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Welcome to Year 1/2!


Welcome to the Year 1/2 information page.
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Week Commencing 12.7.21

Sports Day 2021

Yellow Team enjoying 'Every One Reading in Class' (ERIC Time) in the sunshine.

No-uniform day! We dressed up as a character or a role that began with the same letter as our name.

Week Commencing 28.6.21

In orienteering this week, we learned how to use a magnetic compass. We then played a game to help us learn the 4 main points of the compass. We enjoyed playing a memory game to learn about symbols on a map. There were so many for us to find! We worked well in our teams and we were very competitive! !

Week Commencing 21.6.21

Forest school- We loved our session this week. We had to work as a team to complete all the challenges that Mr Anderson set!

We have enjoyed learning about money this week for 'My Money Week'.

Music- This week we played drums to the beat of the music!

Athletics- This week we have been focusing on running. We were able to apply the correct movements to jump over the hurdles correctly!

Green Class were learning how to be super runners this week. We played lots of games to develop our skills and ended with a relay race. Owls were the winning team.

PE - Orienteering - We enjoyed playing Follow The Leader to practise the skills of listening and following instructions to work together as an effective team.

My Money Week - We visited our class 'shop' and 'bought' a selection of items. We learned that it is important to always check our change!

Week Commencing 14.6.21

Forest schools- Purple class had another fantastic session with Mr Anderson. This week, we focused on team building games. We loved working together and supporting each other.

This week in athletics we have been learning to run effectively in a relay race. We adapted our movements to run at a greater speed.

Today we learnt about archeology and how we know what life was like in prehistoric Britain. We were given artefacts and enjoyed being archeologists.

In P.E , we had our first athletics session.

As part of our PE topic 'orienteering' we have had a wonderful time playing parachute games. We needed to work as a team, communicate effectively, listen to instructions, follow instructions and remember instructions. We loved every minute!

Week commencing 7.6.21

We have painted more of our clay sea creatures.

We have been estimating and comparing lengths and heights in maths.