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Week Beginning 8.2.21

Activity 1

Look at these pictures. And the photo PowerPoint.

Images to discuss

What do you think is happening? Where is it? What animal can you see? What colour is there lots of? Explain it is Chinese New Year.

Listen to this story that outlines some Chinese customs.

Locate China on a map. Discuss where in the world this is. Locate England (UK) on the map. Is China near us? Or is it far away?

You could end this session with some Cosmic Yoga.

Activity 2

Food tasting- noodles,

Discuss what types of food we eat for celebrations e.g. birthdays, Christmas etc.

Explain that the image below is the type of food Chinese people eat during their celebrations.

Ask your child what they think these foods will taste like.

If you are able to cook a rice or noodle dish for your child to taste you could then discuss what they liked/didn’t like and which they preferred.


Listen to this story called ‘The Runaway Wok’

Activity 3

Today we would like you to make a Chinese lantern, using a piece of paper. An image and instructions are included below.

Activity 4


Another lovely easy practical activity for you to complete with your child today. This activity involves drawing/decorating a single piece of paper and then folding it to make a Chinese fan

Look at the images of some Chinese patterns on fans. What do these patterns look like? Carry out a discussion about the patterns and how they could imitate these.

Watch the clip below that shows you how to make a paper fan.

Now begin to make your own fan. Remember to decorate both sides. Then begin folding.

Activity 5


Look at the CBeebies video of Chinese New Year celebrations with a lion/dragon dance in it. How are they dancing? Do we dance like this? Explain that a lion dance is thought to bring good luck.

The following clip is a story that also shows a dancing dragon.

Now have a go at doing your own Chinese dragon dance.

This is one of our favourite activities that we make when we are usually in school. It is to make our very own little dancing dragon.

Print out the sheet below and then use your super cutting and sticking skills to make

the dragon. You can stick little lollipop sticks (or 2 other stick-like objects on the head and the tail so that you can make it dance to some Chinese music. If you don’t have a printer you could draw the shapes onto paper and colour your own in.