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Welcome Red & Blue Class 2020 


Week beginning 10.5.21

For the next 3 weeks we are looking at key workers and people who help us. 

This week we started with a WOW moment as the creative area of our classrooms were turned into a crime scene. The children looked for clues and asked each other questions to find out more. We talked about when it could have happened, who may have done it, what evidence was left behind and why it possibly happened.


We have lots of exciting activities in our different areas of provision both indoors and outdoors. Here are a few images from the first few days.

We have been writing reports about what happened. Take a look at our amazing factual accounts using super words to signal time like first, next and finally.

Week beginning 4.5.21

Look at our lovely chalk space pictures!

 We used chalk in different ways to draw, smudge and create different textures. We read a book called 'The darkest dark' by Chris Hadfield and took inspiration from the pictures in the book. We also listened to Holst's 'Planets' and talked about how the planets were all very different.


We have also used paint to make our own moon and landed our own rockets on it. We used our cutting and sticking skills to make the rockets.

Week beginning 26.4.21

This week we have been finding different ways to make 10. We have been reinforcing our understanding of number bonds and which pairs of numbers make 10.

We have been learning the 'ur' digraph. We went on a hunt around the classroom to find words that contain the sound.

We have also played 'snowballs' during our phonics sessions. We had to find the word on the snowball, read it and put it in the correct hoop. We loved throwing the snowballs and reading new words each time. We also wrote some silly sentences using 'ow' and 'ur' words. Can you read some of our silly sentences?

During our space topic this week, the children have been investigating how craters on the moon are formed. The children dropped stones from a height into the moon sand. Then they moved the stone to see the crater. Everyone had lots of fun in the moon sand!

Week beginning 19.4.21

This week we are exploring patterns. The children have enjoyed using their voices, instruments, blocks and any other resources they can find to create patterns.

An alien sent us a message to tell us that they had hidden 'ar' words in the copse and asked us to go on an alien hunt to find words, read them and write them down. We had a really fun phonics session today!!!

As the weather gets nicer and we are making the most of our newly developed outdoor area the children will be spending lots of time outside. Please could sun cream (preferably 'Once a day' sun lotion) be applied before coming to school. 

Week beginning 13th April

We had had a fantastic first week back. The children have all accessed our newly extended outdoor area. They have enjoyed a range of physical and imaginative activities building structures, making creations in the mud kitchen, using tubes to create water slides and riding bikes.

This week we have been exploring 2D shapes. We have used our outdoor area to go on a shape hunt and sorted shapes according to their properties. We have also been making pictures using 2D shapes.

Week beginning 22nd March 2021

We have had a very ‘eggciting’ week in reception getting ready for the Easter holidays. We have explored 3D shapes and investigated which shapes roll, planned our own magic egg story & spent lots of time outside in our outdoor area. We have had lots of fun making Easter baskets and a chick in our creative area. In PE this week we explored a variety of ways of moving like jumping, hopping, skipping and running. We had so much fun. 

This week we have been applying our new sounds to words and caption in Phonics sessions. We have been trying really hard with our letter formation too. Look how fabulous our handwriting is and how neat we have formed each letter,
We have been investigating shapes this week in Mathematics. We have been set challenges to sort flat and solid shapes and build models using and naming shapes too. We have also investigated whether some 3D shapes roll. The children have really enjoyed their learning this week!
As Easter approaches we have been trying to draw Easter bunnies and chicks. We read a short story and drew pictures while we listened to retell what happened. Our pictures were amazing and it really helped to develop our listening skills.
We had a 'Crazy hair day' for Comic Relief to raise money.

Week beginning 15th March 2021

We have had a super week continuing with our theme of Traditional Tales.

In Mathematics we have been measuring a giant's foot using cubes. We had to count the cubes accurately and then find items that were smaller and bigger.

We have also been learning prepositions. We took the big parachute outdoors and tried to keep the balls on the parachute. We ran under the parachute and around it too. We had lots of fun and worked as a team!
We have been outdoors in the copse looking for early signs of spring. We found lots of daffodils and decided to paint them. We chose the colours we needed and looked at the shapes of the stem and petals. We have displayed them in our classrooms as they look so beautiful.
We have been learning about what seeds need in order to grow after we planted our own broad bean seeds last week. We used the words seed, shoot, stem and flower as we ordered the cycle.
In Phonics we went on a 'Snail Trail' around our classrooms as our teachers had hidden snails with 'ai' words on them. We found lots hidden in the different areas of our classes. We then read and copied the words onto our whiteboards.

