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Family Learning

Unfortunately we are not going to be able to start our family learning sessions this term due to the continued prevalence of Covid. We are sorry that we cannot invite parents and carers into school and will post as much information about what the children are learning on the website on a weekly basis. Please pay particular attention to the green text as this gives you ideas of how you can help your at home.

Please continue to come to school dressed in PE kits on Tuesdays and Fridays

Week beginning 4th July

This week we are painting ourselves as pirates. We will then use this to write a description about what we are wearing and what we would be like as a pirate. We will even make up our own pirate names for ourselves.

You could help at home by reading pirate stories, looking at pictures of pirates and talking about what they wore, their clothes, accessories and how they talked.

We are going to engage the children in problem solving number activities based on a story called 'Mr Gumpy's outing'. We will require the children to draw pictures and use 10 frames in order to solve problems.

At home you could give little problem solving tasks involving sharing odd and even quantities and counting in even numbers. For example, how many knives and forks would you need to set the table for 4 people?

Week beginning 27th June

This week we are learning about odd and even numbers up to 10 and noticing patterns using Numicon and 10 frames. We will also count in even numbers up to 20.

You could help at home by recognising numbers and identifying if they are odd or even.

In Literacy we are moving onto stories about pirates. We will be making treasure maps and labelling them. We are focusing on communication and language skills and retelling stories using maps.

You could help at home by reading any pirate or mermaid stories that you have and try drawing treasure maps.

We will be singing lots of pirate songs and shanties and learning some pirate phrases.

We have set sail as pirates this week on board a ship. We've drawn and painted our own and they look amazing!" we looked at shapes as we drew them and talked about the parts of the ship like mast, sail, stern, bow and rigging.

We have painted our very own treasure island that we would like to visit. Our classroom is decorated with Jolly Roger bunting to create a real pirate atmosphere.

We have been trying really hard to use scissors correctly and cut out objects and places to create our own treasure islands.

We have cut out and made our own pirate hats.

This week some of the children chose to independently write about mermaids. They held their sentences in their heads before beginning to write.

Week beginning 20th June

We have planned our dinosaur stories and we are all ready to begin writing!

We have planned a beginning, middle and ending. We have used our communication and language skills to talk about what is going to happen using narrative language. This week we will write a short story using full sentences, trying to remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

You could help at home by asking your child about the story they have planned and also asking them to retell any stories that you read to them.

In mathematics  we will be learning to halve quantities by sharing into 2 equal groups. We will be doing this practically using objects and even real sweets!!!!!!!!

You could try halving quantities of things in your home and sharing them equally between 2 people.




After weeks of paper mache work, painting, gluing and sticking we finally exploded our volcano using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. We were all very excited to see it erupt!

This week we have made our own salt dough mixture and then used it to make a fossil of a dinosaur. We chose which dinosaur we would like to make. It involved us mixing dough, rolling, pressing and pushing to create a print of a dinosaur. We cant' wait for them to dry so that we can bring them home!

We have investigated how Mary Anning and other fossil explorers found remains from dinosaurs. We have been digging for our own fossils in our investigation area.

We have really improved our cutting and fine motor skills by making dinosaur skeletons using art straws to piece the bones together. We have also cut out skeletons and reconstructed them to make a T-rex.

In our 'Outdoor Learning' session we made some habitats for small model dinosaurs. We talked about whether they were carnivores or herbivores and what they would need to eat. 

Week beginning 13th June

It is 'My Money Week'. We will be recognising, counting and sorting coins. We will be looking at the shape, colour and value of coins to 10p.

You can help at home by setting up a little shop and asking your children to buy things using coins to 10p. 

This week we have been trying to draw dinosaurs. We have listened and followed instructions and added our own detail. Look at our super attempts!

We are continuing to read 'The Girl and the Dinosaur' This week we are planning our own dinosaur adventure using a story map with a beginning, middle and ending. We will use this the following week to write our own stories.

Talking about different dinosaurs and what they were like will help your child to make decisions about what kind of dinosaurs they may like to include in their own story.

