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Week Beginning 18.1.21

Monday - Activity 1

This week we will be learning a new digraph 'ee'. This is 2 letters joined together to make 1 sound.

Please listen to and join in with the Jolly Phonics Song up to 9.23mins.

Work through the PowerPoint completing the tasks and activities on the 'ee' sound

ee PowerPoint

If you open the Twinkl PowerPoint on a mobile or tablet device the letter font may change. However, if you download PowerPoint on the App store (it is free) this should resolve the issue. Please refer to the teacher video on how to form the letters correctly. The PowerPoint works best if opened on a laptop or computer. Please note that some of the animations work best if opened as a PowerPoint rather than a Google slide.

Tuesday - Activity 2

You will need a piece of paper and a pencil. Watch the video of Mrs Fortune introducing the ‘ee’ sound. We would like you to have a go at writing the ‘ee’ sound using the correct formation that Mrs Fortune shows you. Can you think of any words that have the ‘ee’ sound in them? Write them down on a piece of paper.

Mrs Fortune ee sound

Still image for this video

Wednesday - Activity 3

Work through the Funny Phonics PowerPoint to segment and blend words containing the ‘ee’ sound. When you have finished, challenge yourself to complete the extra worksheet all about the ‘ee’ sound. Remember, don’t worry if you don’t have access to a printer you can write them on a blank piece of paper and draw your own pictures.

Thursday - Activity 4

Log in to Phonics Play using the link below

Username: jan21

Password: home

Select Picnic on Pluto , +ee. To play this game you need to read the word and drag it to Obb ‘ or Bob. If it is a ‘pretend’ word, feed it to Obb. If it is a real word, feed it to Bob. Good luck !

Friday - Activity 5

Complete the phonics worksheet on Google Classrooms all about the ‘ee’ sound. Please upload this when it is complete. When you have finished your worksheet, watch the Geraldine video and find the ‘ee’ sound around her house.

Can you make a list of things you can find around your house that have the ‘ee’ sound in them?