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Welcome to Year 1/2!


Welcome to the Year 1/2 information page.
Read about what we have been doing so far.



Year 2 children recently completed a 6 week cricket course called ‘Chance to Shine’. Run by Greg Pennington from Lancashire Cricket Club on behalf of Formby Cricket Club, the children developed the skills of bowling, batting and fielding. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take part and we have some budding cricketing stars of the future!

In Geography, we have been using an atlas to locate continents and oceans using compass directions.

Today in PE, Miss O'Neill was starting recruitment for her netball team! We worked on chest passes, ensuring we held the ball in a 'w' shape and caught it with our arms stretched out.

'Our Titanic Journey' - The final masterpiece!

Our topic is... Rumble in the Jungle!


Geography- We are learning about the seven continents and five oceans!

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As part of our geography work, we have been learning about the seven continents and five oceans. To help us remember, we have been learning this super song!

In our geography work, we will study the world map. We will name the continents and oceans of the world and identify deserts and Polar Regions, as well as the location of the world's rainforests.

In art and design, we will look at animal prints. We will replicate these patterns through drawing and printing.


In science, we are learning about 'Living Things and Their Habitats'. We will be learning about different habitats and the plants and animals that live there. We will be learning to tell the difference between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive. We will be making observations of a local habitat and the creatures that live their, investigation conditions in local microhabitats and how they affect the minibeasts found within them.

Green class- This week, we produced a shape poem about the Titanic. We added some key features of poetry, such as alliteration. We are so proud of ourselves!

13.2.20- Design Technology

Today, we all set sail on the maiden voyage of the Titanic as third class passengers! The children spent the day designing and making their own bread roll. We discussed different shapes and textures that we could add to our roll and also discussed health and safety before cooking. The children worked on their kneading and slicing skills and evaluated their work. 

Green class- 2nd class

10.02.20 Today in Design Technology we spent the day; planning, creating and evaluating, rooms for aboard the Titanic. Each class were allocated either 1st, 2nd or 3rd class and had to work in groups of three to design a room using the information we have learnt through History and English. The children listened and worked brilliantly together demonstrating our school rules and had lots of fun in the process! We then evaluated the materials we used, how stable our room was, what we liked the most and what we would improve next time. 

06.02.20 Today in Science, we wanted to answer the question 'What material is the most absorbent?'. We set up an experiment using different materials, to ensure it was a fair test we used the same size material and amount of water.

03.02.20 Last week we wrote diary entries as our final piece of work for Samson's Titanic Journey. We were looking for; super adjectives and verbs, capital letters, full stops and time conjunctions. You can see from the writing how much children have enjoyed reading this book.

31.01.20 This week in maths we have been learning how to measure in centimetres and metres. We have also been learning how to read the time.

30.01.20. As part of our History topic, we discussed different classes aboard the Titanic. We then created an advert for a first class ticket using the information we had learnt. We needed to ensure we spoke loud and clear and with expression.

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28.1.20- Our science investigation.

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Today, Green class carried out a science investigation. Our question was, 'Which material is the best insulator?'. We were given cotton wool, paper towels, fabric, cling film and tin foil. We wrapped these materials around a cup of boiling water to see which material would insulate the heat. We understood that in order to carry out this investigation, we needed to ensure our test was fair. We added the same amount of water to the same type of cup and used the same amount of each material. We took the temperature immediately, which was 65 degrees. After waiting 10 minutes we repeated the temperature test. Here are our results...
Paper towel- 55 degrees
Tin foil- 56 degrees
Cling film- 53 degrees
Cotton wool- 52 degrees
Fabric- 52 degrees

The best insulator was the tin foil.

27.01.20 Last week we started ERIC (everybody read in class) time. We enjoyed reading and sharing our favourite books from home with friends. Could children please bring a book from home to keep in their tray and share with the class. These can be swapped for another when children feel necessary.

23.01.20 Today we recapped how to log onto the computers and then used the basic features of the Paint program to draw the Titanic!

22.1.20- We have been learning about the different classes on board the Titanic. Today we produced an advertisement for a stay on the luxurious Titanic!

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20.01.20 Take a look at our fantastic Titanic sketches! We have been looking at the features of a picture carefully and learning how to shade.

20.1.20- In games we are learning how to play cricket. We are using our coordination skills to throw and hit the ball.

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17.1.20- Koala day! We have raised £411 for the Koalas affected by the bush fires in Australia. We brought in our favourite teddy and donated £1 each.

In assembly we discussed New Year's resolutions and why we make them. We decided to make a resolution for at home and at school. Here are some examples... so you can check they are doing them at home!

Our topic is... From the sea to the sky!

Our science topic is Everyday Materials- We have been investigating which materials are waterproof!

ERIC time!

Some fantastic work from home! The children are engrossed in our History & English lessons about the Titanic.

In our History lessons so far, we have put the development of boats in chronological order and completed fact finding about the Titanic in pairs!

Peer massage

This week we have started Peer Massage. We have been learning the different techniques on our own hands and our partners. 

This term in history, we are learning about the development of ships and planes from past to present. We will look in-depth at the Titanic; events leading to the sinking of the ship; the different classes aboard and links to Liverpool. We are linking this to our English and will be reading 'Samson's Titanic Journey' by Lauren Graham and Roisin Mathews.