Week beginning 7th June

We are very excited about our new topic called 'Dinosaur dig'. It is always a really popular topic with all the children. We will be focussing on Understanding of the world, learning historical and geographical facts and even conducting some science investigations!

This week we are beginning by reading the most wonderful book based on a famous female paleontologist called Mary Anning. Our focus will be on listening to longer stories and being able to recall events and facts. We will also be predicting what may happen next.

You could help at home by asking your child to predict endings to stories that you read.

In mathematics we are doubling numbers to 10. We will be using small objects and mirrors to see that double is twice the amount.

You could help at home by doubling things that you have around the house.

We have been using sponges to print large dinosaur pictures. We are adding them to a large pre-historic wall display.

We have been using glue, water and newspaper to make a paper-mache volcano. We are going to paint it and them make it erupt! We will be adding to our small world area so that we can use it to act out stories and make up Jurassic adventures of our own.

After reading the book 'The Girl and the Dinosaur', we explored the bones of the 'beastie.' We tried to match the different bones to the parts of the dinosaur skeleton and see if we could recreate it.

We have really grasped our learning about doubles in maths. We have been learning rhymes and songs, using mirrors to see double the amount of objects and doubling the blocks in towers. We are beginning to recall double facts quickly and without counting.

Week beginning 23rd May

This week the children are learning all about the Royal family and the Queen's Jubilee. We will be looking at the history of the family, how long she has served as Queen and where she lives. We will be writing invitations to our own Jubilee celebrations and making shopping lists for the foods that we would like to eat at our picnic.

You could help at home by encouraging your child to write simple shopping lists.

In mathematics we are looking at shapes and spatial reasoning. We will be making new shapes using triangles and squares and rectangles. 

Maybe talk about shapes around your home and how some shapes fit inside others. You could look at the windows and doors in your home. Are they shapes you can name?

We have had an exciting week celebrating the Queen's platinum jubilee. We have covered lots of facts about her life, where she lives and learnt all about Buckingham palace and the city of London. We have looked at how things have changed over the last 70 years and sorted items rom the past and the present. We have participated in creative activities involving play dough, paint and wild flowers to make 'Forest school' crowns. In Literacy we read the book 'The Queen's knickers' and then designed our own. We used Google Earth to look at geographical features and even managed to look closely at the palace and it's grounds.

During our outdoor learning session, we collected natural materials to make our own crowns.


Week beginning 16th May

This week we will be looking at how quantities can be changed by taking away. We will be retelling stories with a subtraction theme using the language first, then and now.

You can help at home by counting back and solving simple problems by taking objects away practically and talking about what you are doing.

Our literacy lessons are all linked to our science theme of 'Life Cycles'. we will be looking at frogs, chicks, butterflies and plants. We will be talking about how they change from eggs and seeds to animals and plants. We have been watching our broad bean seeds grow and we are also writing reports about what is happening to them as they grow taller and shoot leaves.

You may like to plant your own seeds at home and take care of them and enjoy watching them grow. You could even take some pictures and write a diary to record what happens.

We painted one side of a butterfly and then pressed and printed the other side to make it symmetrical. 

We have been cutting out pictures to make the life cycle of a butterfly.

In our outdoor learning session we watched the story about the Three Billy Goats Gruff and then made the trolls face using mud and natural objects.

Week beginning 9th May

This week we are continuing to read different versions of Rapunzel. We are reading versions from different countries and cultures like India and Africa. We are comparing the storylines, characters and settings. We are using our communication and language skills to develop our vocabulary and express our own opinions. We are making large collages of the story settings and linking our literacy sessions with our Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding of the World curriculums. This is a great opportunity for the children  to develop cross-curricular links and embed their learning in a visual and creative way.

In mathematics we are adding 2 groups to make 10. We are approaching this in a practical way and using apparatus, Numicon and small objects to consolidate our bonds to 10. We are also reinforcing mark-making and written methods to record our findings.

