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Timestable Rock Stars

Welcome to the 2021/2022 Academic Season! 


Below you will find all your TTRS battle results, MVPs and the weekly speed increases for the children!


Keep checking back for any updates and any special events which could be coming up!

TTRS - Winter League


This week saw the end of the regular season in preparation for our Winter Championship Battle Royales!

5D confirmed their place in the Championship BR with a win finishing in 4th.  See the battle results below. 

Next weeks battles see the Consolation Battle Royale between Purple, Yellow, 3/4M and 4C while the Winter Championship Battle Royale, to crown the winter champion is between 6R (1st seed), 5/6P (2nd seed), 3G (3rd seed) and 5D (4th seed).


4C 611                  vs            Yellow 178


1) Joey S


  1. James S


2) Jack C


  1. Isha B


3) Ivy R


  1. Freya C-T



5D 312                vs              Purple 57


1) Darcey B


1) Brooke K


2) Emma K


2) Beth C


3) Teigan S


3) Nathaniel W



6R 1966        vs               3/4M 243


1) George H


1) Albert A


2) Joe B


2) Eric W


3)   Ella H


3) Olivia C


6R 3909     vs                3G 444


1) Ellie J


1) Romijn L


2) Ava K


2) Alfie T-P


3) Callum F


3) Emily H


We had 48 children increase their speed this week:-


Rock Hero                                                                                

Ellie J (0.45 sec/q)                                                             

Ava K (0.53 sec/q)   

George H (0.58 sec/q)                                                    

Jordan V (0.69 sec/q)                                                        

Thomas S (0.70 sec/q)

Emma K (0.96 sec/q)

James L (0.98 sec/q)                                                      

Adam J (0.99 sec/q)                                                        


Rock Legend                                                                           

Ella H (1.01 sec/q)                                                           

Emma S (1.27 sec/q)

Charlie J (1.31 sec/q)

Callum F (1.32 sec/q)

Joe B (1.36 sec/q)

Katie F (1.49 sec/q)

Hannah T (1.53 sec/q)

Erin P (1.55 sec/q)

Corynn P (1.59 sec/q)

Oliver R (1.73 sec/q)

Ava L (1.81 sec/q)

Phoebe H (1.83 sec/q)

Joey S (1.95 sec/q)

Will H (1.98 sec/q)


Rock Star

Romijn L (2.06 sec/q)

Claudia D (2.06 sec/q)

Lotte K (2.21 sec/q)

Joseph S (2.26 sec/q)

Heidi H (2.42 sec/q)

Niall B (2.46 sec/q)

Jack C (2.55 sec/q)

Olivia B (2.56 sec/q)

Sami A (2.63 sec/q)

Darcey B (2.63 sec/q)

William G (2.78 sec/q)



Ivy R (3.21 sec/q)

James S (3.23 sec/q)

Chloe P (3.49 sec/q)

Toby H (3.64 sec/q)

Joe H (3.66 sec/q)


Breakthrough Artist

Jack C (5.17 sec/q)

Violet B (5.77 sec/q)


Unsigned Act

Emily H (6.19 sec/q)

Albert A (6.32 sec/q)

Darcie T (6.38 sec/q)

Jarrod P-C (6.98 sec/q)


Alfie T-P (7.23 sec/q)



Julia P (8.11 sec/q)


Garage Rocker

Ged S (10.00 sec/q)


Evie S (12.24 sec/q)

Final Winter League table.

England Rocks 2021!

TTRS League - Week 1.


This week saw our classes take to the battlefield for the first official battle of the season! There were some close run challenges.  Check out below how your class did and where they start in the league table. 


