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Snack Attax!

The Snack Attax (Yr6 pupils) help to provide a healthy snack option at morning breaks for our junior pupils. They are responsible from ordering the snacks from Fruit to Suit, marketing the products, selling the produce from the Snack Attax trolley in the junior playground and counting the money taken (each item costs between 40p & 50p). A range of items are sold each day including apple bites, popcorn (don’t worry, it contains no salt, butter or sugar!), spicy noodles, mango whirls, chilli & lemon seeds and apricot slices. The Snack Attaxteam make a huge contribution to daily life at Woodlands - we’ve noticed a big increase in the amount of children eating a healthier snack at break time since the trolley was first rolled out on to the yard.