At home you could continue to count forwards and backwards to 10 and 20 and also add 2 groups to 10 using toys, food and any other objects around your home.

Our collage pictures, inspired by the African version of the Rapunzel story, are absolutely beautiful. We talked about the setting, clothes and differences in the stories. We used paper, tissue and shiny material to create large group pictures.

We have been painting our own shields after designing them.

We have been building castles and towers for Rapunzel using the outdoor Poddely.

We have also been making castles and towers in the sand pit.

The mud kitchen has provided us with the perfect place to make banquets and food fit for a prince or princess!

In Understanding of the World (Science) we have been learning about life cycles. We were inspired by the fairy tale called 'The Frog Prince'. we were all very interested to learn how a tadpole turned into a frog. We wrote all about the life cycle.

Week beginning 3rd May

For the next 2 weeks we are reading different versions of Rapunzel, some from different settings and cultures. We are going to compare the story and talk about similarities and differences. We are encouraging the children to use narrative language in their play and retell the story in the correct order. We will be writing sentences and building on our descriptive writing that we have been doing in 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We have made our class books about the giant and we are sharing them in our reading areas.

Please continue to read Traditional Tales and Fairy Tales to your child at home.

We are continuing to plant different seeds and look after them as they grow. We have been talking about what seeds need in order to grow.

In mathematics we are looking at 2D shapes and manipulating them to make pictures. We are exploring tangrams and making pictures using a variety of shapes.

You could investigate which shapes you can see around your home and in the local environment.


We have had some really fun mathematics sessions this week. We have been guessing the pictures that the Tangrams have made and even making our own.

This week we have been making Rapunzel's tower in different ways. We have been using paper and cutting out 2D shapes and tubes and 3D boxes. The children have loved adding the hair to their Rapunzel and talked about how she escaped from the tower.

We have been developing our fine motor skills through cutting activities and designing activities all linked to Fairy Tales.

Week beginning 25th April

We will be continuing to read different versions of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We will be talking about how they are different and how Traditional Tales are sometimes retold by other authors. Our writing focus will be to describe a giant/ogre that we have drawn. We will be focusing on sentence structure and holding a phrase in our heads before writing it. We are going to make out very own class books and will upload images at the end of the week to share our writing achievements.

At home you can read and listen to lots of different tradition Tales. You could talk about how the have good bad characters and how many of the begin with... Once upon a time or One day and end with... Happily ever after.

We are going to be looking at different castles and building them using bricks, boxes and junk modelling materials. We are going to be talking about how, where and why castles were built. 

In mathematics we are working on counting forwards and backwards to and from 20. We will be starting at different teen numbers and counting on and back. We will be ordering numbers 11-20 and looking at number patterns past 20.

You can help at home by counting forwards and backwards from 20.


On Wednesday afternoon during our 'Outdoor Learning' session we planted broad bean seeds. We are going to look after them and watch them grow. We linked this activity to the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and even added a little castle at the top for the beanstalk to grow towards.

Look at our amazing drawings of the giant from 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We loved using our communication and language skills to describe what he looked like and this helped us to write clear sentences. 

We have been making the most of the lovely spring weather and using our outdoor area. We have been working on our personal, social and emotional development. We have been caring, sharing and working as a team! We have also been improving our physical skills too!

This week we have been recording our number ordering and counting activities using marks and numbers. We are really good at writing numbers 0-5.

Week beginning 19th April

This week we are reading Traditional Tales and focussing on Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be retelling the story by drawing a story map using narrative language to say what happens.

You could read some Traditional Tales at home with your child and look at how they all begin and end in similar ways.

We will be planting our own beanstalks using broad bean seeds. We will be looking after them and watching them grow over the next few weeks. We will be writing instructions about how to plant a seed.

In maths we will be representing numbers to 20. This will involve using apparatus like Numicon and towers of cubes to build the numbers. For example using a 10 and 2 more to make 12.

At home you could count forwards and backwards to and from 20. You could try spotting house numbers up to 20 and other numbers in the environment.



