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The Big Pedal - a big thank you!

A big thank you 


to all those who took part in the big pedal. We averaged about 30% of the school scooting or cycling each day and ranked 287th out of 965 large Primary schools who took part in the full two weeks. This is a great achievement and a good bench mark to improve upon next year!
Hopefully you all enjoyed the experience and will support us in continuing to encourage eco-friendly travel to school. By doing so you not only contribute to reducing congestion of traffic outside school and improving the safety of your children, but encourage the children to consider their impact on the local environment. If cycling/scooting is too difficult every day, maybe consider parking that little bit further away and walking/cycling/scooting the rest. With summer coming what better excuse to get active!
Many Thanks!
Miss Pickford and the Eco-committee.