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Week Beginning 18.1.21

Activity 1

Today we would like the children to use the Oak Academy link below to watch lesson 1 which is all about things that are hot and cold. At the end it suggests making your own experiment using ice cubes and even freezing toys in ice cubes. You could put them in different places to see which are warmer and colder and how this affects the ice or try breaking them free.

This activity should encourage lots of 'talking' and discussion work relating to the topic. Discuss any words that may arise like water, frozen, ice and melting.

Finish the session with a Frozen workout. Copy the actions with Elsa.

Activity 2

Today we would like the children to use Oak Academy again and this time we would like you to watch lesson 2 about hot and cold places. When it has finished you could sort some of your own clothes into 2 piles, one for warm sunny places and one for cold places. You may also wish to write a list of things that you would take on holiday to hot or cold places.

Finish the session with some daily movement. Follow the link and copy the movements on the GoNoodle activity.

Activity 3

Today we would like you to continue to think about sorting things that are for cold places and those that are for hot places. Look at the worksheet below and have a go at sorting the clothes for hot and cold places. If you have a printer you could try cutting and sticking them or simply pick some items and talk about them, sorting verbally.


Finish today by following  the link to the Cosmic Yoga session  below.

Activity 4

Today is a drawing /colouring lesson.

We would like you to design your own winter hat and scarf/gloves. You can use the below worksheet or draw the outline of each item on a piece of paper and think about what design you would like to add. Can you add a repeating pattern? A picture of something? Spots or stripes? Be as creative as you like!


Follow the link below to go to the GoNoodle website. This is a calm, relaxing short session for the children to follow.

Activity 5

In school we always have lots of creative activities in our craft area. We would like you to be creative today and make your own penguin, like the penguin from this week’s story ‘Penguin Small’. Look at the images below to give you some ideas. You could use pencils, paint, paper plates or cups, toilet rolls, cotton wool or a transient art penguin (making the outline from pasta, stones, or any other small objects)


We’d like you to finish today with one of our favourite movement/action songs from ‘We’re going on an elf chase’. Follow the link below to join in with the penguin dance.