The children have built wonderful models of castles using Lego and Duplo bricks. We have looked at shapes in castles and tried to copy patterns and characteristics of real buildings.

We have been retelling the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' through play and narrative activities. The children have found lots of different opportunities to retell the story.

We have designed and painted our own colourful magic beans.

Week beginning 28th March

This week in Literacy we are reading a wonderful book called 'The darkest Dark' by the astronaut Chris Hadfield. It is beautifully illustrated and really encourages the children to think about their feelings as well as retelling the story of how dreams can come true. We will also be looking at light and dark and shadows as the book has many aspects of science and geography.

 You could help at home by discussing whether your child likes the dark and explore how different things look around your home in the daylight and at night time. 

In mathematics we are looking at complex patterns and also recapping on shapes. We will be identifying patterns, continuing patterns and making up our own 2 and 3 part patterns. 

Can you find patterns on clothes, items and things at home?

We will also be focusing on the Easter story and the traditions of Easter time.

You could talk about what Easter means to you as a family and what you do to celebrate this event.

We had fun in the sun looking at our shadows and exploring how our bodies and objects blocked the sun's rays to create a shadow.

We used chalk to create our own solar system pictures.

Week beginning 21st March

This week we are reading 'Goodnight Spaceman' by Michelle Robinson with links to Tim Peake. We are looking at his journey to space and discussing Neil Armstrong and his journey to the moon. We will be looking at historical events and the history of space travel. We will be planning our own journey to space and using language to discuss our own ideas.

You could talk about space and planets with your child and look at the stars and moon before they go to bed.

in maths we are investigating properties of 3D shapes. 

You could help at home by looking around your home and finding 3D shapes. How many different ones can you find?

We will be learning lots of new facts about space (science), astronauts (history) and features of earth (geography)

We used our Communication and Language skills to plan a story to space. We used 'Talking Partners' to plan the beginning middle and ending. We drew each part of the story and explained our choices. Our verbal reasoning skills and vocabulary were brilliant!

This week we added 'Space Spaghetti' to our water area. We observed it at different stages and discussed what was happening. We used super words like: floating, dissolving, slimy, gooey and bubbly. 

This week in Understanding of the World (Science) we have been looking at signs of spring and painting spring flowers.

Look at our beautiful art work in Expressive Arts and Design.

During our outdoor learning session we went on a number hunt. We had to work as a team to find all the numerals

0-10. Then we had to hang them in order on the washing line.

Week beginning 14th March

To Infinity and Beyond!

This week we are starting our topic on Space. We will be doing lots of Science investigations, learning about historical figures who have been to space and looking at geographical features of earth and space. Our provision is linked to this topic and the children will be given lots of opportunities to explore and be independent in their learning.

In Literacy we are reading the fantastic story called 'Aliens love underpants'. We are looking at the rhyming elements and talking about the characters and adding description to our talk for writing.

You could help at home by talking about day and night and looking at the moon. Talking about how far away it is and looking at the stars. We are encouraging lots of communication and language through this topic and 'talk' is the key to developing this.

In maths we are exploring number 10.We will be making 10 in lots of different ways using Numicon and 10 frames with small objects.

You could help at home by counting forwards and backwards with in. Finding 10 of different objects and looking at how 2 groups make 10. You could look at numbers of houses on your way to school and say if they are more or less than 10!

We have enjoyed using the Smartboard and computer to improve our IT skills and be interactive in our learning. We have been playing alien and space games that have also focused on our reading skills.

We have also been improving and practising our RWI reading skills with our early morning sessions. We are becoming confident readers with the RWI books and all trying hard to use our fingers to follow the text.

We are using Communication and Language on a daily basis to focus on our speaking and listening skills. We have been using 'Talk Partners' to discuss different aliens and what we would like our own alien to look like. 

This week we have had a baby alien appear in our 'Curiosity Cube'. It has sparked lots of discussions about what it looks like, where it came from and how it got here.

We have been involved in lots of expressive arts activities including junk modelling, painting and role play. They have all been centred around our new space topic.