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7 weeks & counting, Boudicca, & a VE Day tea party...

Dear Parents/Carers


7 weeks. 7 weeks of Friday ramblings. 7 weeks of clapping the NHS staff & carers to show our appreciation. 7 weeks of Zooming or Skyping or HousePartying. 7 weeks of box set binging. 7 weeks of Joe*ƂλƨЂڌ%£*Wicks. 7 weeks of virtual quizzing. 7 weeks of daily briefings from No.10. 7 weeks of trying to work out what day it is. 7 weeks of completing our daily exercise. 7 weeks of trying to bake the perfect soda bread. 7 weeks of staying at home & staying safe. 7 weeks of missing our loved ones. It doesn’t get any easier does it? 


I hope you & your family are managing to find a way through this. Mr Grant has found a novel way of keeping his spirits up: each day he dresses as a different historical figure & posts the results on the staff WhatsApp group. Highlights so far have been Winston Churchill, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, and his Tutankhamun had to be seen to be believed… My personal favourite was Boudicca (Queen of the  Iceni), complete with full-sized chariot (constructed from several dozen Crunchy Nut cereal boxes, his bathroom door & a couple of bin lids). He positioned this war machine on his driveway & shouted insults & challenges to passers-by, or ‘Romans’ as he liked to think of them. Currently, he is building a life-sized model of a Viking long-ship in his back garden so he can recreate the Vikings coming to Formby circa 960 AD. Take note Ofsted, even in these times of lockdown, staff at Woodlands are ‘considering the local context.’ 


There’s been a lot of speculation in the press about how & when children will return to school. The PM is giving a briefing on Sunday where he is supposedly going to outline what will be happening with regards to this. Before we know what is being proposed, there is absolutely no point in speculating. We don’t how this return will be managed, whether the government will give schools direction, whether Sefton LA will give schools direction or whether the schools themselves will create their own ‘back to school’ plans. No matter what is said at the weekend, if anything, we will need a wee while to work out how the proposals will work at Woodlands. Please don’t expect a response immediately. On Monday, I am holding a (virtual) meeting with the other headteachers of the primary schools in Formby, so that, if needed, we can explore any common areas of approach on how to manage the return of our pupils to school.


Mr Williams’ challenge (VI) this weekend is to find something out about VE Day & produce a piece of ‘work’ to share with your teacher. This can be anything: a story, a painting, a model, a diary entry, a diorama (a scene in a shoe box), create your very own VE Day tea party – it’s entirely up to you! 


Talking of tea parties, the key worker’s children we had in school on VE Day, held their very own. They baked scones, made their own sandwiches & ensured the tea was brewed to perfection before pouring. Mrs Jones brought in a delicious home-made Victoria sponge cake. Follow the link below to see these tasty treats.Thank you to Miss Dollery & Mrs Sumner for organising such a spectacular event.


Take care & stay safe


Keith Williams