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Week Beginning 22.2.21

This week we are exploring number bonds to 10 using the 10 frame. We will be finding different ways of building 10 on the 10 frame using coins, toys or any small household objects.  They will also use different representations such as fingers and number shapes (included for you to print or draw).

Activity 1 –Monday

Watch the short clip of the teacher making 10 using coins on the 10 frame.

Find 10 coins and have a go at playing the game yourself. You could print out the 10 frames included or simply draw your own on a piece of paper. How many different ways of making 10 on the 10 frame can you find?


As an extra challenge, can you write a number sentence to match each of the ways that you find to make 10?


Still image for this video

Activity 2 – Tuesday

Watch and join in with the Making 10 song.

This song demonstrates how to make 10 using cut out number shapes.


Using the cut out number shapes, find as many ways as you can to make 10.  Which 2 other shapes will fit onto the number 10 shape? How can you make sure that you have found all the possibilities?


Record the different ways that you find by making drawings or writing number sentences.


The number shapes are included, but if you haven’t got a printer, you could draw the shapes with the correct number of circles drawn on instead.

Activity 3 – Wednesday

Watch the White Rose maths home learning video making 10. This video uses different representations, including dice and 10 frames, to make 10. Using the 10 frame is particularly effective when learning number bonds to 10 as the empty spaces are immediately obvious. Your child may be able to use their subitising skills to recognise how many spaces in the 10 frame are full/ empty without having to count them.

Once you have watched the video, complete the activity explained at the end.

Numeral cards and 10 frames are included here, but if you don’t have a printer, you could simply draw them.

Activity 4 – Thursday

Watch the White Rose maths home learning video which reinforces making 10. As you watch the video, encourage your child to use the language ‘how many more’ when describing how many more spaces need to be filled to make 10. As the 10 frame is filled, ask them how many spaces are still empty and encourage them to say the associated number sentence out loud.

Once you have watched the video, have a go at the activity described by making your own large 10 frame and hiding 10 objects around the house or in the garden.


Extra Problem Solving Challenge – Once all the objects have been found, ask your child to close their eyes while you take some of the objects away or hide some under a cloth/ tea towel. Can they say how many have been hidden each time? How did they work it out? Encourage them to verbalise their reasoning.

Activity 5 - Friday

Watch the Numberblocks episode Blast Off which reinforces number bonds to 10.

As you watch the episode, encourage your child to say the number sentences which make 10 each time.


Now complete the maths activity sheet and upload it to Google Classroom. If you don’t have a printer, simply write down your answers on a piece of paper.


As an extra challenge, you could encourage your child to write the number sentences to match each of the 10 frames that they complete.