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Week Beginning 1.2.21

This week we are focusing on the 'oa' sound. This is a digraph so 2 letters make 1 sound. We are going to focus on lots of short reading sessions using captions, phrases and sentences and writing and applying the 'oa' sound.


Monday – Activity 1

Listen to the jolly phonics song (up to 9 min 51 secs)

Open the PowerPoint all about the ‘oa’ sound and work through the slides.

oa PowerPoint

Tuesday - Activity 2

Watch the video of Mrs Fortune

If you have a printer, print the page, cut, and stick the labels to match the correct picture. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer you can read the words and draw a picture to match the word.


Mrs Fortune oa sound

Still image for this video

Wednesday – Activity 3

Reading short sentences and captions are very important to help your child segment and blend correctly.

Ask your child to read the following short sentences that contain words with the ‘oa’ sound.


The coat is red.

The bus is on the road.

The boat has a sail.

I had toast with jam.


Draw a picture to match each sentence.

Thursday - Activity 4

Refer back to the sentences from the previous day. Can you write your own about these pictures. Use the words given to help you.

Friday - Activity 5

Complete the ‘oa’ worksheet. Once completed, please hand it in via Google Classroom.

Please watch the video of Geraldine Giraffe talking about the ‘oa’ sound.