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Summer Fair - June 2011


Thanks to everyone for the support at the Summer Fair, whether it was in the preparation, helping on the day, attending the fair, and especially for spending your money. It was a great example of the Woodlands 'family' in action and really appreciated by myself and the FOWSA team. 

There are too many people to mention by name, because I will definitely miss someone out, but special thanks go to Mr Mitchell, the first person there, the last person to leave and in his 'break' he was digging up potatoes to sell! 

Thanks to the Wally Cain dance team, the school council, eco committee and year 6 helpers. Thanks to the teaching staff, office staff (current & retired) and of course to all the parents and children.

I definitely heard a few people saying next year we could do... watch this space!

Amount raised was £2156.
 Carol Hughes (FOWSA Chairperso