how many different ways we can make 10.


In Literacy we are reading the book 'Goodnight Spaceman'. We are planning our own adventures to space, thinking about who we would go with, what our rocket looks like, what planet we might visit and what happens at the end. We are using story maps to plan and  'Talk for writing' to discuss our ideas and retell verbally what we are going to write about.


In our creative areas we are making our own rockets, we are thinking about what they will look like, what shapes we could use, what materials we could cover them in. We have drawn a plan before we start constructing. 

Photographs of our rockets to follow.


This week is world book day so we are having a big focus on our favourite authors and stories. Please send in any books, labelled with names, for us to share.


Parent Learning Sessions

These will take place on Thursday mornings this half term and will focus on reading books together.

Monday 23rd February

Blast off to space!

The children have been really engaged in the new topic of space. 


Blast off to space topic!

Wednesday 12th February

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Charanga Music
Listen to our super glockenspiel accompaniments. Can you hear our repeating D's that we tried to play in time to the music?


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Chinese New Year

We have loved celebrating this special event with dragon dancing and making up our own Chinese musical accompaniments.

Chinese dragon dance

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Friday 31st January
We made a dance and worked together to move up, down, and in different directions.

Chinese dragon dance

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We accompanied our dragon dancing with our own musical interpretations. We used a range of percussion instruments.


Parent Learning session are every Tuesday morning from 8.45 until 9.00 and we are playing Mathematical games and puzzles. We love seeing everyone and the children have a great time playing with family and friends and in groups. It really improves their ability to take turns and share resources as well as improve their counting, adding and problem solving abilities.

Tuesday 28th January

Many thanks to everyone who has made a real effort to read their reading books at home over the last couple of weeks. We are linking phonics, home reading and guided reading sessions closely and it is making it easier to align the sounds and books if the children read regularly.

Monday 27th January

This week we are continuing with our Polar theme. The children are writing stories about 'Penguin Small' following on from their story maps that they drew last week. We are using narrative language to retell verbally and in written form. 

In mathematics we are finding out about the number 10. We are adding and making 10, finding 10 around the room and recording in our own ways.


We are also enjoying looking at how the Chinese New Year is celebrated. We have been talking about China, where it is, the food they eat and Chinese customs at this time of year.

We have provided lots of speaking opportunities for the children to engage in. They have been making phone calls to order meals. They have pretended to cook Chinese food together and even tasted rice and noodles and talked about their likes and dislikes. 

Friday 17th January

We are really looking forward to starting our new topic on Polar regions and animals next week. We will be looking at the North and South pole and stories about penguins and polar bears. We are aiming to encourage the children to use speaking and listening skills to retell stories on their own and make up their own polar adventures. We are focusing on narrative language and being able to speak about what happens at the beginning of their story, in the middle and how it ends.

Our provision is all ready for Monday and we look forward to our polar journeys and learning together. If the children have any books: fiction or non-fiction about this topic please send them into school, clearly labelled and we would love to share them in our whole class daily reading sessions.

Super phonic work!

We have been really fantastic at phonics this week. We have been sounding out words and also writing short phrases using our phonics.

Wednesday 15th January

We are continuing to closely  link phonics, home reading books and guided reading books. We would greatly appreciate it if you could read with your child so that we can change the books on Monday and Thursday. 


Monday 13th January

We are really enjoying reading and retelling stories by Nick Butterworth. We have used Pie Corbett to retell the stories with repetitive actions. The children are beginning to retell the stories in writing and are using their new Phase 3 sounds. 


In Mathematics we are continuing to look at numbers in greater depth. This week we have been exploring the number 8. The children can count to 8, find 8 items and record by representing the numbers using marks.


We have also loved making new homes and beds for Percy the park keeper. The children have joined, stuck and glued a variety of materials together. They have worked in super teams, taking part and sharing resources.



Happy New Year

Thank you for all your lovely cards and gifts at Christmas time.

We would also like to say Thank you for returning the Learning Journey's with lots of information and photos of how you celebrated Christmas.



Parent Learning mornings will be every Tuesday this half term and we will be playing Number games. The focus will be on taking turns, counting, adding and subtraction and number recognition.

Friday 13th December

We have loved reading 'Stick Man' and making our own stick printing, stick man characters, stick counting and many more activities in our classrooms. We are also enjoying reading Christmas stories every day and working independently and as groups in different areas of provision.

