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Week Beginning 11.1.21

Monday - Activity 1

Look at the PowerPoint All About the Number 8. Work through the slides together encouraging your child to count carefully. Can they count out 8 objects from around the house? Perhaps count out 8 spoons from the drawer? 8 socks from the pile?

Tuesday - Activity 2

Watch the Numberblocks number 8 episode. Discuss what happens and how number 8 is made.

Then watch the video of the teachers showing your child how to correctly form the number 8. This is a tricky one to form correctly so they may need some time to practise this either on paper or on a whiteboard if you have one at home. Say the rhyme as you form and write the number 8.

Mrs Fortune forming 8

Still image for this video

Wednesday-Activity 3


Look at the PowerPoint Talk About the number 8’.

Whilst looking at this PowerPoint, your child should count the different objects shown in the pictures. You could discuss how many there are of each object and also the different ways of representing 8. For example, the eight divers’ flippers are shown as 2 + 2 + 2 + 2, while the eight shells are shown as 6 + 2.


Your child may also enjoy this song.

Number of the day song : 8


Talk about the number 8

Thursday- Activity 4


Look at the PowerPoint The Adventures of Number 8. Work through the slides together, encouraging your child to count objects carefully and talking about the different representations of 8.

Complete number 8 activity sheet and upload it to Google Classroom.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer. Your child could practise writing the number 8 on a piece of paper and drawing/ placing 8 objects on hand drawn part-part whole models.

Friday-Activity 5

Using household items, such as teddies, sweets or toys, encourage your child to find different ways of making 8. Your child could count out 8 teddies. If you put 7 teddies on the chair, how many are left on the floor? If you put 6 on the chair, how many are left on the floor? How many different ways can your child find of making 8? Can you record it in different ways using tally marks, dots or even numbers.

We hope you have enjoyed all the practical activities, songs and PowerPoints about the number 8. On Monday next week we will be uploading activities all about a new number.