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Week Beginning 18.1.21

This week we are introducing the number 9. We will focus on recognising the number 9, counting out 9 objects from a larger group and representing 9 in different ways.

Monday-Activity 1

Look at the PowerPoint ‘The Adventures of Number 9’.

Work through the slides together, encouraging your child to count objects carefully and talking about the different representations of the number 9.

Can they find 9 items from around the house?

Place them in a line and ensure careful counting. Encourage them to touch each object as they count to ensure 1 to 1 correspondence. Can they arrange them in a different way and still touch count?

 Represent the 9 objects making marks either like a tally or dots.

Your child may also enjoy learning this number 9 song.

PowerPoint- The adventures of 9

Tuesday-Activity 2

Watch the video of Mrs Chadwick showing how to correctly form the number 9. Encourage your child to practise the correct formation either on paper or on a whiteboard if you have one at home. Say the number 9 rhyme as they form the number.

Number 9 with Mrs Chadwick

Still image for this video

Work through the PowerPoint ‘All about the number 9’.


Practise counting forwards and backwards to and from 9. Make your own number line to 9, starting at 0. Make sure you form your numbers carefully.  Use this to find 1 more than and 1 less than 9.

Wednesday-Activity 3

Watch Numberblocks number 9 episode.

How was the number 9 represented? (Three rows of three.)

Using 9 household objects/toys find different ways of arranging the number 9. For example, you could arrange them as three rows of three, a row of six and a row of three, a row of five and a row of four, etc. How many different ways can you find? Record the ways using marks or even numbers.


Look at this clip to learn more about number 9.

I Can Show the Number 9 in Many Ways | Number Recognition Song | Jack Hartmann

Learn about the number 9. Learn the different ways number 9 can be represented. See the number nine on a number line, ten frame, numeral, word, dice, dominoe...

Thursday-Activity 4


Complete the number 9 activity sheet and upload it to Google Classroom. If you don’t have a printer, simply complete the activity on a piece of paper using a larger drawn square split into 9 smaller squares.  (Your child may find it useful to have practical objects to count to help them with this activity.)


As the sheet is completed, it is important to discuss with your child the different ways they are colouring in the number 9. For example, if 1 square is already coloured in, how many squares do they have to colour? If 2 squares are already coloured, how many do they have to colour, etc? They may like to record on a piece of paper or a whiteboard the different numbers they have used to colour in 9. For example, 1 and 8, 2 and 7, etc.

Friday-Activity 5


Look at the PowerPoint Talk about the number 9.

While looking at the pictures encourage careful counting of each object and discuss the different representations of the number 9. For example, the nine pigs are shown as 8 + 1, while the nine hay bales are shown as 3 + 3 + 3.

You could record the different ways of representing 9 using pictures, marks or number sentences.



Use this clip to show different ways to represent the number 9.