Tuesday 27th November

This week we are reading a lovely new book called 'Star in the Jar'. We are thinking about what things are special to us, feelings and emotions. We are writing short captions and phrases about what we would put in a special jar.

In Mathematics we are looking at shape and patterns. We are looking at shape patterns, colour patterns and even rhythmic patterns.

Our creative area in the Reception classrooms has been very busy with the children making kites and rockets to transport the star from the story into space. We have been using paint, different textured materials and junk modelling materials.

Christmas Musical

The children who have a speaking part have all had their short lines sent home in reading bags. please could you help us by learning the speaking parts with the children so that they are confident to say them aloud. 

We have also sent home a note asking for costumes to be brought into school. We have some costumes in school and if you do not have a note about what they need to wear this means that we are able to provide your child with what they need..Many thanks for your cooperation.


Parent Learning Sessions begin on Thursday 21st November

They will be every Thursday morning from 8.45 until 9am until Christmas.

After Christmas they will be every Tuesday morning.

This is a time when we invite you to read with the children, work on phonics and comprehension. play number games in small groups and practise counting.

Monday 11th November

We have been making pumpkin soup. We have scooped out all the insides, roasted it, cut it and blended it.

We have also been learning about where and how pumpkins grow. We cut one open and sketched the inside.

Monday 11th November

Today in Remembrance Day. We had an assembly that the Year 5 children presented and talked about remembering the people who have served our country. We watched  a Cbeebies show about what happened in the war. We drew our own Flanders field.

Wednesday 6th November

We are really enjoying exploring the new areas of learning in both classrooms this week.


Wednesday 16th October

We have really been working hard on our phonics this week. We have been sounding out words with e sounds using eggs and spoons.


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sounding out CVC words with the e sound


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using eggs and spoons to sound out words
We have also been writing short captions to match pictures

Pots and pans caption

Cvc words

Tuesday 16th October

Just love it when children take their play and learning to another level by labeling the city they have just created.

Friday 11th October

We have had a fabulous time making Elmer the elephant biscuits. We took turns and followed instructions to make the dough and decorate with icing and sweets.

We have mixed colours, painted pictures and made Elmer the elephant by covering milk bottles in different collage materials.
We have been brilliant mathematicians, using Numicon to cover Elmer and matching cubes to numbers. We have investigated 1 more and used concrete objects to record our findings.

Friday 4th October

We are all ready for next week! We are continuing with our 'Friendship' theme and will be reading stories about Elmer.


Thursday 3rd October

We have had a busy week. We have worked on our travelling and balancing skills in P.E. We have read and retold stories about adventures under the sea. We have worked on drawing our own portraits and used ipads to draw on too. We have been on shape hunts around the school and found objects that are circles, squares and triangles. We have had a lot of fun interacting with our friends during phonics games and outdoor activities.

Wednesday 2nd October

Next week we will be reading Elmer the elephant. We will be looking at colours and colour-mixing. We will be writing names of colours and describing Elmer. In Mathematics we will be finding the number that is 1 more than numbers to 10 and 20. We will be using objects and templates to count on.

Wednesday 2nd October

This year we will change reading books on Monday and Thursday. Please write a short comment in the reading diary to show that you have listened to your child read.


Please hand Phonics books in on Wednesday and we will set new activities and send the books home on Friday.

Monday 23rd September

For the next 2 weeks we will be reading stories on the theme of 'Under the Sea'.

We have set our classroom up to encourage the children to investigate and become independent learners.

In Literacy we are ordering the parts of a story and using story language to discuss the beginning, middle and ending.We will be learning about 'friendships' and talking about what makes a good friend. We are focusing on taking turns to talk and listening to each other.

In Mathematics we are learning to count forwards and backwards to 20. We are trying to be really accurate with our one to one counting and pointing to each object as we count. We are beginning to estimate and say how many we think there may be of something.

Our classrooms are all set up and ready for exploring!

Wednesday 18th September

The School Nurse came into Reception to explain how to wash hands and be 'Germ Busters'.

Friday 13th September

We have had a lovely first week at school. The children have been amazing and settled in really well. We have done lots of activities inside and outside.

Have a lovely relaxing weekend and see you all on Monday.

Wednesday 4th September

Blue and Red classrooms are ready and we are really looking forward to seeing you next week.

Welcome to Reception