Week beginning 8th March 2021

We have had a super return to school after Lockdown. We have focused on working as a team, social skills and taking turns. This week we have been looking at Traditional Tales. We tried to build a castle for Jack and the Beanstalk. We had a lot of fun adapting our ideas and looking at how we could make it look like a castle.

We have also been talking about what plants need to grow. We have been planting our own broad bean seeds and it is now our job to look after them and see if we can get them to grow to the castle at the top of our stick!
We have been really impressed with how the children can retell the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Some of the children drew beautiful story maps to show the main events.

Our first day back at school

We have had a wonderful day catching up with our friends in reception. We have been focusing on settling back in, routines, friendships and learning through play. The children all adapted amazingly like they had never been away from school for so long. We are so proud of them :). Here are some photographs of our first day back. Please note every Tuesday PE kits should be worn to school. 

World Book Day

Book in a Box

We have loved looking at all your wonderful ideas for World Book Day. Here are some 'Book in a box' creations from Blue Class.

Red Class 'Book in a Box.'


Here are some of Red Class's marvellous creations.

Welcome to 'The Masked Reader'

Each member of staff has read a blurb from one of their favourite books. Can you guess which member of staff is hiding behind each mask. 

Click on the latest news page of the website and watch each clip and then follow the instructions to submit your answers.

Good Luck!

Competition entries
We have been so impressed with your Chinese dragon colouring competition entries that we have made a slideshow to showcase some of them. Well done to everyone who sent in their entries.

Friday 8th January

We hope you have all had a good week and have accessed the home learning on the website. From Monday 11th January we are going to be doing a variety of different activities and tasks. We will be setting these on the website and Google Classroom so please make sure that you have obtained your login details from the school office. We will be uploading activities on Monday morning and these will include video lessons, powerpoints, practical activities, story times and worksheets. Google Classrooms will be used to set written activities so that they can be completed and sent back to us, enabling us to give comments and feedback when needed.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team.

Dear Children & Parents 


We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Thank you so much for your cards and gifts. We were so looking forward to welcoming you back to school this week but due to current restrictions, this isn’t going to be possible for a little while. For the time being, we hope you enjoy our home learning activities and we look forward to seeing all of your super work on Google Classrooms (starting next week 11.1.21).


Keep smiling, Mrs Fortune, Mrs Chadwick, Mrs Riding :) 

We’re Going On An Elf Chase Christmas Play

Our Christmas play ‘We’re Going On An Elf Chase‘ is now available to view on the following link.

The video is password protected.

A parent mail will be sent with the password.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much the children and staff enjoyed performing and filming. 
Have a fantastic Christmas! 

Week Beginning 14.12.20

This week in phonics, we have revised the ng digraph. We practised writing words with the ng sound in. Then, we independently wrote a sentence that had lots of words with ng in. Now it is time for some festive fun before we finish for the Christmas Holidays :)

Week beginning 7.12.20

This week we have been reading Stick Man and writing about what he did on his journey. We wrote our own stories, focusing on writing in sentences and sounding out each work phonetically.

We have been writing short captions in phonics and sounding out each word. We are becoming fantastic writers!
This week we have been looking at 'Time' in mathematics. We have been learning the days of the week, months of the year and seasons. We have also ordered lots of events like the Nativity story, making a jam sandwich and our day in school. We had a very active session on Friday when we had a 1 minute timer and completed lots of physical activities to see how many we could do. Here are some of the things we did in 1 minute.

Week beginning 1.12.20

We are super proud of the children this week!

We have been looking at Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' painting and talking about lines, swirls and circles. We looked carefully at the painting and discussed what we could see and how it made us feel. The children then created their own paintings, inspired by the artist. They painted on tinfoil, using large brushes and concentrated on the lines and mixing colours. They then cut out silhouette buildings to stick on and complete their pictures. They are displayed in the classrooms and look beautiful!

Week beginning 23.11.20

In Blue Class we have been learning the months of the year and doing the Macarena actions to remember it! We hope you like our video!

