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Week Beginning 1.2.21

Please look in the 'Physical Development Star' below for a range of fun games and activities.

Child mental health week

This week from 1st-7th February is ‘Child’s mental health’ week. We would like you to focus on identifying different feelings. Look at the 2 suggested PowerPoints and discuss how the children and their faces show different emotions. Talk about whether they are feeling happy, sad, angry, frightened etc. Discuss personal situations when your child may feel some of these emotions.

Ask the children to draw 2 pictures of themselves, one when they are happy and one when they are sad. Around or underneath the pictures they could write when they feel these emotions.

We are hoping that these simple activities generate lots of discussion.

You could also look at the emotions cards included below. Can they identify each feeling on the cartoon emotion card.

Cartoon emotions.

You could also try this lovely activity at home.
Being Imaginative Activities

Activity 1

Start by doing some Frozen yoga.

It mentions the ice palace during the yoga session. So this week it’s your turn to make either a palace or a castle. It could look like the ice palace or Arendelle castle from the film 'Frozen' using materials like sugar cubes, cotton wool, paper cups, tubes, boxes and any other junk materials. Decorate or paint to add finishing touches. This will probably be an activity that you keep returning to and adding to during the week. On the first day you may choose your resources and draw a plan of what you want it to look like. On the second day you may want to cut, stick and assemble the castle together and then leave it to dry. On the third day you may want to paint or decorate your castle. You could then use it to play with or even make some characters and  to go in it. We hope you have fun and enjoy this creative activity.

Here are some images to give you some ideas of what your palace or castle could look like.

Activity 2

Tin foil painting. This works really well and we completed something very similar to paint a ‘starry night’ image before Christmas.

1. Get some tin foil and wrap it around a piece of cardboard (like one side of a cereal box).

2. Decide what you would like to paint. It could be a scene from ‘Penguin Small’, an arctic scene or one of the polar animals.

3. Look at the colours on the colour wheels and discuss how some are warm and some are cold.

Choose cold colours (green, blue, indigo and violet) for your painting.

4. Now you can begin painting, keep the paint quite thick and not too watery.

5. Leave it to dry flat so that the paint does not run.

Activity 3

Watch the episode of 'Go Jetters' Polar Explorers.

You could now work through the Cbeebies Go Jetters PowerPoint and discuss some of the pictures and new vocabulary that it introduces.

Activity 4

Watch the lovely story of ‘The girl who went to the North Pole’.

After watching you could discuss the animals that they saw and where they lived. How they travelled around the North pole. Vocabulary and meanings, like the word camouflage.

Activity 5

This is the final week we will be learning about the Polar regions so we thought it would be nice for you to watch a couple of Andy’s Arctic adventures and discuss what you can see, the animals that live there and what they look like. Evaluate all your learning. Say what has been your favourite animal and why. Discuss what you think it would be like to go to the Polar Regions.