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Week Beginning 1.3.21

Activity 6

There are many different versions of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. They are all very similar but not exactly the same. This is because traditional tales are old they are not always retold in exactly the same way. Here is another retelling of the story by the Tweenies.

Today we thought it would be fun for you to use some construction toys/blocks of your own to make a pathway through the woods for little Red Riding Hood. The image below shows one way it could be done.

Activity 7

Today is …

Watch this lovely ballet performance of Little Red Riding Hood. It is quite a long performance so you may want to get comfy, grab yourself a snack and a drink and relax while you watch the show. Look at how the dancers move to the music and how the story is retold though music and movement.

Activity 8

Playing games is an important part of development. They encourage children to take turns, share and even use number skills during play-based activities.

Here is a template of a game that you could print off or you could even draw and make up your own board game.

You could use the interactive dice link if you don’t have one at home and make your own counters or use small objects.

Activity 9

This activity is a colouring, cutting and sticking activity to make a basket for Grandma.

There are many other ways that you could represent it too. You could use some plastic toy food and choose what items you would put in the basket. You could also use playdough or plasticine to make some food items for the basket or follow the salt dough recipe below to make your own food.

Activity 10

We all love a little picnic! So today we would like you to think about what food you would like to include in your own picnic basket. Draw a picture of the food and then write a list of all the yummy thinks you would include. If it is a nice day you could even make a picnic and take it into the woods or have a picnic in your own garden or even your house!

We hope that you have fun with this activity and enjoy any treats that you include in your picnic! Who will you share them with?