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Week Beginning 22.2.21

Activity 1

To begin this topic on ‘Traditional Tales’ we are going to be concentrating on ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Can you join in with the song and actions.

Watch and listen to the story.

Today we would like you to think about the setting and characters in the story. To do this we would like you to make a little red riding hood story box. This can be made out of a shoe or cereal box. You can paint, colour or collage the background/setting. You could add things to make it 3D and then make some little puppet characters.

Activity 2

Here are 2 songs for you to listen to and join in with. Which characters are they about?

Are they good or bad characters?

Today we would like you to make the character using a paper plate or cutting out a circle from a cardboard box. You can paint, colour or collage the wolf’s face. Then you could cut out and stick on 2 ears, a nose, mouth and 2 eyes. You could copy the idea from the image below or make up your own wolf.

Activity 3

Today we would like you to think about all the characters in the story. How many are there? Which characters are good and which are bad?

We would like you to make some finger puppets. You can colour and cut out the ones below or make your own. We would then like you to try retelling the story using your puppets. You could use your ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ story box at the same time.

Listen to this story before retelling it to remind you what happens.

Finger puppets

We love Sudoku! Can you solve this puzzle?

Activity 4

Listen and join in with the song about baking a cake for Grandma.

Hopefully you all like cake and here is a simple recipe to make a cake from Little Red Riding Hood to Grandma. We would like you to help an adult to make and bake a cake for Grandma from Red Riding Hood. Follow the instructions below or use your own cake recipe to bake together today.

Activity 5

Yoga is very good for you so here is a quick video for you to join in with about Little Red Riding Hood by Kids adventure yoga.

The next thing we would like you to do is join in with this song about ‘red’.

Now you could go on a hunt around your house and find things that are red. You could find food, clothes or toys. Draw and label the red things you have found in a grid like the one below.