Macarena months of the year

Still image for this video
Actions to learn the 12 months of the year
This week we set up a Technology Zone in our classrooms. We have encouraged the children to use cameras to take photos and videos. Turn toys and games on and off, playing with them carefully and correctly. We have used wind-up toys, Bee-bots, cash registers, calculators, magnetic toys and and iPads. The children have really enjoyed the challenge of using technology equipment.
We have loved our new areas of provision and have been doing lots of creative activities based on the 'Star in the jar'. We have talked about things that are special to us and drawn pictures and written captions.

Week beginning 16.11.20

We have had a very creative week celebrating the festival of Diwali. We have made Rangoli patterns, decorated Henna hands, made firework displays and played musical instruments to accompany Diwali music.

We used iPads to draw Diwali firework celebrations. We chose the background and paint colours.

Week beginning 9.11.20

This week we have amazed by how the children are becoming so much more independent in their phonetic ability and writing. We have been saying short captions before we start our writing. Look at the fabulous results!

We have also applied our phonics to our writing. We have been reading 'Room on the broom' by Julia Donaldson and have talked about what the characters look like. We have then written our own sentences describing the witch. The children have been brilliant at leaving finger spaces after one little boy explained how easy it was "All you have to do is socially distance the words". We couldn't have explained it better ourselves!
We have also been remembering those who fought for our country in the wars. We watched a CBeebies clip about Flanders field and then draw our own images.


In Outdoor Learning we looked for signs of Autumn. We noticed all the changing colours and collected many different signs of Autumn.

After reading the book 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper we made our very own soup. We all helped to scoop out the pumpkin flesh, cut the pieces up and sir the mixture. We then tasted the soup after our Outdoor Learning session to warm us up!


This week we wrote instructions of how to make pumpkin soup. 

Look at our super labels and captions!

We investigated mixing water and food colouring to make our own potions. We talked about what happened to the colours when we mixed them together. We also added white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make the potions fizz and bubble!
In Mathematics we have been comparing groups of objects and using language that describes them like fewer, the same as and more. We were fantastic at ordering the groups from those with fewest to most.
We also did some independent problem solving activities comparing different assortments of multi link cubes and sorting them into groups with the same number.

Week beginning 2.11.20

We are very excited to be back in school after the Half Term. We have a lovely new topic all about 'Special Times and festivals'. We will be talking about what some of us did for Halloween, Bonfire night safety, Remembrance Day, the Diwali festival and Christmas.

We have changed our provision both indoors and outdoors to encourage the children to be independent, creative and explore new media and materials.

Week beginning 19.10.20

We have had a magical week after reading the story 'On a magical do-nothing day' by Beatrice Alemagna. We talked about what we could do outdoors on a do-nothing afternoon.

Here are some photos of the fun we had!

We have been programming Beebots to travel in different directions to our friends. We made the Beebots move by pressing the correct buttons to move left, right, forwards and backwards.

Week beginning 12.10.20

This week we have been sorting objects in different ways in Mathematics. We asked the children the question; How can we sort these objects?

They sorted by colour, size, shape and characteristics. They were all amazing and completed the tasks with great enthusiasm.

We have been using positional language to describe where objects are in relation to each other. We used our large Elmer model (which we made ourselves). We put them behind, next to, under and on top of each other.

Week beginning 5.10.20

This week we have been learning about colour. We read the book 'Elmer' to inspire us. We mixed and tinted colours by adding white. We read the poem 'I spy with my rainbow eye' and then made up our own poems about things we could see in our rooms.

We made a model Elmer and painted it in patchwork colours. We worked together and improved our painting technique.
We have been learning all about number 7. We found different ways of making the number 7 using mathematical equipment and classroom objects.

Phonics Homework

We will start sending homework for phonics on Friday 2nd October. We would like you to sing the Jolly Phonics songs S A T P (available on You Tube). We have also included an activity for you to do with your child this weekend. Please can these homework books be returned on Monday morning.

Reading books are also to be returned on Monday and Thursday.

Week Beginning 28.9.20

We have had a fun week doing lots of activities based on 'The Rainbow Fish'. The children have used different tools to print and make patterns. We have talked about 'feelings' in the story and focused on how the rainbow fish felt at the beginning and the end.

Here are a few of our wonderful prints and collages.