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School Council

School Council


Any pupils in the junior classes, who have not served on the school council before, can put themselves forward to be elected democratically for School Council.


In an assembly on 25th September, pupils were informed of the requirements and responsibilities of a school councillor and children who wished to stand for election then had time to plan their speeches and create any posters to encourage pupils to vote for them.


In the week beginning 30th September, every year group then listened to presentations from their candidates, stating why they think they would be suited to the role and what they plan to do for the school. Children were allowed to ask them questions.


On Tuesday 8th October, classes then voted anonymously using a ballot box and slip. They voted for two boys and two girls from their Year group.


Elected members were then announced in a whole school assembly and the children received their badges.



Meet our school council members:


Year 3 – Joseph, Dexter, Anna & Teigan

Year 4 – Noah, Thomas, Belle, Esme, Hannah

Year 5 – Claudia, Maisie, Harry & Megan

Year 6 – Zoe, Sian, Kaden, Bethany



Our first meeting


In our first meeting we wrote our School Council Constitution.

We decided our aims:

We are the voice of the students

  • We aim to make our school a better place.
  • We aim to give all pupils a voice.
  •  We aim to make decisions fairly.


We decided our code of conduct:

School Council Code of Conduct

As agreed by the School Council:

  • We will take care of each other e.g. older members can support younger members
  • We will not leave anybody out.
  • We will put our hands up and not shout out in meetings.
  • We will always support a majority decision.
  • We will always listen to the person speaking.
  • We will always update our classes on what has happened in meetings.
  • We will try our best to make Woodlands a better place.
  • We will attend school council meetings unless we have a very good reason e.g. absence, trip, choir commitments etc. We will inform Mrs Dempster in advance if we cannot make a meeting.
  • We will always share the views of our classmates not just our own.
  • We will be good role models for all children in school.


We voted for different roles within school council.

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurers


We also got given some resources and activities as part of Parliament Week.


Please see our agenda, minutes of the meeting and full school council constitution below.

Meeting 2


In our second meeting the results from our vote were announced. These are our new roles:


Chairperson - Claudia

Vice Chairperson - Bethany

Secretary - Noah

Treasurers - Thomas and Belle


We then spent the rest of the meeting discussing the feedback from class discussions about how to make Woodlands even better. Please see our attached documents.

Meeting 3


Further discussions were held about how to take classes suggestions forward and improve the school.

We decided as a group to focus on 3 main ideas to start with. We formed task groups and created action plans to help us.

Idea 1 - A positivity box for children to write anonymous positive comments. These could then be read out in star of the week assembly.

Idea 2 - A whole school reading assembly once every half term. Children from Reception to Year 6 would bring their own book and enjoy reading for 10 minutes. The teachers could even read too. The last 5 minutes could be used recommend a read.

Idea 3 - Gluten free prizes at school fairs.


An ongoing aim of the school council is to reduce plastic waste within school so a team have been put together to set up plastic tubs to recycle pens in every classroom.


Please see below our agenda, minutes and action plans.