Yellow 97       vs            Purple 50


1) Isha B


1) Mia W


2) Max B


2) James R


3) Ethan F-H


3) William S



3/4M 208     vs              5D 263


1) Olivia C


1) Samuel K


2) Greyson F


2) Millie P


3) Evie B


3) Oliver R



6R 2364        vs               5/6P 2346


1) Thomas P


1) Ellie J


2) George H


2) Ava K


   3) Ella H


3) Alan W




3G 473          vs                4C 23


1) Rory R


1) Erin P


2) Joe H


2) Will H


3) Hope M


3) Jess B



Current Table

Woodlands TTRS Table



Points Scored



























Next Week's battles

(Note: These battles finish on Thursday rather than Friday due to the INSET day)


4C vs Purple

5/6P vs 3/4M

6R vs 5D

3G vs Yellow


Week 1 - Speed Increases


The following people this week have increased times tables fluency and have received a certificate for reaching the next level! Well done to each of you.


Douglas E (3G)
Joe H (3G)
Eric W (3/4M)
Toby Houseman (3/4M)
Izzy Bird (3G)
Greyson Fox (4C)
Albert Apostalache (3G)
Jack Connolly (4C)
Viveka Chater (3/4M)
Olivia Batty (3/4M)
Izzy Tynan (6R)
Esme Watson (6R)
Alaina Connolly (6R)
Louisa Wilde (5D)

Welcome everyone to the best place to keep up to date with your Times Tables Rockstars School league tables and MVPs!
This webpage is here to show you which class and house are currently leading the way! It is time to get yourself in gear and represent!
Remember you earn points for your class and house by completing the sessions set by your teachers and then practising your tables on each section, earning coins as you go!


Check out each of our sections below to see how everyone is getting on.






NSPCC Rocks – Special event 

Event ran on Friday 7th from 7am – 7pm

Overall school placing – 203rd out of 1477 schools

8498 classes took part.

Top three Woodlands classes:-

6R – 79th in the country
4G – 327th
5/6P – 487th.


MVPs for each class.

6R – Seb B, Ayden H, Neive B

5/6 – Seb W, Thomas S, Laura P

5D – George H, Thomas P, Jack W

4G –  Ellie J, Hugh T, Oliver R

3/4M – Amelia B, Jacob D, Joey S

3A – Jasim A-N, Darcie T, Maya K

Yellow – Arthur S, Eric W, Jamini C

Purple – Erin M, Ethan C, George B

Green – Noah U, Olly S, Tora P-R

Special mention to Ellie J (3/4M) who just missed out on being in the top 50 pupils in the country by just over 100 correct answers.

Week 4 League Results


6R 2003 vs 5/6P 1811 vs 5D 873


Seb B (6R – 47004)                                 Amy A (5/6P – 13029)
Ayden H (6R – 8288)                               Josh K (5/6P – 8985)
Neive B (6R – 1819)                                 Ezra S (5/6P – 7370)


George H (5D – 15152)
Thomas P (5D – 2528)
Jack W (5D – 2364)


Yellow 489 vs 3/4M 383


Olivia C  (Yellow – 4456)                         Lois S (3/4M – 5657)

Jarrod P-C (Yellow – 3072)                     Charlie W (3/4M – 1023)

Arthur S (Yellow – 1400)                        Harry McK  (3/4M – 876)


3A 495 vs Green 421 


Noah U (Green – 7580)                           Joshua D (3A – 3670)

Isha B (Green – 1215)                             Jacob U (3A – 1815)

Emily C (Green – 769)                             Ephraim S (3A – 1728)



4G 2510 vs Purple 935 


Ellie J (4G – 25508)                              Ethan C (Purple – 3374)

Hugh T (4G – 17631)                             Albert A (Purple – 1498)

Emma K (4G – 4500)                              Rosa J (Purple – 1363)

Week 4 League Table

Week 4 Speed Demons!


The following people this week have increased times tables fluency and have received a certificate for reaching the next level!