Our topic is... Toys!

Father Christmas came to our party!

Big Christmas Quiz, sprout eating competition and Christmas card making!

Green class- We have been designing, creating and evaluating our own Victorian style peg doll in Design Technology, linked to our History topic.

Purple class enjoyed designing, creating and evaluating their own Victorian style peg doll in Design Technology, linked to our History topic.

Thank you for all your help with the parent questionnaires. The children enjoyed discussing your toys with their friends and reading them to the class.

Rehearsals are well underway for our Nativity 'The Inn-Spectors'! Please continue to help your child learn their lines. We are so excited to share our hard work with you!

Green class- How many ways can you make 10?

English- We have been ordering the story of The Little Red Hen, We also produced some fantastic story boards.

IT- we have been applying our knowledge of E-Safety to use the internet responsibly.

In outdoor PE, we are learning how to play football!

Over the next few weeks, our English will be focused on The Little Red Hen. We will be inventing an alternative ending to the familiar story. 

In science, we are learning about the human body. 

Our topic is... Come Outside!

Geography- we have been using compass directions to navigate a Beebot

We loved learning about music from Africa!

Our music!

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Let's talk PANTS! With help from our friendly Pantosaurus, we have been learning how to stay safe. The children loved creating their own Pantosaurus to help them remember the PANTS rules and even performed a dance to the Pantosaurus song!

We are the Kings and Queens of 'Tiny Things'! We have been looking at different ways to protect our insects.

We had lots of fun using the tyres, planks of wood and other equipment to build our own boats, cars and aeroplanes!

Friday 11th October

Next week, we will be reading our new text The King of Tiny Things by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward, who also wrote the Bog Baby. We will be producing a poster about looking after our environment and its 'Tiny Things'.


BINGO! What a brilliant way to practise recognising numbers to 100.

We are working on our rolling and jumping skills.

Friday 4th October

This week, we have been inspired by British landscape artists such as John Constable. We painted a picture of the pinewoods but we were only allowed the primary colours. We used our knowledge of colour mixing to make our desired colours. On Thursday, we went to the pinewoods and put our new skills to the test. We produced fantastic pieces of art which we are so proud of! 

In science, we have been observing our cress. We found out a plant needs water and light to grow big and strong. We were shocked to discover the plant with no water or light had grown but we could see it was weak and yellow. In English, we followed instructions to make a home for a Bog Baby. 


Next week, we will be writing a recount from our school trip to the pinewoods. In Geography, we will be using a compass to describe the location of features on a map.

Science- our results!

Green class making a home for a Bog Baby!

Friday 27th September

This week has been so exciting! On Monday, we decorated our stones in lots of different and wonderful ways. Today, we were finally allowed to embark on our brand new pirate ship. 


Next week, we will be continuing our work on our Bog Baby's Spotters Guide. We will be going on our trip to the pinewoods on Thursday to make observational drawings for our topic Come Outside. 



Each week children will be given six spellings to learn for the following Friday. We will send home the yellow quiz books, once marked, with your child's score. The new spellings for the following week will be stuck in their purple book. Please ensure the yellow and purple spelling book are always in your children's reading bag along with their reading record.

Handwriting books will be sent home every Friday to be returned by the following Thursday, or as soon as possible!

Every two weeks we will set online MyMaths homework. All children have been given a log on. If there are any problems, please let your child's class teacher know.


Thank you!

Friday 20th September

Next week, we will be reading our whole school book Only One You by Linda Kranz. The book focuses on the idea that everyone is special. Each child will paint a stone which will be collected and used to form a pathway to celebrate that our school is made up of unique individuals. 

Week beginning 16.9.19

In P.E, we have enjoyed playing hockey! We learnt how to hold the hockey stick correctly and how to dribble with a ball. 


In science, we are investigating what a flower needs to grow. We have planted cress seeds in pots but they have been given different conditions to see who grows the strongest and biggest. 


Plant 1-  water and light.

Plant 2-  water but no light.

Plant 3-  light but no water.

Plant 4- no water and no light. 


Which plant does your child think will grow big and strong? 

Our science investigation

Friday 13th September

Next week, we will continue to read The Bog Baby. We will be planning and producing a Bog Baby's Spotters Guide, containing useful hints and tips.


In science, we will be carrying out class investigations. We are investigating what a plant needs to grow strong and healthy. 


In geography, we will be using aerial photographs of our school to spot human and physical features.

Week beginning 9.9.19

This week, we have enjoyed taking our learning outside. In Science, we looked closely at plants and trees in our school and sketched them. 

In English, we have enjoyed writing sentences containing verbs to say what the Bog Baby was doing. 

Today, Green class were shocked to find Barney not sitting on his Star of the Week chair! Luckily, we found a letter containing clues. We used our geography skills to solve the mystery. We are happy to announce he is now safely back where he belongs. 

Geography- A hunt for our class bear

Friday 6th September

In English, we will read our new text called The Bog Baby. We will describe the characters based on the evidence in the text. 


In Geography, we will go on a hunt around our school grounds to find our class bears. We will use our observational skills to find out more about our school environment.