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Year 5/6

Welcome to the Year 5 and 6 Class Pages

Here you will find articles and photographs of all the exciting things we have been doing this year. Don't forget to check out the useful websites linked to our work.


5/6 at Forest School

Scaling up!

In our Geography topic, Spatial Sense, we have learnt how to use a piece of string to work out the distance between two places on a map.

Ice Capades

Check out our amazing ice hockey match which was part of our forest school sessions. It was certainly very competitive and thankfully by the end most of us had scored a goal.

Children in Need

We all enjoyed the 'Under the sea' theme this year. 

Online safety comic strips - some really important messages here. Remember: think SMART.

Using Tynker to learn coding terms: command, sequence and algorithm

Camp Fire Capers

We really enjoyed our last session of Forest School before half term as the dry weather meant we could go ahead with our camp fire and toasted marshmellows.

Modern abstract art in the style of Theo Van Doesburg

Calling all maths detectives!

Solving the Roman maths mysteries proved a real hit to round off our unit of work on place value. The children became Roman numeral code breakers to find out who had stolen the Roman treasures.

Science - Exploring irreversible changes

Science- Properties and changes of materials

We carried out an investigation to find out whether different materials are soluble or insoluble in water. Our favourite material was the vitamin tablet because it dissolved in the water and turned it orange. We also saw bubbles in the water which meant it had formed a gas. We found out that when a material dissolves in a liquid it forms a solution.


Tricky Teamwork Tasks

Mr Anderson really tested our ability to work well as part of a team with some tricky challenges today. Those pieces of tarpaulin certainly came in for a pounding as we tried to move as a team ensuring everyone had a part of their body on it. 




Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks



We have loved exploring the book Fox in Year 5 and 6. Written in the present tense we are transported to Australia and are introduced to the complex characters of Fox, Dog and Magpie. A tale of loyalty and betrayal ensues which left us captivated. We are very proud of the work produced by the children. From book reviews, character exploration, diary entries and news reports, the children have shown how well they can adapt their writing style. 









Striking and fielding skills

We have been developing our striking and fielding skills for the last couple of weeks during Games sessions and love being outside on our fantastic school field, working together. We have practised throwing, catching and batting techniques and, this week, began to learn some of the player positions and their responsibilities within the team for a rounders game.

Forest School sessions - 6R and 5D

We are lucky enough to be the first two classes to have been able to commence Forest School sessions out on the copse and the weather has been very kind to us so far. We started off by reminding everybody of the Forest School rules and then took part in some team building games where we had to think carefully about strategy as well as working together.




Palm Oil Assembly and Fund Raising

Congratulations to three of our Y6 girls who recently led an assembly for the whole of KS2 about the plight of orangutans in many parts of the world where palm oil trees are being grown. The girls researched, planned, resourced and presented their assembly to tell us all about the loss of orangutan habitats to palm oil plant production. All species of orangutans are becoming critically endangered due to the loss, degradation and fragmentation of their forest habitat. The girls arranged a raffle and a ‘Name the Orangutan’ competition to raise money to send to the Orangutan Foundation. Well done and thank you to everyone who has been buying tickets and congratulations to the winners (who were announced during Star of the Week Assembly on Friday afternoon) – all the money raised (£101.34) will be sent to the Orangutan Foundation.

5D World Book Day Potato Characters

Check out our amazing character potatoes. Can you guess who they all are?

The Rhythm of the Rain by Grahame Baker-Smith

This week Year 5 and 6 used the whole school book 'The Rhythm of the Rain' as a stimulus for our English work. We wrote our own explanation texts to explain the scientific process of the water cycle. Everybody worked hard to include the key technical words, noun phrases, conjunctions, adverbials and passive voice.

Science- Electricity Investigation

In groups we investigated the following questions: Does the length of wire affect the brightness of the bulb in a circuit? and Does the width of wire affect the brightness of the bulb in a circuit? We planned the investigation ourselves, created our own results table, carried out the investigation, wrote our own conclusions and suggested how we could make our work better next time. We particularly enjoyed using sheets of tissue paper to measure how bright the bulb was.

Year 5 at Range High School's Cultural Arts Day

On Monday we visited Range High School for an Ancient Greek themed Arts Day. We each chose an activity to follow for the day. The choice was Art, Music, Dance or Drama. Everybody learnt a new skill which we were able to perform to an audience of friends and family at the end of the day. I think you will see from our photographs that we had an amazing time. Our thanks go to Mrs Fox, Mrs Grace, Miss Bassett and Mr Povey who were our teachers for the day.

5D Forest School Sessions

Throughout the first half of the Spring term, 5D have enjoyed being outside on Monday afternoons for our Forest School sessions. Based in the copse area, we have been able to do things in different ways and on a different scale. We've created artwork from natural materials, cooked on an open fire, played ice hockey with real ice pucks and played a variety of team building games.

Y6 workshop with Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes

The Tiger in my Chest

We had a wonderful time with Sally-Anne this afternoon talking about mental health and exploring the things that we can do to keep our own mental health strong and balanced. Sally-Anne told us the story, 'The Tiger in my Chest' by Elaheh Bos. This is a lovely story explaining what happens when we get angry, and how lonely and confusing this big emotion can feel. She instigated a discussion about feelings, (including anger and frustration) and then we tried to draw what 'anger' looks like. We thought carefully together about how our mental health might be affected if these negative feelings become out of control. The book also includes five anger management strategies (suggested by Stephanie Margolese PhD) which Sally-Anne demonstrated and we all had a go at. 

Diversity Role Models

Thank you to Kate & Hilary, from Diversity Role Models, for leadng a brilliant workshop for our Y5 pupils: the focus was on exploring diverse families; our children also learnt about the fundamental similarities that exist between all families, regardless of how they look from the outside. The children learnt about the impact of homophobic language and how they can appropriately challenge it. The children were engaged throughout & asked a range of thoughtful questions.


At Woodlands, we are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and with respect irrespective of their age, race, gender, sexuality, religious belief or socio-economic background; this workshop added to our pupils’ growing understanding of these issues & will help prepare them for life in modern Britain.


Design and Technology- Slippers

This week (Mon 9th - Fri 13th Dec) we have had an amazing time making our own pair of slippers. The children learnt about making accurate templates and detailed working drawings. They developed their making and finishing skills to enhance the quality of their slippers. They also learnt to evaluate their products critically against design criteria and identify what to do to improve them. We would like to thank all the adults who came in to help with the sewing phase of our work.