Ellie J (3/4M)

Seb B (6R)

Laura P (5/6P)

Amy A (5/6P)

Thomas S (5/6P)

Hugh T (3/4M)

Josh K (5/6P)

George H (5D)

Jack W (5D)

Ezra S (5/6P)

Belle S (5D)

Emma K (4G)

Alec S (6R)

Oscar D (4G)

Emma S (5/6P)

Adam J (5D)

Alfie H (5/6P)

Will C (6R)

Callum F (3/4M)

Millie P (4G)

Anna H (4G)

Neive B (6R)

Oliver R (4G)

Ayden H (6R)

Lily McN (4G)

Brooke L (3/4M)

Morgan T (5/6P)

Emily H (3/4M)

Erin P (3A)

Hannah S (5/6P)

Thomas P (5D)

Hayden W (4G)

Lily-May C (3/4M)

Layla O’H (3/4M)

Lois S (3/4M)

Lilly P (4G)

Rory R (Yellow)

Eleanor J (3/4M)

Louisa W (4G)

Katie F (5D)

Daniel W (5/6P)

Erin P (6R)

Charlie W (4G)

Will H (3/4M)

Claudia D (3/4M)

Emily S (5/6P)

Ben S (6R)

Ava S (4G)

Lucas S (Yellow)

Alex K (4G)

Adam P (3A)

Teigan S (4G)

Niall B (5D)

Esme W (5D)

James G (5D)

Nancy C (Green)

George C (Purple)

Max O’K (5D)

Jack C (3/4M)

Jimmy S (3/4M)

Max R (3A)

Esmai D (4G)

Joe H (3/4M)

Ivy R (3/4M)

Jasim A-N (3A)

Louie R (4G)

Stanley N (3/4M)

Joe M (4G)

Harry L (3A)

Week 3 league results!


Once again we have seen some excellent battles taking place! Green class held onto the top spot in the KS1 battle royale despite a push from Yellow class. 5/6P recovered from last weeks loss to destroy the effort from 3A, while 3/4M and 5D was a battle to the bitter end with 5D pulling away in the last few hours to secure the victory.  The battle of the top two resulted in a school best performance with 4G continuing their winning streak with a sizeable victory over 6R.  See below for the full results and match MVPs and their number of correct answers across the week. 

 Green 355 vs Yellow 353 vs Purple 154


Arthur S (Yellow – 5372)                 Noah U (Green – 5794)
Eric W (Yellow – 2192)                     Emily C (Green – 1517)
Jarrod P-C (Yellow – 1211)                Kian T (Green – 500)


Albert A (Purple – 1585)
Ethan C (Purple – 911)
Bradley R (Purple – 474)


5/6P 1384 vs 3A 75


Amy A (5/6P – 12165)                       Erin P (3A – 412)

Laura P (5/6P – 10454)                     Evie S (3A – 372)

Seb W (5/6P – 9442)                       Greyson F (3A – 238)

5D 752 vs 3/4M 340


George H (5D – 9514)                       Brooke L (3/4M – 3114)

Thomas P (5D – 3431)                       Charlie W (3/4M – 468)

Luke P (5D – 3291)                           Will H (3/4M – 295)



4G 3391 vs 6R 1489


Ellie J (4G – 45897)                          Seb B (5D – 30321)

Hugh T (4G – 22689)                         Neive B (5D – 5103)

Oscar D (4G – 9543)                         Scarlett B (5D – 5015)



Next battles (Starting today)

5D vs 5/6P vs vs 6R
3A vs Green
3/4M vs Yellow
4G vs Purple

Week 3 League Table

Week 3 Speed Demons!


The following people this week have increased times tables fluency and have received a certificate for reaching the next level!

Ellie J (3/4M)                                       Emily H (3/4M

Seb B (6R)                                            Thomas C (6R)

Thomas S (5/6P)                                    Lilly P (4G)

Amy A (5/6P)                                        Lois S (3/4M)

Hugh T (3/4M)                                      Thomas P (5D)

George H (5D)                                       Darcey B (4G)

Emma K (4G)                                          Hayden W (4G)

Phoebe A (5/6P)                                    Louisa W (4G)

Owen G (5/6P)                                       Isla O’K (4G)

Belle S (5D)                                           Ethan W (4G)

Ezra S (5/6P)                                        Claudia D (3/4M)

