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Week Beginning 1.2.21

This week is a very different week for the children as it is all about non-fiction texts. These are books that tell us facts about things, people and places. They are not stories. We are going to be looking at non-fiction texts about polar animals and then looking at how we can write some facts ourselves.



Monday-Activity 1

Look at the PowerPoint about non-fiction texts. Go through it and discuss the different pages and common features like contents and index.

Non-Fiction PowerPoint

Look at the book covers about penguins. Can you say which are fiction and which are non-fiction?

Discuss the front covers, pictures and titles to help your child to decide. If you have got a variety of fiction and non-fiction books at home you could try sorting them and putting them into 2 groups.

Tuesday-Activity 2

Watch Mrs Chadwick model how to use and find information in a non-fiction book.

The main features we are focusing on are the contents and index to help us use the books effectively.

Mrs Chadwick exploring a non fiction text

Still image for this video

Today is a reading task.

As this week is all about non-fiction texts we have signed up to a website called epic books. This will enable your child to look at some example of polar non-fiction books online. It is very simple to log in. We have assigned 2 read-a-long books for you to look at. One book is about polar bears and the other is about penguins. These books will allow you to discuss how non-fiction books often have a contents page and index. Look at the contents and index and ask your child how to find certain pages.

In google search:


Enter class code for Blue Class stv0360

Enter class code for Red Class zbq1444

Select your child’s name and you should get a message saying the teachers have assigned you a book. Click on the books to read. If you do not get a message, click on mailbox (in the top corner) and you should see that we have assigned you 2 books. Click on them to read.

Question the children:

What page can you find out about…?

What is on page…?

What is at the beginning of the book?

What is at the end of the book?

Wednesday-Activity 3

Watch the clip about polar bears. Think about how they move and what they are covered in.

Look at the picture of the polar bear. Label the main features. Use your phonics to sound out the words.

As a challenge

Can the children compare a penguin and a polar bear?

 State their differences. This could be done verbally or as a short written task.

Thursday-Activity 4

Recap what you know about penguins and polar bears before you begin the writing task. We would like you to write facts about both animals. Keep the facts simple and precise.

Watch  Mrs Fortune model how to write a fact about a polar bear using images from the epic book.

Non fiction sentence writing

Still image for this video

Friday-Activity 5

Today we would like you to watch the clip from ‘Andy’s wild adventures’. Now It is your turn to make a little fact book with as many short captions about polar bears or any other polar animals like an arctic fox or hare that you can think of. You could fold the paper so that it looks like a real mini book. You could add a contents page, draw pictures, label a diagram or map and write some new facts.