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Week Beginning 8.2.21

Monday-Activity 1

Today we would like you to read the Chinese New Year story.

It is important that children have a good understanding of stories that they listen to and can recall some facts. Ask your child the following questions and look back over the story to find the answers.

What animals are in the story? How many altogether?

Which animal won the race? Why did he win?

Why didn’t the dragon win the race when he could fly?

Which animals shared the raft?

What kind of animal is a boar?

Can you now draw the animals/write a list in the order that they finished the race.

Tuesday-Activity 2

Here are 2 videos for you to watch about how Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year.

We have also assigned a Chinese New Year reading book on epic books for you. Use the same class codes as last week.

Enter class code for Blue Class stv0360

Enter class code for Red Class zbq1444

You could also look at the photo PowerPoint below.

How Chinese New Year is celebrated

After you have watched the clips and read the story, try and recall 4 things that are done to celebrate the festival. Divide a piece of plain paper into 4 equal parts and draw/label 4 things you have found out e.g. cleaning the house, red envelopes with money inside, Chinese banquet, parade, fire crackers.

Wednesday-Activity 3

Today we would like you to think about Chinese food and design your own plate. Use Google to look at different images and research some food that you would like to draw.

Here are some images we have found for you.

Once you have drawn your plate of food we would like you to label it. You could draw more than one food on your plate, especially if you like many different things!

Thursday-Activity 4

Look at this image of a Chinese menu.

Look at the layout of the menu, headings and pictures.

Now we would like you to design your own menu. You could choose foods that you have had before or you could use Google to look at images and decide which meals you would like to try. Add these to your menu along with some headings and pictures. Use the template on Google Classroom or design your own and upload it!

Friday-Activity 5

Read ‘Dragons in the city’. Look on Google Classroom for this material. It is posted under Literacy.


Now look at this page from the story. When it is Chinese New Year they all made wishes. Can you write a short wish that you would put on the tree.