Adam J (5D)                                          Charlie W (4G)

Oscar D (4G)                                         Eleanor J (3/4M)

Neive B (6R)                                          Ava S (4G)

Ella H (5D)                                             Lucas S (Yellow)

Oliver R (4G)                                          Niall B (5D)

Will C (6R)                                              Erin P (6R)

Jack W (5D)                                           Will H (3/4M)

Alfie H (5/6P)                                        Katie F (5D)

Brooke L (3/4M)                                    Aleena S (5/6P)

Lily McN (4G)                                         Joey S (3/4M)

Erin P (3A)                                             Esme W (5D)

Morgan T (5/6P)                                     Lily G (4G)

Layla O’H (3/4M)                                   Kye F (3/4M)

Jack C (3A)                                            Louie R (4G)

Freya S (4G)                                          Darcie T (3A)

Stanley N (3/4M)                                  Joe H (3/4M)

Esmai D (4G)                                         Samuel H (Yellow)

Jimmy S (3/4M)                                    Jessie S (3A)

Ivy R (3/4M)                                        



Congratulations to the above people!

Week 2 league results!


This week saw some fantastic battles taking place! Green class came out of nowhere to storm the Key Stage One battle royale!  5/6P and 3/4M were neck and neck until the final day where the UKS2 class pulled ahead.  6R showed their dominance over 3A throughout the entire week while 5D put in a score that would have won any other battle but it still wasn't enough to defeat the powerhouse that is 4G!  See below for the full results and match MVPs and their number of correct answers across the week. 

Green 164 vs Yellow 162 vs Purple 2


Jarrod P-C (Yellow – 1439)                  James S (Green – 1947)
Olivia C (Yellow – 1412)                         Kian T (Green – 581)
Arthur S (Yellow – 1402)                     Hattie G (Green – 517)


Charlie A (Purple – 56)


5/6P 609 vs 3/4M 300


Thomas S (5/6P – 6913)                    Brooke L (3/4M – 3516)

Ezra S (5/6P – 2898)                        Samuel K (3/4M – 1410)

Amy A (5/6P – 2052)                         Charlie W (3/4M – 703)


6R 950 vs 3A 137


Seb B (6R – 30000)                        Greyson F (3A – 1189)

Lilly C (6R – 1048)                           Darcie T   (3A – 1075)

Erin P (6R – 264)                             Lana F (3A – 306)


4G 3296 vs 5D 1635


Ellie J   (4G – 34776)                        Thomas P (5D – 11417)

Hugh T (4G – 26436)                         Alicia G (5D – 10107)
Oscar D (4G – 12310)                          Belle S (5D – 5381)



Next battles (Starting today)

Yellow vs Purple vs Green
3A vs 5/6P
3/4M vs 5D
4G vs 6R 

Week 2 League Table

Week 2 Speed Demons!


The following people this week have increased times tables fluency and have received a certificate for reaching the next level!

Ellie J (3/4M)               
Isla O (4G)
Seb B (6R)                
Erin P (6R)
Amy A (5/6P)                
Katie F (5D)
Hugh T (3/4M)                
Joey S (3/4M)
Alec S (6R)                
Kye F (3/4M)
George H (5D)                
Max O (5D)
Belle S (5D)                
Freya S (4G)
Ezra S (5/6P)                
Jack C (3A)
Ella H (5D)                
Jack C (3A)
Hannah T (5D)            
Darcie T(3A)
Emma K (4G)            
Ivy R (3/4M)
Oliver R (4G)              
Luke M-R (3A)
Luke P (5D)                
Jessie S (3A)
Corynn P (3/4M)                
Layla O (3/4M)
Alicia G (5D)                
Emily H (3/4M)
Oscar D (4G)                
Ethan W (4G)
Bella H (5D)                
Lily G (3/4M)
Mikey C (5/6P)                
Lois S (3/4M)
Thomas P (5D)            
Jimmy S (3/4M)
Brooke L (3/4M)            
Esmai D (4G)
Thomas C (6R)            
William H (3/4M)
Hayden W (4G)
Claudia D (3/4M)
Eleanor J (3/4M)


Congratulations to the above people!

