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Year 5/6

Welcome to the Year 5 and 6 Class Pages

Here you will find articles and photographs of all the exciting things we have been doing this year. Don't forget to check out the useful websites linked to our work.


Forest School 11 - Here we are using axes to split wood.

Forest School 10 - We really enjoyed learning how to use the bow saws.

Forest School 9 - Team building skills - Tug of War

Forest School 8 - Creating natural images inspired by Rangoli patterns

Music - we enjoyed the warm-up by moving to the pulse of the tune and then went on to identify different beats of the bar. To finish, we explored simple musical notation and composed our own three beat pattern.

Science - We investigated whether exercise has an effect on pulse rates.

Art - we created 'sun' designs to paint onto plaster to experience how it felt to paint onto this surface using acrylic paint. We were extremely pleased with the results.

Forest School 7 - using clay and natural resources to make animal sculptures.

Forest School 6 - we enjoyed creating visual masterpieces using leaves, twigs, petals and berries that we found in the copse. Working together and producing beautiful designs was such fun!

Using the Chrome Books - the children in 6R have thoroughly enjoyed working on Chrome books in class this week. We have followed our lessons and presented our work in lots of different ways.

Hello Yellow Day - we enjoyed dressing up in something yellow today to raise awareness for (and some money for) Young Minds.

Forest School 5 - learning to work together successfully using communication, patience, planning and negotiation. Making our names using only natural resources found around the copse.

FOREST SCHOOL 4 - Designing our ideal copse and forest school area.

GEOGRAPHY - Investigating why, when cartographers flatten the Earth for a map projection, distortions in terms of shape, distance, and land area occur.

Odd Socks Day - we enjoyed wearing 'odd socks' to school to raise money for Cancer Research Children.

ART - silent gallery. Admiring our anatomical drawings of our hands, inspired by Leonard Da Vinci

MATHS - Playing 'Lucky Dip' to consolidate reading and writing numbers to 100000.

FOREST SCHOOL 2 - Creating a collage of our face using natural materials and further team building tasks.

ENGLISH - Retelling 'The Wolves in the Walls' using our story maps.

Art - The Italian Renaissance ... testing the Vitruvian Theory

Forest School 1 - September 2021. Team building and working together activities.

Y6 leavers - beach

Diversity Role Models Workshop

Year 5 enjoyed a remote learning workshop with the team from Diversity Role Models last week. Kate and Paul delivered an excellent interactive session all about inclusion and how to embrace differences. At the end, we loved creating our pledges and updating the school 'Diversitree'.

Geography - Collecting data for our local area study

Art - printing using relief tiles

Science - investigating gears

Improving our fielding skills using 'Rounders England' activities

Science - investigating levers

English - Conscience Alley - Do you want to live forever?

Improving our batting skills using 'Rounders England' activities

English - The Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt

Geography- physical geography and learning about the Maori.

Investigating zipwires - Science

Benin clay tilework