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Week Beginning 25.1.21

This week we are continuing to focus on story structure and we will be asking the children to recall the story of 'Penguin Small' by Mick Inkpen and then write it in their own words in 3 clear parts with a beginning, middle and end. 

We would like the children to spend 3 days writing the different parts of the story and submit it once you have finished it all!



Monday-Activity 1

Today we would like you to use your story map and retell it to an adult. We would like you to use the language associated with story-telling; First, next, then and finally.


First watch this different reading of the Penguin Small story.

Tuesday-Activity 2

We will be using lots of ‘Tricky’ words in our writing this week. Watch the song below and join in. See if you can remember some of the ‘Tricky’ words after watching it and write a list, remember you cannot sound out ‘Tricky’ words.

Today we want you to write the beginning of the story.

Watch the teachers modelling how to write a sentence.

Writing a sentence

Still image for this video

Now have a go! Remember to introduce the characters and setting. We would like you to write in full sentences, rehearsing what you want to write first. You can tap it out, clap and count the words.

Wednesday-Activity 3

Here is another ‘Tricky’ word song for you to watch and join in with. Again, see if you can remember some of the words and write them in a list. You can then use them when you are writing the middle part of your story.

Today we would like you to write the middle of the story. Think about where Penguin Small went (Jungle island). Remember to use a word like ‘Then’ or ‘Next’ to signal time. Write a short description and say who he met and what they were like (you did this last week in Activity 3). Expand your ideas from last week and write a full sentence.

Thursday-Activity 4

Today we would like you to write the ending. Remember all the things we have been encouraging you to do this week; ‘Tricky’ words, rehearsing sentences before writing and using full sentences. Remember to begin with a word that shows you are near the end, like ‘Finally’.

Now that you have finished your story here is another book with a penguin as the main character. It is called ‘Runaway Iceberg’. Enjoy listening to the book together, pausing, discussing the pictures and text as you go through it.

Friday-Activity 5

Can you read all 3 parts of your story back to an adult? Explain that we re-read our work to check it makes sense when we have finished.

Today Mrs Chadwick has been on a hunt around the school for things beginning with ‘p’ for penguin or pear or pen etc.. Have a look at what she has found and then watch her modelling how to write a list.

For a bit of fun, go on a hunt and find things around your house beginning with the letter ‘P’. Write a list of all the things you have found. Remember to use your phonics to sound out the words.

Here is a sheet with initial sounds that you may want to complete at home following on from your hunt around your home to find things beginning with ‘P’.


As it is the end of the week you may want to listen to this lovely story about a penguin called ‘Lost and found’ by Oliver Jeffers. You could try and answer these questions about the story; Where do penguins come from? What is it like in the South Pole?