League Week 1 Results!


This weeks league saw some epic battles which went back and forth throughout the week.  As with every competition there must be a result (scores are calculated as an average number of correct answers across the class) and here they are below:-


Yellow 14 vs Purple 12 vs Green 0


Olivia C (Yellow – 408 correct answers)                          Arabella W (Purple – 365 correct answers)


5D 672 vs 3A 70


George H (5D – 6158 correct answers)                    Heidi W (3A – 344 correct answers)

Thomas P (5D – 5974 correct answers)                     Amelia T (3A – 253 correct answers)

Belle S (5D – 2602 correct answers)                        Jasim A-N (3A – 180 correct answers)



6R 251 vs 3/4M 156


Alec S (6R – 2994 correct answers)                        Brooke L (3/4M – 1962 correct answers)

Emma S (6R – 2771correct answers)                        Charlie W (3/4M – 820 correct answers)

Laura P (6R – 1645correct answers)                       Claudia D (3/4M – 366 correct answers)


4G 2326 vs 5/6P 913


Ellie J (4G – 29928 correct answers)                        Seb B (5/6P – 28124 correct answers)

Hugh T (4G – 11071 correct answers)                      Scarlett B (5/6P – 439 correct answers)

Corynn P (4G – 3991 correct answers)                      Morgan T (5/6P – 436 correct answers)


Next weeks match ups are:-


5D vs 4G

3A vs 6R

3/4M vs 5/6P

Yellow vs Purple vs Green




Week 1 League Table

Week 1 Speed Demons!


The following people this week have increased times tables fluency and have received a certificate for reaching the next level!


Seb B (6R)

Hugh T (3/4M)

Alec S (6R)

George H (5D)

Belle S (5D)

Corynn  P (3/4M)

Isabella H (5/6P)

Thomas C (6R)

Darcey B (4G)

Brooke L (3/4M)

Claudia D (3/4M)

Hayden W (4G)

Teigan S (4G)

Stanley N (3/4M)


Congratulations to the above people!

Summer 2021 Season begins!


The 2021 Summer Term league has begun! 

This week sees the following maths class matchups:-

4G vs 5/6P

3/4M vs 6R

3A vs 5D

Green vs Purple vs Yellow!


The winner in each match will receive three points (if you are in the three way battle then second place will receive a point!)


Make sure you check back each week as we will be publishing the results, MVPs and league table as each match takes place!


Good luck to all involved!

Previous winners:-


W/C 20/4/20

Fastest correct answers
Laura P (4G) answering questions in 1.1 seconds.
Most Coins in the last 7 days.
Laura P (4G) 20112 coins.
Best Accuracy in the last 7 days.
Emily S (6R) 99%
Most Correct Answers in the last 7 days.
Cole F (5D) 4582 correct answers.

W/C 27/4/20

Fastest correct answers
 Laura P (4G) answering questions in 0.98 seconds.
Most Coins in the last 7 days.
Arthur S (Purple) 18010 coins.
Best Accuracy in the last 7 days.
Lotte K (4G) 100%
Most Correct Answers in the last 7 days.
Sam McK (56P) 3430 correct answers.

W/C 5/5/20

Fastest correct answers
Thomas S (4G) answering questions in 1.28 seconds.
Most Coins in the last 7 days.
Thomas S (4G) 26970 coins.
Best Accuracy in the last 7 days.
Olivia C (Green) 100%
Most Correct Answers in the last 7 days.
Laura P (4G) 2908 correct answers.

W/C 11/5/20

Fastest correct answers
Olivia K (4G) answering questions in 1.38 seconds.
Most Coins in the last 7 days.
Sam McK (56P)  30160 coins.
Best Accuracy in the last 7 days.
Jess B (Yellow) 100%
Most Correct Answers in the last 7 days.
Alfie H (5D) 2858 correct answers.