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Week Beginning 18.1.21

This week we would like you to look at 2 books with your child. 

In school we would have been beginning Guided Reading Sessions after Christmas. You may like to follow a similar format with your child when reading with them at home.

1. Read the book to your child and then discuss the story asking them questions about the characters and setting.

2. Let your child read to you, using their phonics to segment and blend each word together.

3. Ask your child to find and write down some of the 'Tricky Words' that are in the book (the, to, I, he, she, go, no, be, we, me, into, was)

4. Choose some words that they may not be as familiar with and discuss their meaning.

 The books we would like you to read this week are:

The books we would like you to read this week are Big, Bad Bug & The Dragon Balloon